Monday, 11 March 2013

Teddy Bears of DOOM!!!



Adam the bunny was walking down the road gazing thoughtfully at a TEDDY BEAR. Then everything turned black. He awoke in a abandoned warehouse surrounded by Teddy Bears in the colours pink, yellow, green and purple and all of them had red glowing eyes...


The kidnapping

"NO" Bob screamed as he saw his best friend, Alfie get thrown in a bag by a mysterious man in a hat when two of his thugs advanced up on him. Bob punched one of the thugs in the face, strangely it felt very squishy, he punched the thug in the face again and his sunglasses fell off the thugs face and shattered on the cold, hard concrete. He looked up at the thug and saw yellow, fluffy skin a little snout but most of all red, glowing eyes. From that day on Bob swore he would get his revenge.


The research

4 and a half years later... Bob woke up and picked up his rifle fitted with incineration liquid shot a teddy bear standing outside his house suddenly it melted into the concrete path and dissapeared. He walked over to do his daily research on the Teddy bears. Today he found out that they were alive by having a liquid injected into their skin also it's called Callafratelisticeliofron nueride, a few days later he started researching Callafratelisticeliofron nueride and it said that it could only be found in the caves of Feulimaoa in Ireland.


The caves of Feulimaoa

On the flight to Ireland a projected voice said "Welcome to Concorde airlines this is a non-stopping flight." "Oh no" Bob said.