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The Ziders


                               Chapter 1
"Hmmm" said Doctor Ferguson as he peered over Benny's shoulder "I am not sure what this is,if it isn't fixed up by next Friday,come back to me and we will do something serious" Benny shivered at the word serious.

 "Whats happening to me?" he questioned himself as he and his parents walked out of the hospital.

When he got home,he ran into the bathroom and took a look at himself in the mirror it was worse then before he was covered in golden hair from head to toe.He took one look at himself and fainted onto the floor.A few hours after he had fainted he was woken to the sound of his mother shrieking "what" he murmured in a dazed voice,slowly he opened his eyes and could see his mother staring down at him,'what is it" he muttered "you" she shrieked shakily pointing her finger at him then she collapsed onto the floor. Benny's dad came rushing into the room when he saw Benny he screamed and ran out.

Sadly Benny walked out of the room not even his parents liked him.Benny then climbed down the drainpipes,outside his bedroom window and slowly walked along the street.After about a hour of walking he sat down and began to cry,he cried for hours and finally fell asleep.

                                       Chapter 2

The next morning he found himself in a warm cozy bed "oh good" he murmured "it was only a dream" "What was a dream?" somebody asked 

"WHAT" Benny shot up out of bed "who said that" he whispered in a scared voice then he realised he wasn't in his room and it wasn't a dream. "oh don't worry about me" said the voice,the air shimmered in front of him and something that looked like a wolf but with golden hair appeared in front of Benny but for some reason this didn't startle him.
The wolf than morphed into a scruffy boy who looked around the same age as Benny "my name is Zio" "oh hi"Benny stammered "I'm Benny" Zio walked around the room like he was thinking and then said "not any more,your name is Zyton now" "Ok' said Benny or rather Zyton we should call him,Zyton then stood up and asked Zio what he had been wanting to know for the whole time "who are you"

"I am your brother"answered Zio "don't you remember?" 

                                                        Chapter 3
Memories flashed into Zyton's head somebody was screaming and he remembered a golden wolf growling at his parents "Why-?" started Zyton but was cut off by Zio "why did I attack them?,was that what you were going to ask?" "Yes" answered Zyton "well then if you really want to know why I will tell you,are parents are Vacons,Vacons are a species of horrible creatures and somehow had us for children. And that is why"

Zio and Zyton made there way out of the room and through a windy passage that had pictures of golden wolves.Just then Zyton thought of a question
"whats are our species called?"
"our species?"
"our species are called Ziders"

"oh" said Zyton which ended the conversation


                                              Chapter 4                                

Zio and Zyton walked for a while,until they came to a cold metal door which made Zyton's tummy squirm "wait here" said Zio and he knocked on the door "come in" chimed a beautiful voice Zio opened the door and sitting at a desk was the most lovely person Zyton had ever seen,but at the same time ugly she had pink hair flowing down her shoulders and had a sickly sweet smile.The lady was wearing a dress covered in jewels and had a diamond neckless.Zio bowed down to her "so sorry to interrupt your majesty but I have found my brother"

"How nice" said the lady although she didn't look happy at all
"My name is Afflon"
"Hi" muttered Zyton "I'm Zyton"

Once again Afflon gave a wide smile
"what a nice name"
Afflon walked over to Zyton and told Zio to leave 
it was obvious that Zio did not want to but of course he had to.

After Zio had left the room Afflon turned to Zyton,the smile completely gone from her face
"I know who you really are Allso I know that you are going to betray me,so lets say if you betray me your so called brother gets it.Oh yes and better not tell anyone of this little conversation"

What was this lady on about? He didn't even know Zio was his brother until today.

"I'm sorry your majesty but I don't know what your on about?" inquired Zyton 
"oh don't play dumb with me" spat out Afflon and called Zio back into the room.

                                       Chapter 5

As Zyton and Zio walked back to the room where Zyton had awoken,Zyton asked Zio "who is that lady and what was she doing"

"That lady is the Amarzi of Phexides,and what she's doing there...well I'll tell you later. Zyton was annoyed that Zio wasn't telling him much and begged to know until Zio finally gave in "ok ok I'll tell you" he said grumpily "she is here because we are trying to kill her" Zyton stood in shock did his brother actually want to kill her,Zio saw his shocked face and then muttered under his breath "better not tell anyone"

"Sure" gasped Zyton and then said "you said we,not me are there more?"
"oh not that many,there's only ten of them but that's only because there are only twelve of are species left Sathe,Syr,(there twins by the way) Pythe and Prysila,(sisters) Tispar and Temill,(brothers) Aki,Acele,Atlin and Alden (brothers and sisters Aki and Acele are girls and Atlin and Alden are boys)"
By the time Zio had finished explaining they had arrived at their destination Zio opened the door and standing inside wasn't the tidy room that Zyton had seen,but a messy room with two little wolves bouncing on the bed

"Tispar" whined Zio "Temill,I told you that you weren't allowed in my room"
"His idea" they both said in unison pointing at each other.
"Hey Zyton" asked Zio "can you help me with these two I can hardly handle one,let alone two"

Zio then morphed into a wolf and grabbed Temill by the scruff of the neck.
Zyton was dumbstruck "how do I turn into a Zider"he murmured and then before he knew it he was turning into a golden wolf.He did as Zio had done and grabbed Tispar by the scruff of his neck he than followed Zio out of the room and to another room full of toys. 
"Just put them here" said Zio 
"how can I understand him" wondered Zyton and than realised that because they were the same species they could understand each other.

