Friday, 30 May 2014

The Thing

The train screeched to a halt as I ran in front of it with only underpants on. The raccoon, lizard, puppy, mouse, whale, turtle, bird, cow, ant, pig, brussels sprout, bear, spider, horse, fish, shark, weasel, cat, microscopic bug thing was running away from me. My friend Dominic was helping me catch it. He only had socks on. Only socks. The rest of our clothes had been burnt off by the things fire breathing. It could shoot lasers out of it's eyes.

Maraiv was following after us with fully dressed, woosy, baby, scaredy cat Dalton, who wouldn't go anywhere near the thing. A woman opened her window and threw a bra at us shouting, "Put some clothes on!"
The bra landed on Dom's chest and the straps clipped together behind his back.
"That gives me an idea," I exclaimed.
I took the bra off Dom (who was actually having a good time squishing it). 

We ran away shouting thank you to everyone and caught up with the raccoon, lizard, puppy, mouse, whale, turtle, bird, cow, ant, pig, brussels sprout, bear, spider, horse, fish, shark, weasel, cat, microscopic bug thing. Then something amazing happened. The thing farted and it started snowing fat flying baby sprinkle sparkles. I threw the bra and it landed over it's eyes.

We caught it and kept it as a pet and we're still finding new things about it every day. Like that it has a tiny hole in it's tummy and gives birth to flying pink butts every six and a half months.

A Normal Day in the Life of Me

It slowed down... and then nothing. Nothing! What was I going to do now? Well, I'll tell you what I'm not going to do, I'm not going to throw a squirrel at a pony. Oh, wait, I just did. Never mind. However the the pony got very mad at the squirrel and ate it. On that random note, I walked away. I came to a banana store which was having a big sale, all bananas in store that exist are free. All the famous monkeys were there; Curious George, King Kong and Peel Armlong the first monkey to go to the moon. It was bananas in there. I ran away, not wanting to be caught up in the monkey mayhem and turned up at the docks where a few mortals and a few sorcerers or wizards were fishing off the side of the dock. Suddenly a giant fish jumped out of the water and ate all of them. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


It slowed down and then nothing what was I going to do now? BLOW UP EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Randomly I found a stick of dynamite next to me there was also a packet of matches 'sissssss' I quickly threw it somewhere "WHAT THE ****" 'BOOOM' I think that was someone's face.


                           The End

Rainbow Chocolate Unicorns 2

It slowed down and then nothing. Nothing! What was I going to do? My friend cut my head off with a machete.What was he thinking he must be mental. Now I was running around like a headless chicken.Then I fell to the ground and in no time I was asleep.

"Rainbow chocolate unicorns." A squirrel announced. As HUMONGOUS gumballs started to fall from the sky and then 12 rainbow chocolate unicorns fell from the sky and landed just a few feet in front of me and the crazy squirrel. The crazy squirrel then announced "Dude our dance moves were tight!" No one new what he meant because no one was dancing. Suddenly rainbow gumballs came swooping down to kill everyone but the rainbow chocolate unicorns.
 For everyone's sake this was a dream and no people were injured but me, because I now have brain damage.

Sunday, 18 May 2014


So this is my late homework called Blokes.

"Dude - Look!" shouted Mike.
In front of Ben was a gigantic, hissing and scaly crimson dragon with spikes souring out of his back and a detailed tail waving around in the aqua sea, with bulging coral coloured eyes and a wide mouth with sharp, rotten teeth. Its hot breath huffed down on me as it hungrily smashed out of the ocean like Godzilla, screaming so loud it was ear piercing. I blocked my eyes, and ran away from the docks, running around some old, solid stone buildings from the 1800s. Mike was next to me.
"What do we do?" I trembled.
Then, the whole building crashed down over us and toppled and thudded with dust crumbling into the air, making the site horrendous. Up above us, the big sea monster roared loudly and dropped its foot onto the bricks, which rumbled, shook, and broke. The whole place was falling! I ran across some slippery timber, but then fell into the ocean, and dropped down. I panicked and panicked, screaming. I couldn't breath. I wailed underwater as I went deeper into darkness. I shut my eyes, ready to die. It hit me. The sharp teeth. And squashed my body.
Michael then decided to live in London and met a gang of "blokes" from the orphanage, and made them into his gang and they fought the sea monster for years.
PS: Sorry for making the story gruesome.  

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Crystal sprinted through the empty streets dreading that she had fallen asleep in the library five minutes before the sirens started ringing and now a bomb was probably about to fall onto her head.
She ran around the corner and there was her house and her mum and dad were waiting for her. Then everything started to happen at once bombs streaked out behind her as she sprinted for home clinging to dear life as a bomb exploded behind her nearly knocking her out. She was nearly there she could see the door knob, she could smell the melting wax of a roman candle and she could hear them, her family calling for her to hurry. Now she was at the porch and they all ran through the door, rushing toward the open trapdoor waiting for them.

She pushed her parents down just as a sound like a train came hurtling towards their home. CRASH, BANG, CRACK went the bomb as it collided with the red brick roof causing it to shatter into thousands of tiny pieces, then down came the third floor causing the second floor to shatter into splinters. Crystal ran for the hole in the floor, dodging ever piece of what was left of their house that hadn't been exploded, burnt or smashed. But as she started down the ladder a brick hit her in the head and she fell down, down, down, then hit something soft and she fainted. When she awoke she was in their tornado bunker lying on a mattress covered in rugs.

But all seemed still and silent she tried to get up but there was a shock of pain that shot up her arm and into her shoulder blades, but she kept on trying to get up  until she had climbed up the ladder and struggled out of their now destroyed house. But now the sky's were clear of planes or bombs now there was only blue. Then she sighed the war was over and everyone survived.

Friday, 16 May 2014

The monster and the werewolf

The slime oozed down the walls as I walked into the house, it was a rather strange house and this particular house had been abandoned for years. "I can tell why there isn't anyone here," I muttered to myself  "This place is disgusting, the toilets are covered in mud, there is slime everywhere you go and there is a weird glow coming another room down the hall."

As I walked around the house I could see weird and mysterious signs telling me to go back and if I don't I will regret my choices. I thought for a second but decided to move on. I suddenly stopped I could feel something breathing on my back. Sweat started running down my face, was this the monster? I was standing there waiting for this nightmare to be over. But it wouldn't stop, I had to face my fear, as I turned around I gasped and stared. 

To be continued...

The Great Escape parody

PS This is a parody of the Great Escape.

