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:);):);):);):);) EVERYRYONE THINKS SMILEY FACES R AWESOME, RIGHT???????? WELL THEY'RE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Because smiley faces R awesome! So that's why I am going to post this post with a title of smiles because they R awesome. so anyway, (Oh by the way NO saying LOL at all times, ok.)
No, lollipop stop saying lol (lollipop is the invisible parrot I taught to say lol [BAD mistake])
Aaaah! Shush!
Ok, fine!
Lollipop wanted me to give him a lollipop, (he LOVES lollipops).
Lollipop, I don't have one, ok?
LOLOLOLOLOL!?!?!?!?!?! (Sad squawking)
(Sigh) (muttering) stupid bird. Right, here's a deal. You SHUT UP, and I'll get a lollipop for you. Ok?
Lol. :(
I SAID SHUT YOUR BEAK. Oh, by the way, moron, the story's ended already.

the mighty David

I grimaced as lightning struck Mr cookie. He fell onto the ground and he was dead so it was only up to me to defeat the mighty David. I grabbed his grandmother and started to kill her but then the mighty David stopped fighting and flew down to save his grandmother but it was to late I killed her. David hovered in the air then I threw ninja unicorns at his face and he was defeated cause everyone knows that unicorns is the mighty Davids fear. Suddenly Mr cookies baby girl named cookina said "DANN DANN DANN!"

Travelling around the world!

WARNING: This story is for 18 and over ONLY.

So you probably think this story is going to be about me travelling around the world, well you are WRONG thats right WRONG. So do you like pie, no, well I will have to kill you then but I'll do that after the story finishes otherwise I won't have an audience. So anyway this story is about OHHHHHH CRUD JAMES THE MAN MODEL IS HERE WITH THE COPS, and wait, BOB FROM BOB'S HAIR SALON! "Bob how could you Bob." "NO YOU CAN'T PUT ME IN LOLLYPOP LAND!" "Wait lollypop land yay yay take me there now!" "Dude don't you want to object or anything?" "NO TAKE ME THERE NOW!"


"AHHHHHHHH please have mercy!" "NEVER!" So as you can see I made someone have so much candy they died, and that person happened to be the president of the united cat kingdom and dom took over president cat but who cares about that lets talk about doctor Oppenheimer. He's really cool and likes cows but I accidentally killed one of his cows so he got the Japanese to make one hundred Japanese robots to fall out of the sky and end world war eight forever. Right back to the story I have absolutely no idea why I told you about world war eight, the only reason James the man model is after me is because I made that random person eat too much candy.


Dear diary: This is day one of many days in prison and I hate it my bed sucks and all I get to do all day is sit.
Dear diary: This is the second day and I can't do day three because someone is about to snap my diary in half.



I grimaced as the lightning struck him. Thats three in the last week I thought, this death toll was getting a lot higher as the eye of this international storm approached downtown new york. It had wiped out hawaii there was major flooding in LA and it was coming towards new york at incredible speeds. Everyone was starving because they couldn't leave their houses if it carried on like this there will be human extinction.

A power line fell and crushed the roof of my house I was trapped under a pile of rubble and no one could save me. A shimmery blue single tear slowly rolled down the side of my cheek I knew I was as good as dead and nothing could save me. The fire stricken streets of destruction described how I was feeling angry like the orange flame from the building crushed that I couldn't do anything about all this like the buildings and miserable like the rain that pelleted down on the roof that fell on me. Just for a moment I saw my Mum then everything went black and I knew it was over.

The end

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Baby Backfire

There are only two words running through my mind right now. Oh, and no. No because I can't face the fact that I'll never see daylight again; and Oh, because I'm suprised. And trying to remember the Alphabet of by heart. Don't judge me, I'm two. Or three. (I'm trying to remember numbers as well).
You see, a certain someone (Cough, cough-me-cough, cough) has had an accident. No, not that kind of accident. What I mean is that I knocked over my sippy cup, which rolled onto the T.V's power cable. Milk oozed every where. I was really gloomy, since I'd been in the middle of watching the Wiggles. They'd been dancing, so I'd been trying to dance too. Mentle note: never try to dance in a high chair. And that's how I'd accidentally, and I repeat, accidentally knocked my sippy cup. What made matters worse, was that the T.V's now making this horrible noise that reminded me alot of a kid at my day care. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