                                    Chapter 6  

Just after Zio and Zyton had put the two brothers in their little play pen,two identical twins walked in (in human shape) and then told Zyton their names "I'm Sathe" said the first twin
"and I'm Syr" said the second twin
Syr held out his hand "full name,Syr Denfer Cyton,age 10 my brother here is Sathe Dritz Cyton,age 10"Zyton shook his hand than said "Zyton.." he stopped he did not know his middle name"Zyren and last name is Zotar" Zio whispered to Zyton "ok" he whispered back than louder he said 
"Zyton Zyren Zotar,age 11" Syr nodded "so,who brought you here,are you one of her agents" inquired Sathe 
"Nah I'm Zio's brother came here yesterday" replied Zyton

Than for some reason they both gasped and bowed down to him 

"Hail Lord Zyton the brave,the one we have been waiting for"

                                  Chapter 7

Zyton was dumbstruck he wasn't a Lord he was just a eleven year old Zider...unless

"Zio" he growled "what haven't you told me"

Suddenly Zio didn't look so brave and his face filled with regret "Technically you are the rightful king of Zean-" he didn't get to finish his sentence because at that moment Zyton pounced,and in a few seconds they were fighting on the ground,biting and scratching there was a whir of golden hair and finally when they emerged Zio was whimpering and holding his ear while Zyton lay on the ground clutching his Leg. After they were in a stable position Zio apologised "I'm sorry I should have told you earlier"

"How am I king though I mean why not you your older?" asked Zyton
"well the thing is that your Godfather Zecane left everything to you in his will and he was the Amarzi of Phexides so you are legally the Amarizi (oh by the way Amarzi means ruler/king/queen) and you also own the land" He looked away sheepishly
"I forgive you but I want to know the whole truth" asked Zyton or rather declared it more than asked
Zio sighed deeply "Okay I guess I have to but first you must tell me when you realized that you were a Zider"
"I only realized that when you told me" said Zyton he stopped, when had he really realized? he considered the thought carefully, and than it hit him and he started to remember Dr.ferguson had him strapped to a chair machines buzzing around him "Benny" he said "this is not good we will have erase your memory"
"Why" asked Benny
Dr.Ferguson looked sternly at Benny "You have to trust me on this,you are not human."

Zyton came out of the daze and stared up at Zio he remembered now, Dr.Ferguson had known and realised now that Zyton knew he would have to erase his memory, 
"Dr.Ferguson" he said shakily "Dr.Ferguson told me than wiped my memory to be safe"
Zio nodded approvingly 
"I wondered when Also would show up."

                                            Chapter 8

"Also?" asked Zyton "Afflon thinks I'm Also" he gulped realizing he had told her of the conversation
Zio's eyes widened "Afflon-Afflon thinks you are Also!' he spluttered between laughter "Afflon thinks a 11 year old Zider like you is Also, Also is amazing, Also is full of powers, how could you be Also!"
"Well thats nice" muttered Zyton "Glad that you have so much faith in me!"
"Yeah" said Zyton happily "I do have so much faith in you!"
Zyton sighed and shook his head some Ziders have no chance.



It was time to break the rules, I decided. But wait a minute, which rule should I break? Maybe the one about no fish in the dormitories, or the one about no rubber bands in the hallways. Or maybe even the one about no cartwheeling while eating cake and throwing books at other people? Nah, I should break the one about people from Scotland not being allowed to touch trees. But wait, I can't do that as I'm not from Scotland. Oh well, I might as well break the one that states: candles are not allowed near the president. But I might get in serious trouble for that. But I could break the rule that says happiness is not allowed but I'm not sure that one even exists. The easiest one to break would be "fluffy bunny rabbits are illegal" but one, I don't have a fluffy bunny rabbit and two, I could get put in jail. My mum says I shouldn't burp at the table, but that one isn't important enough. Oh well, I might as well not break any rules.

The Disease of the Fox

My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. I found a cup and shoved it down my throat. Now that I wasn't hungry I could go to the doctors.

I think the beating affected my brain too because I asked for a puppy dog tail mask and the nurse took me to a doctor straight away.

He asked me my name and I replied, "Foxy Fox Foxarina McFokesay."
"Ok Master McFokesay, time for your-," he didn't finish because I shouted, "I'M A FOX!!!" as loud as I could. I then turned into a fox and disappeared to a crazy fox universe and lived crazily ever after.


Why you don't jump off the sky tower without a harness!

It smelled like heaven WAIT WHAT!! I am unconscious lying on the ground bleeding to death I guess that is what it feels like when you try to survive even though you have jumped off the Auckland city sky tower!! I woke up and the first thing I see is my Mum screaming and ringing the ambulance a couple of thousand times, well that is My Mum as an overreacting freak. The ambulance has finally come but there is not enough time left I might die before we get to the hospital so the doctors transfer me to a helicopter which is 10 times faster.

By the time we get to the hospital I get rushed to the intensive care unit where I get put on life support. My big fat Dad walks in he is as big as a car but if he sees me on life support he will tell the doctors to just let me die in peace. You see he is the opposite of my Mum he just says "Take the pain son who cares if you die." He doesn't really like me. I hide under the covers well I try to I can't move because I an numb. "Son I am NOT proud of you, you don't need life support why don't you just take the pain and DIE!!" He storms out of the room maybe I should just die and listen to my Dad for once I think for a while but decide I should stay on life support.

It has been a couple of days since my accident and the damage to my head and hips are getting worse. I am finding it rather hard to breathe and my head will turn red every time I try to eat. I think that even if I am on life support I probably will die. "Um sir," I ask quietly " Is there a possibility that um you could um take me um off u the life support thing?"
"What!!" he yelled "So you just want to die in pain and not live!" 
"Um yes could you do that or is there a way that you could give me an injection and it would kill me?" 
"Um yes but hardly anyone uses it because most people want to live."
"Just give me it," I say quietly. When I see it I start to change my mind it is the colour of puke and instead of putting it into your arm or leg you put it into your mouth and even worse you have to swallow it and then my head will go red. I open my mouth and try to think of happy thoughts then at the point where I am about to swallow it my Mum comes running in screaming don't eat it son instead I swallow it and every thing turns black then I think my last thought I think that it will be on my grave stone it is...
What is my Dad going to say?  

The Brown Slime

It was purple and squishy, the thing that jumped out of the orange. It was cute, with it's big, round eyes and it's mischievous smile. But when it swallowed my cat, I knew something was wrong.

I put it in the blender with some, ice cream, pizza, milk, cookies and some used underpants. I started up the blender and it smoshed everything together into a brown, squishy mess, with purple and red chunks in it, (it's pretty hard to blend pepperoni). 