             Chapter 1            

When I was at home I thought 'what about my parents had they been working for the Germans or spying on them?' Sadly my parents died yesterday so I couldn't ask them because they're dead so I decided to go the hard way and get back into Germany and spy on Hitler to find out about my parents. The next day I started on my way to Hitler's hiding spot I saw a random German airport and dropped a bomb 'KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM' Then I realised it was a British airport... A few days later I found a German hideout I landed the plane on the air field 5 metres away from the hideout. Since I was 5 metres away from the airport I decided to take a plane 'KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOM' I dropped a bomb on a door and crashed the plane into the window then climbed into the hideout using the window and stabbed the wall with a knife I found on the floor then I saw the kind guy that gave me the knife so I found a grenade and said "I'll keep the pin and I'll give you the grenade" 'BOOOOOOM' Then I knew what the pin does. So I just went upstairs to apologise to Hitler I found a gun so I thought "what a nice present a bullet" 'BAM' I shot Hitler so I couldn't get if my parents were working for the Germans or spying on them I just flew away and crashed into my house and walked through the hole in my house.

            THE END               

I can't believe it.

I can't believe it. My face is on fire how will I win a running race if my face is on fire. Oh wait Its not on fire I'm going to win. Yes I am winning. The friday race oh shoot no its thursday and all I am doing is playing on my playstaion three. But I'm winning the friday race on thursday and beating everyone in the game. I think thats pretty good. My new best, I'm hungry I thought to myself as I entered the kitchen. I grabbed a jar of cookies and leant over to grab the remote. But suddenly a giant killer monster came flying through  the roof. But I killed it and that was that.


I can't believe it 3

I can't believe it. Mazzy's face was on fire how will he win a running race when his face is on fire. Oh wait it's not on fire he is going to win. Yes he is winning. The Friday race oh shoot it is Thursday and all he is doing is playing play station 3. But he is winning the Friday race on Thursday and beating everyone in the game. He thinks that, that's pretty good. His new best, he is hungry he thought to himself as he entered the kitchen. He grabbed a jar of cookies and leant over to grab the remote. But suddenly a giant killer monster came flying through the roof. And he killed it and that was that.


I can't believe it 2

I can't believe it Mazzy's face was on fire. He was getting ready to start the great running race. Oh wait it's not on fire he was winning the Friday race, But it was Thursday and we are just playing on the play station 3. Then I stood up and farted the whole house shook then exploded into tiny pieces sending me and Mazzy up into the sky and we never came back down. Now we float around outer space with are new two best friends Freedy and Eddy the aliens.

                                                          THE END

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hero in training

I stepped onto the stage
“And now we have…” hollered the announcer and stared down at the sheet of paper he was reading from “Ivy?” he looked at me with a strange look on his face taking in my small figure and small muscles.
He gave a small cough and said:  
”Give it up for Ivy!”
There was a polite round of applause although I could tell it was out of sympathy, most hero in training like me by this point would have ran off stage crying but anger just fizzled inside of me “i’ll show them what I can do” I muttered
“Stand back” I told the guy who called the hero’s names out (I hadn’t bothered to research what it was called) the man did as I said and stepped off the stage I then started my routine, fly up in the air triple flip dive front flip fly straight like a bullet and do five front flips on the way down and then land. The crowd stared at me shocked then started clapping like mad men I stood proudly as the man gave me the cup
“We have-” the man didn’t get to finish his sentence because at that moment a flying purple thing came flying at him and snatched the man off the ground he then flew out of the stadium and out of sight.

                       Chapter 2

Then there was chaos heros in training were panicking and losing control of their powers
“Enough!” bellowed the hero master their was a stifled silence and everybody looked at him sheepishly
“Thank you’ the said “Now we have to send the best hero to save Frances (That was the man) and that hero is Ivy. I felt as if I had just been shot
“me?” I squeaked I’m not a hero I’m” the hero master looked at me and spoke in a softer voice
“You don’t have to” the said “Only if you want but this is a big step up for you but if you want to prove yourself you have to go” I gave a deep breath and said the three words that changed my life for ever “I shall go”

          Chapter 3     

As I packed for the mission Jasper walked into the room
“You're so on a death wish” he said
“What do you mean”
Well last week you tried to do the triple twist back ford flip without a harness on sunday you went to planet earth and nearly good killed by humans and now you're going to save Frances from the gurgle” I shrugged him off and without a word kept on packing.

“Ready?” asked Jasper
I gave a shaky laugh “Sure thing” Jasper pressed the take off button but instead of jumping off the panel pad the jumped onto the ship
“What the hell are you doing?” I shrieked Jasper smiled
“You really think I’d let you go by yourself”
“Get out!” I shrieked but the ship was already launching.............

To be continued........

Joseph's brain homework

My brain homework

by Joseph Pettigrew

Well I'm searching up about how to improve my memory and stuff. I have heard that if you eat blueberries it can improve your memory and we're going to find out if there is another way to improve your memory so now relax and read the show.

So it turns out that you can improve your memory by following these great tips.
  • Concentrate for eight seconds
  • Don't walk through a doorway
  • Make a fist (apparently if you clench your fist correctly you can recall information)
  • Do some good old exercise
  • Go to sleep
  • When writing use crazy fonts
  • Try chewing gum
  • Write things on paper e.g. shopping list
  • Know when to turn music on and off
  • Doodle and draw
So if you liked these tips please comment on it.


Hope you liked it.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Call to war

June 20th 1940 Luke's diary: The Introduction of Conscription

Well some days are good and some are bad but today is terrible! It all started when my little sister Mila spilled spinach all over me and guess what, I was wearing my best suit and now I have to wait a week until I can wear it again so thanks a lot Mila. But worse than that today New Zealand introduced conscription. Now any man aged 18 to 46 can be selected by ballot to fight for New Zealand in this terrible war that I wish never started. All I hope is I won't be selected to go to war.   I turn 18 on the 24th of July so I will be likely go to war ,but for now I am safe.

June 26th Luke's diary: The bad news

Life has been really tough since this war has started and it gets tougher when time goes by. The bad news is that my Dad is in hospital and he is in a critical condition. He was running for cover because there was a missile heading in his direction. While he was running he got shot in the stomach and collapsed, luckily he was seen and got rushed to hospital. The whole family is praying to go the he will live. I have heard lots of stories around town that husbands and sons have been wounded or killed which would be heart breaking for the mothers and wife's of these men.

June 30th Luke's diary: The outstanding recovery

My prayer has been accepted, my father is recovering from his fatal accident and he is now able to move his hips from left to right with a little help from the hospital staff! The whole family is so proud of him. We got a letter from him this morning saying that he will be going back to Germany to so he can fight with the other men in the war. He also said that if he could he would come home but sadly he can't.