The big- No, GIGANTIC Problem

I gulped. I wasn't gonna get out of this one easy.
"We-well, it 's not entirely my fault."
She rolled her eyes.
"Like I beleive that. What was it this time? A bouncy ball? A toy train?!"
I looked at the floor.
"They told me they'd give me some chocolate."
I wish I hadn't said anything.
I replied meekly.
"Sort of. They didn't actually give me a anything. That means I'm innocent; right?"
She always uses big words when she's angry.



"Did I leave the oven on?" I thought as I moved further and further away from home. A smell of smoke wafted into my nose. "Nope, I definitely remember turning it off." So I continue walking along the beach. Golden sand tickling my feet, summer breeze on my skin, this is the life! I decided to dip my feet into the cool water. It swirled and swished around my toes. I heard the scream of a teenage girl who jumped off a cliff into the water. Then cheers from others 

You Are Not One Of Us: This Is Original Parody

                                                                        The Puking                       Benjamin

The vomit dripped out of my mouth. It was reddish yellowish, with sticks of white boogers pouring out. I tried standing up, my hand clutching my stomach. I groaned. I had no idea how sick I was. Crimson blood starting pouring out of my mouth. As I become unconscious, a shadowy, dark figure wearing an ebony trench coat that was way to big for him and a black fedora. 
"Hello," he says to me before I fully go unconscious.

I wake up the next day, sickened. My body is still in pain. But this time, I'm in a completely different location, with someone actually looking over me (that was because my Mum was out grocery shopping while my so called "incident"). So you must be wondering, why did I have all that blood and vomit coming out? Well, I don't know. I have literally no idea, and I just stumbled to the ground in blood. 

My eyes start blurring open as I notice his face. He's a few years older than me, 13 or 14, with a grim frown. I know he doesn't want to start off with such an impression, and it doesn't even fit his face. He's probably just do it to completely freak me out. And he totally did it. 
"Who are you?" I ask him.
"My name is James. James, uh- well, my last name is none of your concern."

                                                                  I'm A Lunatic                       James

I know I shouldn't be completely freaking out the poor kid, but it is so funny watching his horrified face. In fact, he looks like that Dracula just came and was going to rip his face off. 
Well, it was kind of like that. I certainly do look like Dracula. So I'll just pretend I am . . . . . Dracula!!!!
"Mwahahahahaha!" I fake chuckle.
The boy is literally tearing his eyes out with cries. 
"I am the evil master of all!" I scowl.
The boy is still scared.
Oh. The boy was looking at me like I was some kind of lunatic. I realized he was piecing together what was happening.
"You said your name was James," the boy calmly says.
"Yes," I reply.
"Calm down," he whisperings, "I know I'm a Lunatic."

                                              Magic, Huh?                    Kyle

I sat on my cabin bed, waiting for James to arrive. He said their was some newbie coming around named Benjamin, and I had to take care of him because he had to go sort some matters out with Cameron. I peer out the window to the crispy sand and the blue waves crashing down. But no. No one comes. Hours and hours and hours. So I just shout out for Bob.
"BOB!!!!" I shout.
Bob is a my best friend, about a year older than me. He has frosty white and blue hair, a bunch of freckles and always wears a scruffy singlet and yellow shorts. And me: about 16, blond hair and I wear exactly the same thing as him. 

Seconds later, Bob comes jogging up from the beach, huffing and puffing.
"What?" he asks.
I sit there for a moment, dumb-founded.
"Um . . . ."
"Bye! I'm gonna keep on playing Volley Ball!" he mutters.
"Wait!!!!" I wail.
But he's already far away. That's the thing between me and him. He always wants to run around the beach with some really hot guys who are like 20, when, mean while - I play with the geeks who are like terrible at Soccer.
But then I hear it. James and the newbie.
"Magic, Huh?" The newbie mutters.