I poured it into a glass. Suddenly, the glass came alive. It grew little arms and legs and ran off the side of the table. It smashed on the floor leaving brown goo everywhere! It grew back into a blob. It crawled up my legs and body and onto my shoulder. It nuzzled my face and it felt so weird.
"Eeeeeeeewwww-!" I didn't finish because it climbed into my mouth and possessed me.


Cupcakes Part 2

My body lurched upwards and I grabbed Lillie. I could tell that she was crying. My body over Lillie's tiny body, I got down and crawled to the doorway behind us. All around us things were falling off shelves and crashing onto the fractured floor. Finally after lots of weeping and screaming the rumbling stopped. I slowly tiptoed out from the doorway. Lillie was still lying there, her face burrowed in her palms. "It's ok Lillie, the earthquakes stopped." I declared to her. Our mum came running down the stairs. She had been in her room the whole time. "Are you girls ok?"
"We're alright, a bit shaken." I replied. Then I remembered Angel Cakes.
"Mum, I need to go!!!" I announced, running towards the door. I grabbed my jacket and was out the door before anyone could say anything.

I wandered through the horrible streets. Houses with gaping holes surrounded me. Families stood outside examining the damage, most crying into their hands. I couldn't stand to see them. I rushed around the corner, my feet bouncing off the pavement. There was Angel cakes. The once beautiful bakery is now crumbled up like the golden bread they sold before. I don't think they're going to sell anything anymore. I couldn't believe this. I only ever ate one cupcake.

By Sophie 

My Brother's Homework

"Stop being so annoying," I muttered under my breath.
"C'mon you can help me with my homework!" my brother continuously said.
"NO!" "It's your homework you have to do it."
"Fine!" "What is your homework anyway?"
"I have to write 10 sentences with the word TEACHER."
"I've done that before you can just write the same sentences as me."

"Ryder did you get good marks on your homework?"
"NO!" "My teacher wants to talk with Mum and Dad about it." So that night our Mum and Dad went to our school to talk about Ryder's homework. When they got back we asked them what his teacher said. They said that she thinks Ryder is copying his brothers homework because they were both in my class and it's the same homework.

That night we both got grounded for 1 month, so I guess Ryder has learn't his lesson about asking his brother to do his homework. From that night he has never asked anyone to help him ever again. To this very moment he is still doing everything by himself.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Aztec village part 2

Bob stealthily crept though the short maze of prickly vegetation. "Oh woah!" Bob cried as his running turned into tumbling. He had  tripped over Steve ( if you forgot Steve is Bobs pet pug). Steve nudged him along as fast as his paws could take him. Suddenly, the whole world seemed to brighten  as they tumbled out of the jungle. They had reached the Aztec village!

Bob immediately fished his note book and pencil (a pen mixed with a pencil) out of his bulky rucksack, and started to scribble down some notes. Steve jerked into action and pounced onto his note book, chewing and ripping it apart as if it  was a nice little doggy bone."Oh yeah," Bob said in a disappointed manner,"I promised you that I won't do any sciencey stuff on this trip." Bob stuffed his pencil and the remains of his note book in his backpack. They marched onwards.

Suddenly, rumble, rumble! The ground started to shake! Bob and Steve darted into the nearest hut they could find. As they scurried deeper into the hut the sound seemed to get louder and louder. They both turned around in fear as a gigantic dinosaur like creature smashed half of their hiding place! They were both frightened and amazed by the last living dinosaur that they had just encountered.


                                               PART 3 COMING SOON

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The Deadly Smell Part 2: Getting There

The time had finally arrived... Silky jumped out of the hollow tree and using the skills she had been taught by her mother, she leaped from tree to tree with powerful limbs, strength flooding her body at the prospect of saving another soul. Silky reached the end of her forest, her home and hesitated only for a heartbeat, gazing at the grassy plains in front of her, and then the city beyond, it's tall buildings glinting in the sunlight. Then Silky took a massive leap down into the valley below and raced across the open moorland, relishing the wind in her fur. While she ran, Silky turned her thoughts back to poor Roselina, who would now be entering the ritual ceremony of cinnamon monsters. First they would cover her with cinnamon and put her in a giant pot of vanilla yoghurt, and then they would take her, sticky with yoghurt to be eaten alive by armies of yoghurt-eating ants,(sounds weird but it's disgusting to be covered with ants and the ants actually eat people covered with yoghurt!!)

As Silky charged across the green landscape, she picked up speed and almost flew onto the nearest house as she leaped up to the roof. Silky clawed her way up the slippery tiles and scoured the view in front of her. Then, rooftop by rooftop Silky cleared the outskirts of the city and edged closer to the jungle where she knew Roselina was kept. Seconds later, Silky was tearing towards the Library, it's large roof making it easier for Silky to go even faster! Silky ran like the wind towards the edge of the town.  While Silky ran she thought about how she was to rescue Roselina. If I get caught, we're both DOOMED!!! Silky thought wildly. Suddenly, she was there. The jungle loomed threateningly in front of her. Silky shrank back in fear as a loud bwooohwoooohwoooohwooooo sounded from the jungle and a large monkey came swinging into view. Silky ducked as it threw a banana at her and started her long journey through the jungle.

READ PART 1, 3, 4, 5 :)

The Bowtie of Mr. Steves Bowtie

I crept stealthily towards Mr Steve while his naughty Unicorn played the Ukelele. I grabbed his bowtie and ran for my life. Suddenly, I heard a tooting sound. I looked behind me and saw President Sketchbook following me in his tricycle. I looked forwards just to crash into an invisible fish. I rubbed my face and put my pants on. I jumped into my getaway hot air balloon. I pulled the string to start it up then BAM!!!!! My balloon exploded. Meanwhile president sketchbook had got stuck behind the invisible fish that I crashed into earlier. But wait! President S had also called for backup. I quickly blew up my emergency lilo, dove into the sea and started paddling. Too bad I'm dead! THE END.