July 28th Luke's diary: Time to face my fear
I cannot believe it this can't be happening, my life will be in danger in weeks. The worst part of the nightmare has come, I have to go to ... War! I will have to go and fight with my Dad and get injuries like what he got. Even I don't want to go in fact no one wants me to go.

July 30th Luke's diary: Departure
Well todays the day wish me luck, pray that I won't die like all of my friends did and tell my Mum that I will be fine. I won't see Mum and Mila in months year maybe never again. my life is now in danger all I hope is that I survive this terrible war.    

The Alien (Homework)

The man screamed as he felt his body wrenched into the ground as the concrete floor collapsed beneath him. One minute he was laughing at a joke with his friend on Facebook the next, a long fall into a bottomless pit. He never felt his skin touch a burning red substance. At the top of the road a group of confused people gathered around the crumpled concrete.

What happened? the boy thought as he stood up shaken legs had replaced his old confident ones. Laser Force had been absolutely destroyed. What had once been an obstacle course full of children shooting laser guns had wiped out. It looked like a ship had crashed through. A weird shape of sparks had taken the place of this play park. The boy sat down and cried a moment of pain stabbed at his heart. He cried for his friends. Deep inside him, His soul had been changed. Pain determination now took place of what had once been a happy fun loving soul. The boy looked up and stepped forward peering down at the hole before making a decision. Curiosity killed the cat.

Okay Sam this is really dangerous, the boy thought as he grasped at one of the hanging wires. Sam jumped back as the wire burnt his hands, scorch marks on his palms. Darn it., Sam cursed under his breath as he sat down analyzing his situation. At the corner of his eye he spotted an old wrinkly rope. Sam jumped up his eyes glistening.
EMERGENCY ONLY  a label was tied around the bottom. Sam smirked before pulling the rope unraveling it.
"This is just like a movie" Sam muttered as he hauled.

Sam bounced on and of the shattered wall the rope hang around his waist was stretching further and further. Below he could see a faint shape like one of those UFO's you see but as he got closer it began to take shape as one of those ghost ships in Halo 4 but much more advanced. The rope had reached its very end and there was at least 3 meters to go.
Go hard or go home. YOLO right? Sam though as he unwrapped the rope around his waist and made his very own leap of faith. The crunch beneath his feet as he landed was inevitable but the shock that rippled through Sam's legs caused him much more pain. After a moments delay Sam inspected the ship. Now that he was face close he could see that this was very VERY advanced.
The military aren't building those. Sam thought as he walked closer. Before Sam could take further inspection a dark figure pounced on him pinning him. Sam wanted to scream but couldn't as he looked up into the cold yellow eyes, mesmerized. It didn't look human or even smelled human it was-
"Alien" Sam whispered out the words his heart pounding in fear. But ever so slightly, despite his fears Sam looked closely into the Alien's eyes and feeling the pain that the alien had sustained. A connection was being made between the two beings despite being just for a second. The Alien pampered away as if scared of Sam. Sam however still lay on the cold ground stunned and gasping in pain. Mental pain.


Pre-historic adventures I.

Pre-Historic Adventures I.

As I trudged slowly through the damp rain forest, day was quickly turning into night and I had to get to my cave before "pterodactyl time" (the time when pterodactyls emerge to hunt down whatever they can find).

You might be wondering why there are pterodactyls and why I live in a cave?
Well, it's because I'm the world's kindest dinosaur and I live in 55,005,005 B.C.
Oh, and the type of dinosaur I am is a Tyrannosaurus Rex and my name is Bob.

When I was 15, I heard that a guy, (whose name I shall not mention), was out playing when it was "pterodactyl time". In the morning, all that was left of him was his skull! So, now do you understand what I am so keen to hide from the pterodactyls?

I sharply looked to my left, then, to my …… "AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" I screamed, as if all of my life was being sucked out of me.

"Hey Buddy! How're you doing?" replied the pterodactyl to my right.

"Ggg…ooo...ddd, thank you" I stammered, "Why aren't you attacking me?"
"Pleased to meet you, my name's Terence and I'm not attacking you because us pterodactyls don't kill! we eat salads and stuff."
"Me too!" I shouted, sounding more confident now, with no hint of a stammer.
"Why don't you come over to my cave for some pumpkin soup?" I asked.
"Sure thing, let's go!" Terence said enthusiastically.

And so our friendship was born and we were all able to live in harmony and I never worried about "pterodactyl time" again!



The wind lashed through the trees as the bundled up figure stumbled towards me. I quickly rushed to open the door as the strange man fell in the doorway. I dragged him towards the living room couch and lay him down on it. He stirred, only slightly though, and I went to light the fire. I returned to his side to see if he had woken up. He had. I asked him his name and why he was in a temperate deciduous forest [look it up] like this one, especially in winter, but he was probably too tired to answer.

I checked back on him later and asked him the same questions. His name was Rolph [Mc Donald] and he was a scientist looking for new species of animal. He had a wife and two children, aged 4 and 6. He asked me why I was living in my own house, when I was only twelve, and I told him I was living with my Aunt Jo while my parents were away on holiday. I told him Aunt Jo was out, and that she was in the nearest town, getting some groceries.

Rolph asked me if I could help him get back home. I said I would try and we went to the village's internet cafe and looked up the next flight to Idaho. It was next Thursday, at 5 pm. So that gave us 8 days to get Rolph to the closest airport. But the problem was, how were we going to pay for the flight?

Aunt Jo came back hysterical. She had won the lotto. She asked what Rolph was doing and I explained to her. She said she would help pay for the flight! yay! 

Rolph started packing. I was sad to see him go, but at least he would be back home with his family where he belonged.  


The Mighty Bismarck

This is my homework.

It is about a famous German battleship called Bismarck.
This is a picture of the Bismarck firing a broadside.
The main ships that were involved in the hunt for the Bismarck was the Hood, Repulse, Renown, King George V, Prince of Wales, Ramillies, Victorious and Ark Royal.

Sadly the Hood didn't make it. A shell from Bismarck hit an ammo supply and it blew up.
Here is a painting of the Hood.

Bismarck was being escorted by a battlecruiser called Prinz Eugen which got away and went to sink some more british shipping. Bismarck was badly damaged by the Repulse and the Ramillies but it got away, awesomely a whole fleet of British ships were waiting for the Bismarck. Here is a model picture of the fleet.