YOU ARE ONE OF US                                KYLE

The newbie took a step inside my sunny cabin, sniffed the place like a dog, and then immediately smiled, dropping onto my bed.
"He's a bit tired, " exclaimed James.
"A bit nauseous I bet too. Think about it - the kid just learnt his whole life was destined for magic!" I said a bit too fast.
James sighed, and then sat beside me.
"Is something up?" he asks.
"No," I say cheerfully with a big smile.
"Look, Kyle, you're not the worst actor in the world, but you gotta improve that smile, man," smirked James.
I cracked up laughing. James could make me tell all my secrets.
"Okay, okay," I stopped laughing, "Bob hasn't been hanging out with me for a while."
"Woah -- Woah, is this between you and Bob? This is the perfect time to pull some pranks!!!" gasps James.
"Uh, guys," me and James look back to see that Benjamin is still there staring right at us, "I'm still here."
James smiled and looked like he had a really, really good idea.
"Hey," starts James, "Should we do some pranks before we get into the serious magic?"
"Yeah, like "YOU ARE ONE OF US"," laughs Kyle.

You Guys Pranked ME!!?!!??            Bob        

I jumped into the air and catched the beachball. I quickly kicked it back over the net and Rick catched it but smashed into the freezing water. We all, all 20 of us, cracked up laughing. But then, I noticed a shadow flicker behind me. I glanced back for a moment.
"You okay, Bob?" asked Rick.
"Yeah," I muttered, looking forward.
"Hey, BOB!!!!!!" scowled James, "I need you!!!"
"I'll be back in a minute," I wave to Rick.
I jog up the sand up to James, who is towering above us on the sand mountain.
"What?" I asked.
"I have a secret that I haven't shared with you for practically a lifetime . . . ." sighed Jame.
"Wh-What?" I shivered.
"You're heart levels are failing, and the reason is, because . . ." stopped James, "You're not One Of Us."
I gasped and nearly fainted.
Then, I went unconscious.

I waked up hours later in a dark room. The lights are flickering and buzzing. I'm in a white warehouse with trashed crates everywhere. I stare around in fear. Then, the lights flicker off. I started screaming and crying.
"You Are Not One Of Us, OOOOOH!!!!!" wails a ghost, "We will kill you now!!!"
Then, a shadow flickers over me. I take a deep breath and get prepared for my death.
And then the lights flicker back on and Kyle, James and this random guy are standing there laughing. I am literally the most confused man on Earth. I try to make out what they say:
"Ha Ha Ha, We, We, We, Ha Ha Ha, Prunked, ha ha ha, you!" they all chuckled.
I start to make out what they say.
Then, I feel like the dumbest man on Earth.
"You guys Pranked ME!!?!!??"


Bob looks frozen as he stares at us. He then faints again. Finally, we stop laughing, and then Kyle mutters lazily, "Time to pick him up."
He goes to pick up Bob's feet as James holds his stomach and I hold his head. We drag him along the black tarmac, up the road, and in minutes, we're back at the beach. These guys on the beach are still playing volleyball, presumably Bob's friends. But suddenly, the guy who looks like he's leading them glares up for a moment, but then looks back at the volleyball. Then, he slowly looks up again and notices Bob.
"BOB!!! IS HE OKAY?" asks the boy.
The whole group gather up over Bob. After about a minute, Bob's eyes start blurring open.
"Aww . . ." he groans.
And then he looks up. 
"You pr-pranked me?" he mumbles, "How could you?"
We stay silent for a few moments. 
"YOU PRANKED ME!!?!?!!?!?" he screams, startled.
"It was the newbie!" James and Kyle shout simultaneously.
"The newbie?" I cock an eyebrow at them, "Is that what you call me?"
"WHY YOU LITTLE NEWBIE?" growls Bob, clenching his teeth.
He clenches his fist and then punches me in the face. Crimson red blood starts pouring out of my nose and I fall back to the ground.
"Aw, you wanna fight?" I mutter, "I'll put one up for you!"
I bulge toward Bob but he just stands there. I smack into him, but he puts his hand out and then kicks my stomach back.
"Ha!" he chuckles, "You're no match for me!"*
"Uh . . . Bob?" shivers Kyle.
"Not now, bro!" quickly says Bob.
He smashes into me as I start pouring with blood across my forehead.
I start walking back through the beach, clenching my fists and gritting my teeth.