My foot sunk into the gooey gooey pie pie as it took me to a 2nd dimension. It was the opposite of my world the sky was red and the grass was yellow. I walked down a DR named Anilatac (Which was my road but the opposite.) I saw my house but nobody was in it, it had a sign saying 'Having a baby be back in 3 days.' So I went down to the hospital to see if my Mum was having me or my brother.

 When I asked the lady at the counter if I could go see MR and MRS Heath she said "NO!" So I went ahead anyway. I saw a door saying MR and MRS Heath so I opened it and snuck in like a NINJA. Once I had got in I saw my Dad having the baby not my Mum. That is when I realized that in my world if Woman had babies in this world Men would have babies.

I saw the gooey gooey pie pie, I carefully commando crawled to it so I could get home but it took me to every dimension before mine like after 1,000,000,000,000 years I got home but it took me to the opposite world. "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!"


It smelt like heaven. The bakery, of course. The waft of pastries filled the frosty air. I could really kill for a croissant right now but unfortunately, I would get caught sneaking in the back door of Angel Cakes. Angel Cakes is the most famous bakery in all of West Salt Lake City. They make the most delicious cupcakes, frosted gently with pink raspberry fondant. Sprinkled with, well, sprinkles these cupcakes melt in your mouth and as soon as the sweet, caramel sauce in the middle of the perfect vanilla cake explodes, you just know it will be the best cupcake you will ever taste. The reason I am behind this heavenly place is because of the snow. Today has been one of the worst snowstorms Salt Lake City has ever seen. And trust me, there has been   A LOT of snow lately. The only place I could get anywhere near this bakery is the back, as the roads out front are closed.

The time had finally arrived for me to try to find my way home, as I would soon get caught ONCE AGAIN by the baker. You see, I have gotten caught doing this 6 times. Maybe 7. Okay... perhaps 8. Fine then. I have got caught 12 times. Just rounding up you know. Anyway I followed the cobblestone path down until I reached my street. As I stepped inside my home the warmth from the burning red fire brushed over me. My mother knew I had been out in the snow and set me down in front of our brick fireplace. I wrapped a sheepskin blanket around my shivering shoulders. My younger sister, Lillie sat herself down on the piano stool. Her fragile fingers tickled the ivory keys. I lay down on the soft carpet and gently

I woke up to Lillie screaming at me. "JESSIE!" "JESSIE!" She cried. The ground was shaking beneath my comatose body. It was then I realised what was happening...

                                                               To be continued in part two...

Those are the cupcakes.


The Adventure sort of

I opened the door and walked in the entranced closed and a new door opened. I walked through it smelt like heaven there was ice-cream baked goods and more. Just then a tiny little fly came in the room it took one little bite and it's body started rotting from the inside out. It died the end. Wait no not the end but was terrified all right. Just then a screen showed, it was Adam he was saying really boring stuff then he said something that caught my attention.  Tyler was on his side and his sheep were gonna turn me into sheep in 60 seconds there was one table in the room so this is what I did. I hit my hands until they got sore, sore sounds like saw so I used the saw to cut the table in half, two halves equals a whole, so I climbed thru the whole screamed until my voice got horse and galloped away...

Winter Olympics

The snow glistened majestically while the snowflakes fell and landed on a soft pillow of snow. "What a beautiful day here at Sochi, it is going to be a great day for the Winter Olympics." I said

My Dad was snowboarding for NZ and he was up next. He was doing a 1080 when he fell through the snow and into this under ground mall. I ran onto the half pipe and jumped in the hole then quickly put a pole there so no one could get in. "Where are we?" My dad said in confusion.
"I think and under ground mall?" I pronounced. We looked around and there was a food court,clothes and shoe shops, and also a place where people sell beds. We had all we need to live a perfect life.
So we went to the food court to have lunch, we both decided on sushi. After that we saw a swimming pool because people take swimming lessons here.

3 months later we were watching T.V when we realized that soon we were going to run out of food. So we went to the pole to move out the way and climbed up. Once we had got home my mum asked us "What was down there?"
"Nothing exciting!"


My heart beat so hard I thought it was going to explode out of  my chest but that didn't happen what did was my feet turned into rockets and I flew to Mars. Suddenly I was in a space suit flying to Mars and had no idea how this was happening? Half way up I hit a brick wall and got unconscious and started falling and falling until finally I hit the ground.

7 years later I woke up in this hospital bed with 10 doctors crowding around me. After 2 days I went home and never went outside again but one time in years I went out and got arrested for 10 years in prison. They soonly raised that to life and to this day I am still in prison. (By the way I am 123,456,789,123,456,789 years old!)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cinnamon Spice Can Drive You Crazy

It smelt like heaven, & that's saying something. For a garbage truck to smell anything other than rotten fish is surprising alone. But this takes surprise to a new level! It's not everyday someone chucks twenty candles & cupcakes. I'd have eaten all the scented candles, & sniffed at least half of the cupcakes by now. It's just plain common sense. I lifted all fifty eight boxes into the back seat of 
my car. The garbage truck didn't seem to be occupied, so I helped myself to a candle. It had to be the full meaning of hooplarific! Passionfruit savoured in my mouth. I could almost hear angels singing with jealousy. Um, now that I think of it, it does sound a bit more like they're screaming with jealousy. Wait a second, that was the garbage truck driver screaming! He weirdly has the voice of an angel. I buckle up, & step on the gas. But the sudden exceleration sent two of the boxes flying out the window. Fortunately they landed in the garbage driver's face. I skid away, leaving him in the dust.

On the motorway I get a bit peckish, so I decided to have just one candle. Mmmmmmmmm, you can never go wrong with cinnamon spice. I also take a whiff of cupcake, just for good measure. Stuffing a few of these delicacies into my pockets, I cosy into the driver's seat.