It also included the aircraft carriers Ark Royal and Victorious but I couldn't find a whole picture of the
 fleet. On the Hood only 3 people survived and about 1'400 people died on the Hood. Also Prinz Eugen sunk the Repulse. The way the Bismarck was sunk is a swordfish plane which dropped a torpedo and it   hit the Bismarck's rudder which made it go round in circles but it was still a deadly target for the British fleet then the King George V went in for the kill as the Bismarck fired a broadside King George V shot a salvo which made the Bismarck tip over.

Who found the Bismarck?
A man called Robert Ballad found Bismarck in the porcupine abyssal plain. He was also the man who found the Titanic and the Lusitania.

Adventures Of The Headless Chicken Part 1

One day a boy named Bob had a pet chicken. He loved his chicken very much but his family was very poor.

One cold summer day Bob came home from school and was looking for his chicken. He did not find him anywhere outside so he chose to look inside. He walked into the kitchen first and he saw his dad cut his chickens head clean off.

He rushed over to his father and started crying and while he was crying the chicken stood up and walked over to where Bob was standing. Bob did not notice this and then he looked up at his fathers face he saw that he was staring at the chicken that was walking around.

Bob was so happy that he could die. He turned to his father and kicked him then he picked up his headless chicken and ran off.

Bob's father was looking at the head of the chicken when Bob's mum Rose came home from a hard day of work and saw what Dave ( Bob's dad ) was looking at and she gasped. She then asked where Bob was Dave then said that he had ran off because he had cut off  Rocky's (aka Bob's chicken ) head and that he had not seen him since.

Bob had been running for hours when he found a abandoned house he put his chicken down and the chicken started to neck the ground. Must be trying to peck at the ground but it can't because it didn't have a head. He walked into the house.

To be continued.

The Story Of Storys

OK I know what your thinking whats The Story Of Storys well to be honest I don't know so i'm going to hope I know what to write about. i have writing for three hours know and this is what I what I've done: the end. Something about that just is not right you know what i'm saying of course you don't I don't what i'm saying I don't know what i'm saying. I'm gonna write a good story now 50 hours later this is how much I have done: one day somebody made a  robot they pushed it of a cliff the end. Right now I bet your pretty jealous wait what your not I would be actually your right I probably wouldn't be jealous too. So I decided write a new story 5000000000000000000000000000 hours later.
I'm dead now so I couldn't publish my story bye. 

This is my homework story I think at least I don't know i'm dead.

Pluppy the Ploptopus

'Party time!' I sarcastically screamed inside my head. Pluppy the Ploptopus was flying over and terrorizing the city.
"Well, time to move to China," I announced out loud. Just as I was boarding the plane it took off. I jumped in just in time. In three seconds we were already in the air. In another second we were in the Ploptopi's mouth.
Here is a description of a Ploptopi; It is giant and fat, it can fly, it has fifty legs, each one has a bazooka and a machine gun attached to it. It's mouth smells disgusting.

Well, what comes in must come out... unless you walk into a never ending tunnel, but I doubt anybody's stupid enough to do that. We waited for two years while Pluppy the Ploptopus destroyed the world then got digested and turned into the stuff.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I woke up along a river bank with soft, crispy sand falling onto me. I groaned, and gazed around. Up above, I noticed a massive, over - grown patch of grass growing out of a dirt. I gazed out at the sea, and noticed a slippery, timber ship cracking its way toward me, ripped sails, and a deadly flag waving around that was ebony black with a skull on it, and a crimson lettering that read: EGDIRBWARTS NIMAJNEB. I cocked an eyebrow, and watched in dim silence as it neared me.
"Uh oh," I murmured, noticing the commotion and scowls coming toward me, with swords spearing through the air.
I jumped up, and clutched the grass. It slid off, and with an oomph, I dropped into the ocean, head first. I panicked and panicked and jumped up, gasping for air, and gripped the position I woke up at. Then, I felt a hook ripping through my shirt and scraping my skin. I froze, and glared backwards. A row boat was lapping against me, with a man with a curly, bushy brown moustache, wrinkled face and a tattoo on his bald head, with short frisky hairs. He wore a three sizes to big sweater and long denim jeans, as well as broken eye-patch just holding up his rotten eye.
"Com' wif' uz, me' mate. I ben' looking for you for 'ill my life, mate," he tuned pirate-like.
I cocked an eyebrow as he sighed, confused. He sighed.
"I men' come with us," he demanded.
"Oh," I murmured, "Aren't you gonna kill me?"
"Why would we do that?" asked the pirate.
"Well, you're bad guys, eh? And, how have you been looking for me for your whole li-"
"Mate, why don't you as'c q'estions on b'erd the ship," coughed the pirate.
"Can you speak normal!" I growled.
"Okay," he started, "M-A-T-E W-H-Y D-O-N'-T Y-O-U-" 
"No . . just normal!!!!!!" I said, over raging.
"Ask questions on board the ship, 'kay?" he said, making it clear.
*The reason I have the thing on the title is because I seriously, seriously don't know what to call it. Please comment and write what you think. Thanks . . . . (my name is below)

Monday, 12 May 2014

The Pie Monster Comes To Town... Part 1!

It was a regular day on Piggy Planet, in Piggy Town. The Piggys were eating carrots, growing carrots, bathing in carrots, sleeping in carrots and the Piggy Spies were using carrot launchers! Everyone uses carrots for random things these days! But one day, the famous Mr. Piggy-Wiggy decided to invent something. So he made a wonderful carrot surprise! All the Piggys were amazed at his invention.
'Look at it my fellow Piggys!' He said.' It's wonderful, and I decided to call it a... PIE!' And everyone... SCREAMED AND WENT BEZERK! Last year an evil scientist made a pie out of wheat and the whole of The Planet Cow blew up!
'Settle down everyone,' He said. Everyone stopped, and stared at Mr. Piggy-Wiggy. 'This is made out of carrots, not wheat like the famous psycho killer, Mr. CowsGoKapow! This will not go-' KABOOM! The pie blew up and killed Mr. Piggy-Wiggy. Everyone went silent, then someone dropped a carrot on a bit of metal. THUD! Nothing happened except the pie turned into a massive PIE MONSTER!

End of Part 1


Today in maths we learnt a rap about how to calculate the mean, median, mode and range so that we'll always be able to remember which is which. 

We also watched this amusing video about 
Mean, Median and Mode!