THE SORCERERS PIT                         James

I dunno why the kid got so aggro like that. I mean, I had everything to show him. We hadn't even gotten to the palace yet. I mean, the kid meant everything to me. He could have become Jackie Chan or Indiana Jones or, or Chuck Norris. Maybe Harry Potter, or that Perry Jackson guy, or - hundreds of people - - - -!
Uh Oh. I forgot about Cameron.
"SO HE DIDN'T DO IT????" hisses Bob.
"Bye!!" I say quickly, then start running into the shadows. A storm of grey clouds start coming over me. Then, a strike of sizzling lightning bursts in fright of me. The sand is fried. I start sinking in. I quickly jump over it as electric blue lightning strikes on the tall, blue timber building. The wood tumbles down to the ground and smacks with a bang in front of me.
But then, it starts sinking in.
I jump over it, but then I fall into a deep, deep pit.
"No!!!" I scream.
I smack onto some concrete, surprised. The sand up above starts soaking up like solid metal, not falling. I scan the area, bright blue figures are all around me, walking around. They stand on some templates around me like The Hunger Games when they start.
"What do you want FROM ME???" I sob.
"Do not be afraid of us," they say like androids, "We are the sorcerers."
I get up, feeling more confident.
"The what?" I ask.
"The sorcerers," they repeat, "We are the 12 sorcerers of this magical city. We own the land, control it, and are the masters."
"Okay, okay, get on with it," I growl.
"You people can become sorcerers. But when know who is destined to become a sorcerer. . . . . . Benjamin," they say in quiet whispering voices.
"That kid who's like the size of a mouse?" I insult.
"Yes. He is destined to become One Of Us."
"You mean, like, You Are One Of Us?" 
"Yes," reply the sorcerers, "And he will defeat a great power that is threatening us."
"He will???" 
"Yes," the sorcerers say calmly, "Please, fetch him for us."


The beach. I sit there, wondering how I could escape. A storm is raging on and rain is falling down on me. Kyle and Bob have sorted matters out, and I'm still drying up my stinging blood. Ugh. It smells like . . . . something you don't wanna know. I sigh, and drop my head onto the crispy sand. Then, I hear some yelling. It sounds familiar, more vague because it's far away. But why would I care whose screaming. I have a worse life than them. I wish I could just go home and --
"Benjamin!!!" shouts someone.
Oh. James. Great.
I stay in the sand as he shouts my name. He runs down the muddy beach. And kicks me on the stomach.
"OW!! IT hurts there!" I scowl at him.
He stops huffing and puffing and then says, "You are. . . ."
"What what what what what?" I shout at him mockingly.
"A. . . ."
"Hurry up with it!"
"Sorcerer . . . . " he coughs.
"Oh, cool. Totally believe you. And I will become the coolest sorcerer ever, huh?" I say sarcastically.
"Look, Benjamin, I'm telling you, you're a sorcerer!"
"Prove it," I gulp. But I know he's right.
"Come with me," he replies.
"Where?" I ask.
He takes my hand and rushes me along. We run along the beach, through the sand, but then I realize my feet are soaking in to the sand.
"Where are we going?" I ask, confused.
He then lets go of my hand and I feel unsafe. 
We both sink under the sand. I fall onto a metallic rack.

"Wh-Where Am I?" 
"In the Sorcerers Pit," some light blue ghosty figures say. "And You Are An Ultimate Sorcerers!"

The Ultimate Sorcerer Here!!!    James
"So, Uh, What does a sorcerer actually do?" asked Benjamin.
I sigh, slapping my hand on my face. The blue ghost doesn't even flinch.
"A sorcerer is a magical wizard who is destined to be one of the strongest magicians alive, and in the prophecy he defeats the evil, dark magicians haunting our land trying to bring the world under their will," explains the ghost.
"Yeah, I think your mixed up with Benjamin Sdrawbridge, a guy who lives down my street," Benjamin lied.
"Just -- Benjamin!!" I growl.
Then, the whole room starts shaking violently. I fall off my feet.
"What was that?" I ask.
"Oh no!" one of the blue ghosts gasps, "We're doomed!"
"Uh . . . why?" I cock my eyebrow.