The next thing I know, I'm in hospital." You've had a car crash." A weary nurse stood ip from a nearyby chair. Her uniform was crumpled in a way that concluded she had spent the night here. With her hair tied back in an untidy mess served as evidence. "We've been treating you for wax disease." "What are you talking about?" The nurse sighs, she's obviously been asked this question before.
"You've eaten a large amount of candle which has caused your brain to go overboard."
"What about the cupcake?" She undeniably thought I was crazy, but I'd show her. Plucking a candle from my pocket, I threw it at her mouth. "Chew!" I used my penetrating stare as a weapon, forcing her to move her jaw up & down. "It's the full meaning of hooplarific!"
"Hey, that's my line!" I jump out of bed, sprint up to the nurse, & start meditating. But then I get
bored so I cartwheel out the window. I landed
 on a bush, which happened to be inhabited by squirrels! I tried to bribe them with candles to take me
to the moon, but they replied that they liked to smell cupcakes better. "NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!" The cupcakes I had kept in my pockets had broken my fall. Oh well, I thought. More candles for me then.

By Sarah:)

How embarrassing

"Party time" I shouted and shoved marshmallows into my mouth "sugar rush" I screamed and ran around the room,but something was different that's when I realised that everyone had stopped dancing and were staring at me open-mouthed. Oh the embarrassment,I rushed out of the room and found myself standing in.....the middle of the harbour bridge!? strange place to have a party well any way I was just to embarrassed to live so I jumped of the bridge time seemed to stop when I fell and after an hour I realised that time hadn't stopped,my pants were caught on a piece of metal I then realised that it wasn't a very good idea of mine and that I should try to get back up again but when I tried too turn around my pants ripped and you could see my underwear "not the best choice to wear my unicorn underpants today" I thought to myself.Out of nowhere a gigantic bout appeared and tried to go under the bridge but failed the high bit on the boat (don't know what its called) was an inch away from me if only I could reach it "yes!" I had clasped my hand on it and I started to clime down people on the boat were pointing at me and the mothers were shielding their children's eye's what were they looking at I looked down "WOZAS" I was nude but that wasn't the worst of it my parents were on that very boat. 

                  How embarrassing    


Some of the art work is finished and it looks INCREDIBLE! 

Here's a sneak peak    

The Journey (From Tyler's Perspective): Part 1 of the Sorcerer Series

I was writing an awesome story (as I do every day at independent writing) and I suddenly noticed something different about the "Show What You Know" board. At first I thought someone had put like a big bold colourful post, but then I realized that it wasn't the show what you know board at all. It was, in fact, the wall and floor between the "Show What You Know" board. It was pitch black, but suddenly it lit up.

 An albino kid that looked about my age appeared holding a stick with some sort of shining orb. He motioned for me to come. I looked around me to see if anyone else could see the tunnel. Lots of people were staring at me. Three others were looking at the tunnel. Dominic, Dalton and Gabriel. The tunnel was closing. Gabriel stood up. Dom, Dalton and I followed. Gabriel jumped through. Dom jumped through. The tunnel had nearly closed. Dalton had to crawl through. I jumped and slid on my tummy on the floor and only just popped through the hole.

"Come with me," he said. He walked down the stairs, carrying his glow stick thing. We all followed him. "He doesn't talk much, does he," I whispered to Dom. I doubt he heard me, but I couldn't tell. "Corners have great power, as my grandma always told me," he muttered. I could see light at the end of the tunnel. "Go there," he said pointing at an optimist (Not the one that is freakishly happy all the time, the one that is a boat). 

We were on a beach beside some sort of cliff. Another albino kid was in the boat. He hopped out "So, you're the new guys, ay?" he kind of asked, kind of stated. He looked at the first albino kid. "You've told them about us, right Phil?"
"No, no I have not, Craig," Phil replied. Phil and Craig were obviously brothers, and also enemies. Phil had silvery eyes and white hair, he was tanned , but only a little, and was short and skinny, kind of like a gopher. Craig was almost exactly the same, but with tiny little differences. Craig had a slightly more yellow colour to his hair and his eyes were zigzag striped yellow and blue. But his skin was exactly the same as Phi- wait... no... Craig's skin was just darker. As I was noticing they had a mini conversation that I didn't listen to or care about. Gabriel looked a little worried about six people going in a boat for one person, but I thought it would be awesome! We all hopped on and Craig steered us out to sea. 

A while later we saw a giant ship. Craig told us to jump off. I was the first one to jump off. The sea was pretty cold but it was also warm because of the freezing sea air. We swam to the boat where some rope ladders dropped down. We climbed on to the boat and Craig lead us to a room with some more kids. We got some muffins from someone who was giving them out out at one side of the room.
"Next stop, the Burmuda Triangle," exclaimed a new albino kid. 
"I think I just lost my appetite," I said. Everyone agreed. 

Later on, the same albino guys came downstairs and said,"We're nearing our last stop, you guys should come up on deck." We climbed up the ladder onto the deck. We were going straight forward very fast.
The water was grey in the Burmuda Triangle. As if it was angry or sad at the world. We were still in the blue water but were approaching the grey water line at a very high speed. Suddenly out of nowhere a whirlpool or maelstrom,(whichever you like to call it) appeared. We entered the maelstrom aaand.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

...Nothing happened. Gravity went sideways. We went right through the maelstrom and it was pitch black. I saw a light.
"Oh no," I muttered as I fainted and hit the floor.

When I woke up I was on a beach. Everyone else was still knocked out. Gabriel wasn't there. Neither were the albinos.

And then, they came.

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Maths Time

We have been learning some more advanced aspects of measurement lately. 

Some groups have started investigating where pi comes from (3.14)  and are discovering that if you divide the circumference by the diameter you get an answer very close to pi. 

Next we're been learning how we use pi to calculate the area of a circle. 

Today Mrs Storey sent one of the groups a power point presentation through Google Drive to work through that also taught them how to calculate the circumference using pi. This enabled them to practice what they've learnt about area and transfer it to circumference calculations while she was busy with another group teaching volume. 

Mrs Storey was super excited when Maz suddenly said "I've got it! It doesn't matter how big a circle is- even if it's huge... when you divide the circumference by the diameter the answer is always 3!" 

YES! This is the first step to recognising where pi comes from so that it makes more sense to us when we start using it in our calculations! 