Click here to watch it

The Dungeons Of Doom

Chapter I: Getting out

My eyes opened and I looked around. My eyesight was a little hazy, so I couldn't see much. But I saw what looked to be a dungeon. There was moss on the walls, cracked stone and spider webs. Finally, my eyesight fixed and I could see clearly. I saw a door that looked to be closed, but it wasn't. I pushed it open and heard a loud creek. Fortunately no one heard me. I crept through the chamber and walked outside. The reason no one heard me was because it was midnight, and the guards were on their sleeping break. I slowly walked away, and finally made it to the wilderness.  The sun slowly crept out of the dark and night turned to day. As the hours ticked by and I wondered 'why I was in the dungeon?' I  just couldn't remember. Now that it was day I could see that I was in a castle. It had a dark grey outside, and cracked stone. It appeared to be abandoned. Then I realised it. They were in disguise. There must be a war raging on right now, and they can't fight, so they decided to make their castle look deserted and abandoned, so other kingdoms wouldn't attack them.

Chapter II: The reaction




Name suggestions???!!!

The bell chimed through the deserted halls
Shadows danced upon the walls
You could hear the faint cry of a teacher
A very distinctive feature
Lights flickered on then off
In the distance you hear a student cough
Cobwebs cling on shelves and books
Children hide in corners and nooks...

Will finish the poem soon as long as i find a name!

The Unicorn: Part 1: The Chase

The wind lashed through the trees as I heard a deafening roar.
"Oh no!" I heard someone scream "It's too late we're all going to die."

The beast had awoken after a long hibernation. The beast was called The Killer. The beasts species is unknown and is very deadly. If you're wondering why it is so deadly it's because whenever you look at it you die from its cuteness. Kids are immune to its cuteness for some unknown reason. In fact whenever kids see it they get healed to as healthy as healthy things can be.

Ok, back to the story.
"Run for your life!" somebody screamed. So I ran. Something was storming after us gaining speed. It was obviously very angry, and must be The Killer. I could hear the faint sound of something saying "Die you seals," in the distance, or, where it actually was, right behind me.
"Aaaahhh!" somebody screamed. "The Killer is right behind you!"
Now that I think of it I can feel something breathing on my back. I thought of something.
'I am a genius,' I thought.

I flopped onto the ground like I was dead and The Killer tripped over me and got it's head stuck in the ground.?
"Time to reveal The Killer!" I shouted so everybody could hear. I pulled it's head out of the ground and looked at it's face. I was so surprised at what I saw that I dropped it's head and it's horn was stuck in the ground.
The Killer was a unicorn.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


I put out my hand so he could give me the money, still holding the gun in my other hand. The man kept waving his hand around and I couldn't get the money from his hand. Then I realized what was happening. He was waving to a policeman. I shot with my only bullet that was in my pistol, grabbed the money and ran. My only thought was what am I doing. Sure I can get away from the policeman but what about the b team. The b team was a gang of girls that wore fake leather jackets and ripped black jeans. They drove a truck with a goat in the back. I know because my buddy got caught by the b   team and I was there. In town I was the only criminal that hadn't been caught. And I wasn't starting now.

As soon as I walked into the carpark I could clearly see the goat and the truck. Walking towards me was a short lady holding a shotgun. When I turned round I saw another lady with a machine gun, I ducked and they both started shooting. While trying to shoot me they actually shot each other. They died quickly. Another two the last two started charging at me with knives. I got the shot gun the first one was holding and shot them both. I had done it, I had defeated the b team. I ran back to my hideout and put the money on the cardboard box that I used for a table and counted my eighteen thousand dollars. Then suddenly the goat killed me and ended up taking over the whole world.

Friday, 9 May 2014


She turned to her left. 
Tears started trickling. She wanted to scream but she couldn't.
She was too scared she tried wobbling herself around.
Blood came flooding down her face she didn't dare scream though.
Blurriness filled her eyes.As everything got stunned black.
She could hear a conversation in the distance. 
Steps were heard coming closer and closer.
"Explain what you heard" he demanded in a deep voice
Then she felt a tug 
She felt drowsy a weird scrunching feeling was in her head.
She heard a loud cackle behind her. 
More blood started trickling down her body. 
She couldn't keep it in.
"Ahh!" she screamed 


...Meanwhile, in another story...

I handed over the money. The man ran off. He'd threatened to blow my pants up if I didn't give him 13.88649864228611118111088134 million dollars! But everybody knew how much I loved my pants. I'd do anything for them. I went home, where I met a mob of psycho sandwiches! They tore my pants apart. They ate me, and I died.

...Meanwhile, in another story...

So, I ate the evil killer clown. He died. Then a whole bunch of his big fat sushi cats came and attacked me. I died

...Meanwhile, in another story...

Dom walked near me, and breathed in my face. The stench was just DEADLY AND RANCID! I died.

...Meanwhile, in another story...

"YES!" I screamed.
I'd finally defeated Oliver, again (referring to Oliver is finally defeated). I ran around, and jumped around with joy. I accidentally jumped off a cliff, and a big bird flew under me, so I landed on it.
"I'M ALIVE!" I shouted.
Then the bird flipped, and I realised that I'd spoken too soon. I fell off of its back, and landed in some nes-quick sand!
"DANGNABBIT!" I yelled.
I knew what to do though. I drank the nesquick. It was then that I noticed that this was not nes-quick sand, but Oliver's disguised liquid dynamite.
I exploded into 13.88649864228611118111088134 million pieces. I died.

-Part 2 out soon. Part one is available in every reasonable retailer. (Probably too over priced for you to afford!)-

~PART 2 AND 3 OUT NOW! READ THEM HERE~ ... Meanwhile, in another story... 2,
... Meanwhile, in another story... 3

cRaZy StArTs NoW

I stepped onto the stage and then fell back off onto my ugly face. I stood up to hear the crowd of parents laughing their head off. Literally all their heads came flying off. James saw what had happened so he ran onto the stage with Mike the chicken. James thought they could be family since none of them have heads. But James slipped over on a bar of soap he had in his pocket then fell off the stage and face planted. Everyone then started laughing out of their bum. I wasn't quite sure if they were laughing or farting it did start to smell a-bit. Then from behind the curtains came running onto the stage was 10 chickens and on rooster. They started to do the chicken dance. From the roof came swinging on a vine was Mortar the Monkey with a hunter chasing after him. Jump silly monkey. Somehow Froggy the Froggy appeared jumping on muddy apples. Nyan cat won the game. WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