"In the prophecy," I start, "The dark magicians, called Fawx, will attack, and the ultimate sorcerer will stop them."
"That's NOT me. I'm just a Sorcerer," Benjamin exclaimed.
Another violent shake lifted me off my feet, and a nail cuts across my arm.
"Aah!" I curse.
"What is it?" asks the blue ghost.
"Nothing," I exclaim, "But,  Benjamin, we really need to hurry."
Benjamin sighs, before saying, "I don't have enough training."
"Sure ya do!" I say a bit too enthusiastically.
"How? What spells do I really know?" Benjamin suddenly growls.
"Um . . . . Corsiusmaleficent?" he rolls his eyes.
"Yeah yeah, but making a flicker like a firework won't help," Benjamin exclaims.
"Well, you also know Fitzasasian, ooh, and Cubblestar."
"And they're the only three."

"But if you use all those spells and put them together, you could make--"
"How do you put them together?" Benjamin rudely interrupts.
"Here," he starts,"I'll show you."
The Corsiusmaleficentafitzasasianacubblestar Spell Benjamin
"Do you have any wands, uh . . ." James fades off. 
"Just call us the Blue Magicians," replies a male blue ghost.
"Okay, lemme' start over. . . Do you have any wands, Blue Magicians?" asks James.
"Yes," one starts, and magically makes three wands appear.
James paces over and picks up the wands.
"Okay, Benjamin, hold these in your hands," he says at me.
He passes them to me, and I clutch them in my hands.
"Okay, now I want you to say Corsiusmaleficent," he commands.
A firework spark goes flying around the room.
"Now say Fitzasasian."
A gun bullet shoots into the firework, making a tiny explosion that pierces the whole room. After I get back up on my feet, I ask, "Now what?"
"DON'T SAY CUBBLESTAR!" James cries.
I'm puzzled.
"Uh . . . why?"
"Because, if you do," he explains, "You will make the biggest explosion, like . . . EVER!"
"Even bigger than an atom bomb?"
"It was an exaggeration," he exclaims.
"Now, our ultimate sorcerer," he gulps, "Time to kill some Fawx."
The Battle Begins Kyle
I jump out of my cabin, holding a sharp wand in my hand. The sand is burnt, a roasty black. I knew our magic world was going to come to an end soon. It was the Doomsday prophecy. I just hope Benjamin wants to become the Ultimate Sorcerer. A vast and ruthless wind blew me off my feet. A tornado ripped through the cabins as we all started screaming. I fell to the ground, just hoping for Benjamin. But nothing. Just screams. Terror. Rebels. Fights. So I knew there was only one hope.
The Other Camp. The Palace.
So I begin my voyage through the sand as a tornado rips toward me. But then a mature, familiar voice yelps for help.
"Bob, where are you?" I ask.
I glear around me. I see nothing the first time, but after scanning the whole area, I see it. A face. Smudged with ebony black on his face, and sticking up hair, along with a ripped shirt. Behind him, hooded Faux magicians were sucking away his soul. They wore black garbs. I then raced toward him, sprinting as fast as Usain Bolt. And then I leap with rage. A sudden gut of hope comes to me. But I'm too late. Bob falls onto the sand, dead. I land on the Faux, before ripping their flesh bear-handed. I punch one of them consistently, fulled with rage. He gets his wand and curses a dark spell. A fluid, brunet liquid covers my body. But I jump onto the two before cursing the stupidest, swore-not-to-use, spell ever. I  cursed the Corsiusmaleficentafitzasasiancubblestar spell. An explosion ripped through the air with crimson fire going everywhere along with chunks of metal. A dark, grey smoke spewed out of the explosion. But I was pushed off my feet. Unable to sustain myself, I broke my neck, before smacking into a concrete wall and falling into the fire, dead.
The Spell Has To Work! Benjamin
I stand on the roasted, black sand. I hold a wand in my hand.
"You sure this'll work?" I glare at James.
"I'm sure," he reassures me.
I take a deep breath, holding the wand in my hand toward the dark, deep ocean.
"So, I just curse the spell and it explodes in mid-air?"
James starts laughing.
"No, no, no. It's like an atom bom-"
An explosion blasts through the air as I have to hold myself from falling.
"What was that*?" I ask.
*It was Kyle's spell.
"Oh no," James whispers.
"What?" I cock an eyebrow.
"Someone cursed it."
"Corsiusmaleficentfitzasasiancubblestar," he gulps.
"I'm guessing that's not good."