The octogons working on solving word problems involving volume

The hexagons investigating where pi comes from 

The author just died



if that was terrible here is another.


if that was also terrible here is yet another.






The Deadly Smell Part 1: The Capture

It smelled like heaven... It was the sweetest scent Roselina had ever smelt... And yet it was the most dangerous smell in the universe. What Roselina thought was that she was about to die. What Roselina didn't know was that the world's most unexpected superhero was about to save her...

Silky lay curled up on the leafy forest floor, staring up at the hollow tree she so carefully chose as her base. She lifted her muzzle from her paws and climbed the hard oak tree to her makeshift home. Inside the massive old tree there was a small area in which Silky had brought moss and dried bracken to make a nest for herself. It's as cosy as it looks, Silky proudly thought to herself. Suddenly, the small warning beetle that brought messages of people / pets in trouble crawled out of it's small hole and rubbed it's feet on the bark to make the loud, eerie sound indicating someone in trouble. Silky sprang to her paws and scrambled down the trunk to the underground area which some how had security cameras showing homes around the world. Roselina was about to die! "Not if I can help it," Silky growled.

READ PART 2, 3, 4, 5 :)

Just a coincidence

The train screeched too a halt "whats wrong" I asked my mum "I don't know" she answered,apparently we were not the only people confused,everyone on the train were looking around anxiously and muttering to them selves.Suddenly everything went pitch black and my baby sister Jane started crying "shh" my mum soothed her I heard somebody shout out and there was a low thud on the ground.The lights came back on and we could all see a man dead on the floor,a lady with Jet black hair rushed over too him and felt his pulse "I am sorry too say" she declared "but this man is dead" there was a stifled silence and Jane started to cry again. Wait a second isn't that the lady who as there at Joe's death,and Milly's death and that old man called Rupert butt that wasn't even the weirdest thing she had said those exact same thing t each death.

                          "Oh well" I thought "probably just a coincidence" 


There was once a boy called Barry,Barry was a selfish pig who no-one liked and everybody hated him,even the teachers (but they kept this a secret of course ,because they will be fired if they don't) well anyway Barny was horrible he ruined people's books,he stole there stuff,bullied them and was just naturally horrible.

When they were going on a trip to the volcano's Barry actually pushed a child into one where hey fell to there death.The teachers could not complain though because they would be fired so it went on like this for years,Barry killed people but no one could complain,one day a teacher called Frank was sick of Barry being so ghastly,so when they went on a trip to Rainbows End,Frank disguised himself as the guy who runs the fare fall and when Barry tried it out,Frank loosened the seat and so when it started going up,Barry fell off the seat and fell too his death.

                                     And that was the end of barry 

The Aztec village

"Hey. Come over here Steve. I've found something!"Bob shouted in anticipation that Steve would come to his call. Suddenly, rustle, rustle. The bushes behind him were moving!

Bob turned around in fear as a dirty, beaten, old creature emerged from the bushes. It was Steve( by the way Steve is Bob's pet pug).

Bob had found Steve on his door step howling, just before Bob had bitten into his nice, juicy, steak sandwich. Their eyes met and an immediate friendship was born. They didn't leave each others sight uptil now.

Steve pounced on top of Bob's shoulder nearly knocking him over! Bob parted the prickly leaves and branches in front of him cautiously. He showed Steve what he had found. Steve barked in excitement. Bob had found an Aztec village!

                                                        PART 2 COMING SOON.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Simbolacania Symbol §

My foot sank into the gooey sand...wait a sec gooey sand it must be one of his traps frantically I tried to pull my leg out 

"come on" I told myself "I am not going to die like this"  

"Its no use" I heard somebody say softly "no one has ever survived his traps,well only one has but he is trapped in his's dungeon"

"Jason' was my instant reaction "yes it has to be Jason I know it is Jason"

Then I remembered I was sinking to my death,quickly I spoke too the voice 
"how did he escape?" I asked

"oh that's easy" said the voice "mare determination

"Great deal of use that will do" I thought

"oh yes" said the voice "if you want to find your brother I will give you a small hint,do you recognise this voice?" 

"what do you mean"

then it hit me this whole time I had been talking to my brother,"good guess little sis" he said "wow he's getting good at reading minds" I murmured.

The air shimmered in front of me and Jason appeared.
He helped me out of the gooey sand and then we both made the simbolicana symbol and arrived back home.    

Our Artwork Is Amazing!

Here are some progress pictures. I am so proud of everyone's artwork! Everyone is working so hard and it looks AMAZING! 

Water Safety!

We were lucky enough to visit Millennium today to learn more about water safety. 

Check out these pics 

The Grim Reaper ( the perfect way to die).

The day was turning out much better than I expected well what I really was expecting was the Grim Reaper to come up from underground and kill me but that hasn't happened yet so I should enjoy the last few hours of my life before he spoils it.I decided to go get a cup of lemonade and sit on my front deck of my mansion. I think it will be a good way to end my life just relaxing on a warm summers evening. I was getting tired but I can't go to sleep because if I do I will die asleep and I don't want that. It is getting really late and wait I AM ASLEEP!! I and for some weird reason I can't wake up the worst thing I have thought of has hit my lemonade has gone flat! I have to try and wake up and drink my lemonade before it goes flat! "WAKE UP!" I yell I just can't I think of another bad thing I left the front door open I am going to be robbed! Then the thing I am trying not to think of hits my mind...
I AM DEAD!! Why did I not think of it before I couldn't wake up I was dead all along and now I must be a ghost and all I can see now is glowing things ( it is so boring).

The Hunt

I crept stealthily towards the mouse. A light breeze ruffled my fur, carrying the mouth watering scent of prey towards me. Further into the forest I could hear the rustlings of a bird tugging at a worm, and more mice and a squirrel searching for some seeds. In the distance, at the edge of the dense woodland, there was a rather large stream flowing swiftly out of the lake. I turned my attention back to the mouse, which was checking out an empty snail shell. Slowly, without making a sound to alert my prey, I slunk through the undergrowth and bunched my haunches to prepare for the leap. Wham! I sprang onto my prey before it realised what was happening. A single bite to the neck cut off its squeak. A succesful hunt, I thought to myself.