January 1st, 12: 00 AM

"So, yo, what ya' wanna da'?" asked Redder.
"You don't have to speak 'da gangster way." Jordan ended up laughing for several minutes.
"You can't stop me!" gritted Redder.
Redder was a strange boy. He loved Scooby Doo, Where are you! the first and original scooby doo from the 60s. Redder learnt from Shaggy - he loved hamburgers, and he began becoming a gangster. His Father was a ruthless man. He would wack Redder until his bones were cracked right to the bottom. Jordan, on the other hand, also liked Scooby Doo, but the TV show What's new, Scooby Doo? from the early 2000s, not the 60s. They were cowards. Both 14, walking home from school. Jordan lived in a mansion on Eves Street, with a rich family. Redder lived across the road in a cranky, broken down old house with a wiry fence and a  trash can fallen over with tall grass and fuzzing lights. They came onto there backstreet, in between a massive, chugging steel factory and Jordan's family buildings all crammed together at the other side, completely polished. Redder winked at Jordan as he clambered open his rotten timber door and Jordan went up an elevator.
Show off, sighed Redder.
Then, they went into thte darkness.
99 days
January 2nd, 7: 30 AM

Jordan flickered on the radio as he set on the shower and washed himself. He got on some clothes, got some gadgets from his room, opened up his window and leaped out. It felt like he was falling from the Empire State Building! He then did a somersault onto Redder's house, smashed a hole in his room and leaped onto his timber floor of dust with a bang. He heard Redder groan.
"Gimme' a couple more minutes," murmured Redder, shoving his face into his pillow.
"Dude! We gotta get ready for school!" exclaimed Jordan.
"It's January," muttered Redder.
"Oh," gulped Jordan, but then ripped off the duvet of Redder, "I'm robbing the bank."
"The wha?" asked Redder, startled.
As Jordan began to explain he felt sorry for Redder and that Redder needed money, Redder picked up some clothes, shut a curtain and got dressed, then came out as Jordan finished.
"Uhuh," mumbled Redder like he didn't care.
"Well, you coming?" asked Jordan.
"Nope. We don't need a heist," growled Redder, "I'm a civilian."
"You say that and in your gang you shot-"
"Okay, okay, I'm sorry for shooting Mr. Potato Man, Mr. Smart, Benjamin, Michael, Maz," sighed Redder.
"And-" Jordan rolled his eyes.
"Your fat brother," insulted Redder.
Jordan cocked an eyebrow.
"I've heard a lot insults about my brother, but not that he's fat," giggled Jordan.
They started laughing until they heard an old, grouchy voice.
"Redder?" called Redder's grandma, "Who's up there with you?"
"Nobody," gulped Redder in guilt.
"Okay. We're going out to Oakland today."
"Uh oh."

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Great Escape

"Hide!" my brother yelled. We ran down some old, musty stairs and into a deep black basement and hid behind boxes marked with a falcon symbol, my brother didn't notice it though. "BOOM" a bomb blew up our next-door neighbour's house "ARGH" screamed my brother and me in unison.

1 year later the war was still raging between Britain and Germany,  3 tanks were patrolling our village. All of them were armed with a 1 meter cannon and two twin linked machine guns also one had a flamethrower. Next year I was old enough to join the Royal Air Force,1 month later I was flying a training plane. It had never felt so good, until I did a loop the loop because my plane's wing hit the ground then caught fire. That was all I saw because I fainted,the next few hours I found myself in a comfy hospital bed "What happened?" I questioned all the nurses and doctors they all said it's a long story.

After 3 months of staying at home  I joined the Royal Air Force again and started training again. After 5 months of training I finally managed to get into a bomber squadron. My bomber is a AVRO Lancaster. My first bombing raid turned out good I dropped all the bombs in my Lancaster's bomb hold. Our target was an easy one it was a tank factory disguised as a chocolate factory. When we got back we went back to our bunk room and got to sleep.

'Ring ring ring' the alarm screeched. "Yawn" I yawned and got dressed into my bomber jacket and dusty jeans. Then I went to the raid room we were doing a bombing raid. Apparently we're going to have a bouncing bomb in our Lancaster's bomb hold we're taking down a dam in Germany because it's transporting electricity to power a tank factory. The raid's code-name is the 'Dambusters' our crew all rushed over to our Lancaster with a cylinder shaped bomb under it. 2 hours later we took off into black night. We traveled day and night until located our target then it turned into madness. We turned on the lights suddenly 'boom' our left wing cracked off we were going down "ARGHHHH!!!" Suddenly 'CRASH' our Lancaster hit the ground "those Germans took us down" I stammered as we sat in our Lancaster crash until the Germans found us and took us to Lt Benjamin.
Chapter 1 The plan

Lt Benjamin questioned us with stuff like "did RAF send you on this mission?"also "are you famous in Britain?" After like 50 questions like this I decided to grab the gun on the table.'BANG' 'BANG' 'BANG' Lt Benjamin was dead on the floor. Suddenly 10 armed Germans broke into the room. It was then when I saw the falcon symbol. Had my parents been working for the Germans after all?Or they could have been spys spying on Hitler and Lt Benjamin?

Next thing I know we're all chucked into a prison cell. Soon enough I came up with a plan. A few hours later I asked a guard to come close to the cell 'Whack' Bob knocked him out cold. I quickly grabbed all his weaponry and shared them between my crew Bob got the grenades I got his sub-machine gun and his bulletproof jacket and the rest of the crew got his 5 pistols.            
 Chapter 2 The escape

'Bang' Michael shot the lock. Quietly I opened the cell door 'creek' the door squealed. Quickly I ran out of the prison cell and into the weapon room. I picked up a bazooka, a shotgun and a sniper rifle. Then I saw a doctor helping Lt Benjamin to stay alive. 'ping' I shot the doctor and Lt Benjamin in the same shot. Suddenly a whole lot of armed guards come into the weapon room. "Hands up" a German yells. Next thing I know we're chucked into another prison cell ( the second of the day! ). Luckily I hid a pistol in my pocket 'bang' the door flew open right into a guard's face this time he had a bazooka and some more high-tech weaponry I quickly grabbed his bazooka and his bullet-proof jacket and the rest of my crew raced to get the best piece of weaponry. Soon we found the improved weaponry room just in case I got a flamethrower and a machine gun. Five minutes later Bob came up with a plan we all agreed to Bob's  plan, soon enough we stormed into the guard room 5 seconds later all the guards in the whole Nazi camp were dead.

Chapter 3 the real escape

I soon realise that the camp was also an airfield quietly I signal my crew to come outside. When I found a German bomber I thought "They can't be too different to English bombers" A few minutes later I worked out how to fly a German bomber then we took off into the dark, starlit night. A few hours later I came across an English airfield I also noticed a lake next to the airfield 'SPLASH' I brought the German bomber down into the lake. When the plane was completely submerged I opened the door and all my crew flooded out the open door after them I swam out of the door onto land. When we started walking towards the British airfield I saw a British plane we started following that plane and finally made it to the airfield.

The End

Teleportation Worlds: The Wonderful World of Roblox!

If You Have Not Read The Minecraft Story Please Click Here

Chapter 1: The Code and Friend!

We just left Minecraftia feeling very miserable. We went there but nothing saved. All our awesomely awesome thing, all gone. Our mansion, gone. We were VERY miserable.
'OMG! We was doing soo well!' I yelled in frustration.
'Hey Dom. Wait up!' Yelled a voice. I looked over and saw him.
'Charles!' I yelled.
'Hey Dom. How was Minecraft?' Charles came to us and we all told him the story. Still only Me, Connor, Dalton and Tyler. But now... we also have Charles!
'So Dom,' he said. 'Want another code?'
'Sure!' I said. Charles gave me the code and I typed it in.
'It's for Roblox, just like minecraft, just a bit rounder.' The portal opened an this time it was a fluro yellow one. We walked up to it.
We stepped in.

Chapter 2: The First Choice!

When we got there we were in Roblox. We were in the lobby where you choose which one you wanted to go in. Everyone chose one and we voted. We weren't aloud to vote for your own and which ever won we would go to. I chose Hide'n'Seek, Dalton chose Farm Tycoon (Because he wanted to be a pig again), Tyler chose City Tycoon, Connor chose Minecraft Tycoon and Charles chose Desert Zombie Survival. Then we voted. I voted for City tycoon. The votes listed:
Hide'n'Seek: 2
Farm Tycoon: 0
City Tycoon: 1
Minecraft Tycoon: 0
Desert Zombie Survival: 2. It was a tie.
'Now you can only vote for Hide'n'Seek or Desert Zombie Survival.' I said. So here's the list again:
Desert Zombie Survival: 2
Hide'n'Seek: (Dramatic Pause) 3! Hide'n'Seek won!

Chapter 3: Hide'n'Seek, Part 1!

When we finished voting we went to the teleportation machine and typed in 'Hide'n'Seek' and we were off! When we got there we were in the waiting lobby. The world was deciding who would be in. We looked at the machine and it kept flashing our names. Finally it stopped on... 'XXandOOkiller', A.K.A Charles. We spawned in the map which was 'Extra Extra Large Living room'. We had thirty seconds to hide then Charles would come. Tyler didn't really know where to go, so he just followed me. I hid inside a lamp and Dalton and Connor went inside the television cabinet. Charles spawned in the map and he came looking for us. He looked everywhere. On the couch, on the coffee table and on top of the television cabinet. But then he looked under and... nothing!

Chapter 3.5: Hide'n'Seek, Part 2!

'Hmmm,' said Charles. 'Where could they be?' Connor couldn't help himself but he just had to laugh. 'Ha!' Dalton punched Connor in the face and ran. There were two ways out the cabinet. The right or the left. Dalton picked the right and luckily, he got caught. Charles tagged Dalton and he got teleported back to the lobby. The reason Connor stayed in there is because there was a Nintendo Wii thing and he hid inside that. Charles came round the back and he looked in the Nintendo Wii thing. Connor always did cheat in tag but he can't cheat in this. Charles went inside and saw Connor.
'You do realise that now,' said Charles 'You are dead! Mwhahahahaha' 
While Charles was screaming like a maniac Connor ran past Charles and got away. Charles saw Connor run away but then, Connor got stuck.
'What,' said Connor 'I'm stuck.'
'It's a trap!' Said Charles.
'You cheater!'
'Dude, the tagger starts with traps.' Charles tagged Connor and he got sent back to the lobby. Tyler was now REALLY scared! He was clinging on my shoulder. I kept trying to get him off, but he wouldn't budge. But suddenly, Tyler tripped up and fell out of the lamp. He was still clinging on to me so I fell as well.
'AHHHHHHHHHH!' We both screamed simultaneously. Charles looked up and saw us above him. He waited until we were close then 'TAG!' We were sent back.

Chapter 4: Choice Number Two

Now, it was time for choice number two. We all chose a map, then said it out. Charles chose Desert Zombie Survival (Again!), Dalton chose City Tycoon, Connor chose Build To Survive Zombies, Tyler chose Video Game Tycoon and I picked City Tycoon as well.I voted for Build To Survive Zombies. But anyway, here's the list:
City Tycoon: 0
Build To Survive Zombies: 2
Desert Zombie Survival: 3
Video Game Tycoon: 0
'HAZZAH!' Yelled Charles. His won and that's what we're going to play. Charles typed it into the machine and we were off.

Chapter 5: Desert Zombie Survival

When we got there we where in the spawn area where you go when you die or when you start, like we did. Charles ran out first, got his pistol and waited for us to come out.
'Come on pussy's!' Yelled Charles. We came out and got our pistols and waited for the zombies. One came out and Charles shot it a couple of times, then it died. There was 5 save zones where you could make your house, so this bit was pretty much like a tycoon. We all got our houses and then came back out. The ground shook and the massive wave started. Lot's of regular, giant and strong zombies came out and we all shot'em down! By the end we all had SOO much money that we went to the store and bought new guns. Charles bought meteor gun. Same with me, and everyone else bought health kit's and pistol V2. Again the ground shook, but worse then before. Then out came the Desert King Zombie! He was massive and had like a billion health! Me and charles shot him with our Meteor Guns and the others shot him with there guns. Were were doing like NO damage! He came to Tyler, Connor and Dalton and swung his arm at them. They died instantly! Me and Charles ran into our houses but they were no good either. He smashed them and we all died. Well sort of, I died but Charles didn't. Charles rolled on the floor and looked up. The last things he saw were two MASSIVE fists! SPLAT!

Chapter 6: The Third And Final Choice!

When we got back, we had to make a new choice. No one really wanted to stay so it had to be a quick one. Then everyone looked at me and Connor said 'Pick one.' So I picked... Gem Tycoon. Here's the votes:
Gem tycoon: 5
It's the only one that was selected so it WINZ! I typed it in, and we were off!

Chapter 7: Gem Tycoon, The Final Game In Our Roblox Adventure!

When we spawned we all looked around and saw all the beautiful views. Tyler was looking over the edge and saw there was nothing else there. Dalton saw too so he pushed him off the edge!
'HAHA! SHAME ON YOU TYLER!' He yelled. Tyler spawned back in the spawn room and had a spazz!
'So I now guess Tyler not playing with us then.' I said. Then Connor had a great idea! He picked everyone up and threw them off! We all spawned in the lobby then we left Roblox!

The End!Well, Not Yet Exactly, Like Right now!

When we got back we noticed we left Connor in Roblox.
'Oh well!' I said.'It's for his own good!'

The END!