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Painful ways to die

There are a lot of painful ways to die like
 Being shot fifty times in-till you finally die
or being charged by fifty bulls
or even just the casual drowning in the bath

But I had to have the most painful of them all,The paper cut death.
For the paper cut death they basically give you loads of paper cuts and then drown you in salt water (pretty painful really)
well anyway thats the past this is the future although its pretty bad down here in Hades kingdom,well really its only painful if you are put in The Fields Of Punishment,cause every day I have to be put into the torture chamber and have a new torture ( today is stretchy day where I get stretched in till I die and then come back to life with only a few more cuts then normal)
You are probably wondering what I did to deserve this and so I shall tell you.
What happened was that a girl named Sandy kept on annoying me and one day I finally snapped I went round to her house and pretended to be all nice and lovely by giving her some turkish delights that I had poisoned and then left her house.
The next morning I heard Sandy's maid scream,acting innocent I rushed over to Sandy's house
"whats wrong"I had asked the maid
"h-her" the maid spluttered pointing to a heap on the floor that was Sandy then she fainted and sunk onto the floor.A few minutes past when...."GO GO GO"I heard the boss of the policemen say
"oh great" I thought too myself "I'm busted"
That very day I was set too trial though I didn't last long.I was sent too my death.
After my death I had found myself swirling slowly around, and then found myself in a huge court with the three judges of the dead,Minos,Rhadamanthys and Aeacus
they showed me what I could have done with my life than decided on my fate.
So thats how I'm here.

                                                      Pretty screwed up life
                                                        don't you think?

The Scorpion (The Scorpion's side of the story)

The day was turning out much better than expected,I had,had a brilliant breakfast of warrior pie, and was having a lovely sleep in-till... "snap" went a twig and woke me up ( I have pretty good hearing by the way) I groaned and arose from the volcano I turned around looking for what had made that noise I saw a girl cowering on the ground just the right size for Afternoon-Tea I hissed at her and was about to strike her with my deadly tale when I felt a sharp pain in my back.I stumbled and fell to the ground barely alive.The humanoid walked over to me and checked my pulse,but what it didn't know was that I never had a pulse it walked away and I could hear the humanoid talking to another humanoid,while one of the humanoids looked down at her so called hand,the other disappeared in a puff of smoke. The other looked around obviously confused at the disappearance and then slowly (and a little disappointed if I must say) turned around,
walked over the hill and out of sight.

                                        What a day.

Novel studies

We spent our time in the library today catching up on our novel studies because we've been so busy in class that we haven't had much time for this lately. 

Miss Rowland worked with the So much 2 do group while other people read their novels, investigated things like the butterfly effect and caught up on their comprehension work 

World War weird purple thing

The day was turning out much better than I expected until 'thud!' something squishy,purple and slimy lands on my roof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So as usual I went to check it out "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed, it was a weird squishy PURPLE thing. After I had stopped screaming I went down to the kitchen and grabbed a sharp knife and stabbed it "tibble" it cried as I stabbed it in it's purple heart.That is what started WWWPT(it stands for World War weird purple thing.)45 years later the war ended but I died.

The end

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Rise Of The Storm

Clouds darted near & far, 
searching for protection.
While wind's appetite grew,
 in hunting down her selection.

Young sprouts fled into hiding, 
shelter scarce in autumn.
Wise oaks served as barricades,
for many a woodland chum.

Sky vexed by wind's sudden mood swing,
Unable to ecape fog's touch.
Innocent leaves held tight to their branches,
looking out for a motherly clutch.

Crimson poppies stood their ground,
loyal solders on the front line.
Whose bravery was rewarded,
Over a period of time.

The once coquettish scenary,
tortured to oblivion.
By the senseless hurricane herself,
Who has no hope of being forgiven.

Storm was fast aproaching,
ammids the autumn air.
Shepperding weary summer,
back into the depths of her lair.

After hours of fearful imaginings, life crept out of hiding.
To find her home nursing injuries, of the consequence of nature combinding.

By Sarah:)

The Scorpion (Josie's side of the story)

I crept stealthily towards the monstrous beast,"so far so good," I thought to myself and took another step.

"Snap!" went a twig under my foot,

"Oh great just a typical thing that would happen to me," I thought to myself as the scorpion shuddered and brought smoke down on top of the whole volcano. In the distance I heard a girl screaming, suddenly nothing mattered but saving the girl. I grabbed my bow and arrow and shot it at the horrible scorpion. "Bulls eye!" I had shot it right in the middle of it's back where it was weakest. The scorpion stumbled and fell to the ground with a low thud. I didn't waste any time at all, I rushed to the girl and she stared at me speechless. I decided to be polite and tell her my name.

"Hello," I said "my name is Josie."

"Oh hi," she stammered, "I'm Zalia." She held out her hands like she wanted some lollies, so I did the polite thing and gave her some. She stared down at her hand. While she did this I snapped my fingers and was back home in my warm cozy bed.

Nightmares part 2

Luke and I stood still watching, guards with ski masks running towards us "What are we going to do!" Luke wailed in distress, "We fight and hope we win and if not we will probably die." I explained to Luke."Lets fight!" Luke and I started running Luke pulled out a sword that he found while he was in the cell I was going to tell him to drop it but instead I just let him use it. I found a baseball bat behind a statue I grabbed it before anyone else could and started whacking the guards in it head and in the stomach."yeowch!!" a guard screeched 
"That hurts!' another screamed in horror, Luke and I were going well we had killed all the guards and were heading t the Volcano so we could go face to face with the person we called the strange voice.A few minutes later we entered the volcano and saw something that almost made us faint...It was our Dad!! He wanted the Crystal diamond?He must have been very depressed after our Mum died but he got over it and now he wanted the crystal so he could remember our  Mum in a good way."Dad, why did you try and kill us?"Luke asked
"I knew this would be the first thing you would ask you see I thought you were intruders that happens when you  lose your glasses.You see i miss your mother a lot so I wanted the crystal so I could bring her back to our world, you see it has here DNA on it so I can bring her back with a machine I made called The bringbacksiomaximus." So Luke and I gave Dad the crystal but the a rumble came from the volcano...

weird purple thing ATTACK

I crept stealthily towards it "hello" I whispered "tibble" it replied.
Suddenly a tank burst into the small room "fire" someone screamed. That is the start of  weird purple thing ATTACK.5 years later mini pods of purple things were bombarding New Zealand.Hundreds of thousands of people were hiding in bunkers made of diamond while others are armed with robotic suits capable of growing any weapons from the simple pistol to heavy plasma bazookas. 50 years later the war in New Zealand was over, but it got spread over to other countries.