I handed the money over and let the police officer handcuff me. They took me to this van that said 'police'. I wonder why? Anyway, well, a guy with a bushy moustache shoved me in, which wasn't very nice. He shut the doors and I sat on this bench I found. I heard some talking and then a door slam. The engine started and I lurched forwards. "Hello, where are we going?" I asked this guy that was sitting opposite me.
 "To fairy land so we can ride on unicorns." He said sarcastically.
"Ooh, yay! I love unicorns! Will we actually get to ride them?"
"What do you think?"
"Umm, well, yeah."

We stopped at this little corner shop place where the moustache guy went in and came out with two icecreams. I asked the sarcasm guy if he thought they were for us. He said no. That was quite sad. I wonder if he even likes ice cream. Well anyway, the engine started again, and we drove for what sarcasm guy said was five minutes [five minutes is a long time.] at the end of that very long five minutes we stopped [again] at this big brick building that said: Florida police station.
the van doors opened and I stood up, along with sarcasm guy. 
"come on." ordered the officer that handcuffed me earlier. "we're going inside."
I followed moustache guy into the building and into this white room. a sign above the door said 'interrogation room'. I sat down on this couch and a new cop came in.
"hello," he said."did you rob a bank?"
"well yeah," I replied."Isn't it obvious?"
the guy rang a bell and I was taken to this random jail cell. I got thrust in by this random dude and I sat down.

the end

The Beach of Terror 1: Attack of the Nazis

"Hey, how come you bought him clothes and not me?" whined Lovve, "That's just unfair!"
Lovve was wearing this ripped and striped, red and white T - shirt with buttons and denim jeans with scraping holes.
"I'm sorry, Lovve, I really am," Lovve's Father pursed his lips and made a fake tear glisten in his eye.
"I'm not going for it," exclaimed Lovve.
It was World War II, 1941. Lovve's family had been attacked by Nazi ninjas and his Mother was kidnapped, along with his older brother, Jeorgin. They lived in Estonia, in the upper rim of Europe. Jeorgin was 18, the greatest brother in history. He had a prickly beard and bulging brunet eyes with frizzy and flat, brown hair with a darkened African - American face. Lovve didn't get that. His other brother, Zulf, aged 13, had pale white skin like a British men and icy blue eyes with cold blue lips. Then, there was him - just a normal looking Estonian boy; not too pale, and not too black. They lived by the sea, with there home-made timber warth, slowly breaking. On the other side of the beach, it was the busiest place on Earth. But over here - it was too dangerous to go around the rocky walls. Think of it: A wall, and then a big hole with the walls going around it. The hole had grass and bushes everywhere, and then it had their bamboo house, with the warth (as I said). The only way to get out was using the boat, which was a wreck. Either way, the Father, Jeorgin Sr, knew Germans were out there - so he stayed in there little hut, knowing they should not go out. Right then, Jeorgin (senior, I should say), had gotten out to get Zulf and Lovve clothes, but only got Zulf some.

Lovve stomped away from his Father and out to the lapping, aqua blue sea of quietness. He sat at the warth, his legs half stuck in the water. Then, he heard a thump.
What was that? he wondered.
Then, he scanned the water. At first, he saw nothing. Then, he saw a shape. Maybe a shark, whale, dolphin. His eyes shaped it. As he followed it, confused, he saw a logo, a symbol of death. And he froze.
A Nazi submarine. How clever.
He leaped into the air as a lookout source plopped out of the ocean and surged around the area. He ducked.
They're gonna see me.
Then, he heard an echoing whisper down below, so faint.
"A boy. We must kill him."
Lovve jumped into the air and ran as fast a he could as he heard the muzzle flash and noticed the orange sparks of bullets behind him. He cracked into the house as bamboo tumbled down and a violent shake shoved him off his feet.
"Is everything all right? I'm having a heavy ride," his Father cocked an eyebrow.
"Run," huffed Lovve.
"What?" replied his Father.
"Else they -"
And the whole house flooded to the grounds, chunks of bamboo hitting everybody in the house as they screamed. And then they were knocked out.

"Aww," groaned Lovve as he peered around him.
What just happened?
Oh. Now he remembered. He saw a moustached man triumphantly walking up the warth toward Lovve. Lovve covered his head.
Oh no. Is that really the lord himsel-
"Who are zou?" asked Hitler, "Zwe do not allow boyz in zmy country."
"(Your country? This is Estonia! Not new Germany!)" scowled Lovve in German.
"You will be asphyxiated," exclaimed Hitler, ignoring Lovve's German.
"What does that mean?" asked Lovve.
Then, a man cracked the trigger of his AK_ 47 and prepared to shoot the boy down. He aimed, and then . . . .
Lovve rolled into the ocean, splashing deep down into the shadows.
"Get him!" growled Hitler.
The aqua men sunk into the ocean, babbling their way toward Lovve, he was huffing and puffing at the bottom of the ocean, scared.
A tear glistened in his eye.
Help me.
He waited, waving around.
This beach . . . is . . . terror.
What would he call it? Ahh . .  that should be right.

The Challenger

I handed the money over, before aiming a punch at the policemans heart. He went flying into the the nearby potion shop glass shattering everywhere. I ran, the loot in my hands as I sprinted off. I was the Wraith, the master criminal who has never been seen, and now that the guard couldn't spill anything it would stay this way. No one knew that I was just a casual 12 year old teen but I enjoyed this life. The luxury i guess that would be the name for it. Unfortunately the stores of money had the most simple security and that was no challenge for my fighting prowess and genius. Then he came.

It started all on the one night where my already unusual life became a fight for survival. 12:00 check I thought to myself as i climbed out of my house window and began bounding from rooftop to rooftop. I felt uneasy all of a sudden, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw the tiny flicker of movement behind me as I turned. The punch landed on me hard as i stumbled on the rooftop. I felt my nose bleed behind my mask as I stood up ready to fight. I countered the next attack before landing my leg into his groin. The night became a silent dance of fists and legs the fight becoming more and more brutal. My mind was blazing as I saw a piece of slime near the gutter. The slime oozed down from my hand as I threw it with my might. The temporary blind was enough as I attacked. My punches were brutal but this dark person wouldn't fall down. Then the kick into his ankle that should've broken it. It had seemed though that my luck had run out as the figure feared off the slime and kicking me in the chest. I felt darkness enveloping me as I lay in the crumble of bricks. The man limped away as my eyes closed.

My eyes flicked open with blurred vision. The sun was rising over the horizon as I checked my watch. 6:30!!!!  My mind was was a pinball machine of thoughts as I hurried home and prepared for school. Little did I know that today school was going to be a confusing mess.


                                                        TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!