To be continued

I steal a hotdog

I crept stealthily towards the hot-dog stand.Ok,I admit it is kinda stupid.I really like hot dogs.(No,not a dog that's hot.)I can't be bothered paying money and waiting in line.I went into the kitchen where they make hot-dogs and grabbed one."MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"I screamed as I grabbed one.I ran for my life"STOP THAT THIEF!!!!!!!!"someone at the hot dog stand shouted.Yikes!He had seen me!Soon there were 2343 police cars surrounding me.He got out a RPG.WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was going to get death penalty for stealing a hotdog!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"I said hands up!!!!!!!"the police man shouted again."NO!!!"I shouted back.Bad idea.He shot his RPG and I died.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Fortune Teller

My voice weaves it's way amongst the debries. The ballroom floor is coated in a thick layer of dust, pushing my goal at the moment further out of reach. It seems almost impossible that only a couple of minutes ago we were twirling along with other beaming relations & friends. This was supposed to be a day of happiness, not heartbreak. I could feel an asthma attack coming on in this time of stress. I search the floor for anything that resembles the texture of an inhaler. Oh, I remember! I reach into my pocket ( I may be wearing a dress, but in case of emergency I decided to wear shorts under neath) clutch my fingers around it's rubbery outer shell, & press down. Clear air floods through my lungs, relieving me of all stress. Only until I remember what has happened. Looking down at my dress, I see pale blue, silk perhaps, lined with lace. Four hours ago I had been puffed up with pride over my appearance in it. My sister Anne had let me borrow her cream belt for the day. "Anne!" I screech. She's alright, I repeat over & over in my head. Somehow, I know that's not true. I'm too weak from the blow to get up, but manage to pull myself over to a nearby table for protection. With each bullet thrown I grow hysterical. A few meters away I see my bouquet lying on the ground, vulnerable to the war raging on. Anne's wedding should have been pure joy, not this. Anything but, this. I peek around my barrier, to see a man holding two rifles, pointing one at Anne, the other at the groom. Why was this happening? I huddled into a ball, making myself as small as possible. Then, fire. Just a single bullet, but one was enough. My vision is blurred, along with all other sounds.

The next thing I knew, mum is shaking me awake. "Heidi, honey can you hear me? It's alright, you just had a nightmare." I look around, everything was as it had been when I had shut my eyes. Only, folded neatly on my desk chair, not a stain or pen mark in sight, was a pale blue could-be silk, lined with lace, was my dress." Honey, are you alright?" My mum's voice melted into the background, I realised what I had to do. "Yes, can't wait for the wedding," I grin at mum. When she's gone I stay up
 staring at Anne, lying peacefully in her bed. It's the calm before the storm, I think to myself. & the
weather forecast isn't good.

I managed to get a few restless minutes of sleep, not that a few was much compared to the hours of sleep lost. On the bright side, I had composed a excellent plan (if I do say so myself). Step One. Hide
 Anne's high heels & hair products. As soon as I saw the first strands of sunlight I was out of bed &
on the move. Anne keeps all her shoes in her closet, which she has locked for the last few days so I wouldn't try on her new stelletoes. Ofcourse I wouldn't, well, maybe. She put all the stuff she's going to use for her hair today in the left-hand cupboard. I sneak through her draws, then on to her dressing table. I found it in the jewellery box positioned on her bed side table. Fortunately Anne's a heavy sleeper. Unlocking a closet is easier said then done. It took me nearly twenty minutes to get into this one. But, I would unlock a thousand closets if Anne could have a happy wedding. The selletoes were gorgeous, I must admit. I can see why she didn't want me near them. A creamed pearl texture explored the outer core of both shoes, a shower of angel's tears at each toe. They seemed like something out of Cinderella. The insides were lined with velvet, making it even harder not to try them on.

Poems I might do for the poem competition (Sunday with Dad)

Poems I might do (Wayne the Stegosaurus)

Meet the stegosaurus, Wayne.
He doesn't have the biggest brain.
He's long and heavy, wide and tall,
but has a brain that's extra small.

He's not the brightest dinosaur.
He thinks that one plus one is four.
He can't remember up from down.
He thinks the sky is chocolate brown.

He wears his bow tie on his tail
and likes to eat the daily mail.
When playing hide-and-seek he tries
to hide by covering his eyes.

He thinks that black is really white.
He's sure the sun comes out at night.
He thinks that water grows on trees
and when it's hot he starts to freeze.

He's happy when he's feeling ill.
He likes to dance by standing still.
And when it's time to go to bed,
he puts bananas on his head.

He thinks his name is Bob, not Wayne,
but that's what happens when your brain
(although you're big and brave and spiny)
is very, very, very tiny.
--Kenn Nesbitt

Poems I might do (I bought a Maserati)

I bought a Maserati
and a new Mercedes-Benz,
plus a brand new Lamborghini
I could show off to my friends.

I purchased a Ferrari
and an Aston Martin too,
and a Porsche and a Jaguar
and a BMW.

I had them all delivered
to my mansion in the hills.
I like to sit and look at them,
imagining the thrills.

For though it's fun to be
the richest nine-year-old alive,
I'm sure I'll like it better
when I'm old enough to drive.
--Kenn Nesbitt

Friday, 21 March 2014

"It's going to be the best artwork I've ever done!"

This quote from Cooper made me so happy today! 

Here's a look at out progress... It's messy and detailed but fun too!