Did I leave the oven on?

"Did I leave the oven on?" I thought as I moved further and further away from home "yep I left the oven on. Oh crud! I left the oven on!" I rushed back home only to find it smothered in flames, than I remembered I have a brother! I rushed into the flaming house screaming. I don't get why in books it says "The flames lick" cause they more bite. I found my brother screaming his head off next to him lay my rare diamond I picked it up but I couldn't lift my brother it was one or the other-I did the obvious choice took the diamond and left my brother to die. 

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Kk, Since ill have spare treats I'm gonna hold 4 competitions to win some extras.
I reccommend you read the end of this first. The link is either this or this.

Anyway, the person that can come up with the most creative answer for what this is will win an extra:

And, whoever the first to comment what the scales on the Merlion are called (the weapons) will win. Now read the Merlion section in the links above.
Now, who can tell me what type of slug I have in a Container next to me? It's possibly native to Northern Germany.
And finally, who can guess the name of the treats I'm getting you guys? If some one guesses that I'll get them  a big prize.
Have fun

PS Here's a clue for the last one. You CAN'T get it in NZ.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Vote for Mrs. Storey!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT! <----------- LOOK!

Hey guys,

I just nominated Mrs. Storey for NZ's Most Inspiring Teacher! EVERYONE GO VOTE FOR HER!!!!!!! I will put the link and pics below. Theres also prizes!!! SO GO VOTE NOW!!!

Click here to vote for Mrs. Storey!



Lets get that vote button to 30!

Overseas!! 3

Oh and you know how in maps they have these white lines indicating the boarder of a state or suburb? Well on the boarder of Queensland and the NT they have one in real life. I looked on a map and saw the line and when the plane was directly above the boarder, there was a big white line that was squiggling and swerving like the one in the map! I know that the plane was directly above the boarder because I was looking a the flight radar.

Overseas!!! 2

NOTE READ PART ONE FIRST OR THIS WON'T MAKE SENCE:The bit you have to read first
The bit that you might need to try

So here's the queue to the gates before the agro lady and her exchange students:
And here are the exchange students:
My head was blocking like 75% of them, so this is only quarter.

Okay, now I'm on the plane after those students had done their stuff. The rest is boring but here's what a vegetarian meal on Singapore Airlines looks like: (I know it's a bit blurry but there's lasange, cake, quinoa, bread and a museli bar).

So, I'm on the plane and 10 hours later it's landing and my brother is absolutely SCREAMING his head off.  I basically die of a head ache that he's given me but it was alright after a while.

Hey,have you ever seen an All Blacks plane? Well here's what one looks like:

Well, here's my FAVOURITE thing at Resort World Sentosa. The Sentosa Merlion.
It's a statue of a mythical creature- half Mermaid, half Lion. The guardian of Singapura.

The Resort World Merlion is the tallest of ALL of the Merlions in Singapura combined. This Merlion stands at 37 meters while the others only total about 17. The Resort World Merlion is theonly Merlion on Sentosa island and the only one you can go inside. You can buy a pass and a tour guide will lead you up the hundreds of steps. Once you're high enough,you can actually go into its mouth. Its mouth is a massive balcony with astounding views. Now, if you climb higher than its mouth, you can make it to its crown making you 37 meters higher that everybody in Resort World that's not in the crown with you! The Merlion can be found in a few more Asian countries as these countries have the same beliefs about the Merlion. Each of the Merlions scales is shaped like a thingimabob. I've forgotten the name but it's basically a weapon.
The Merlion MUST be facing in the east direction. Every single one. It is all to do with very strict mythical rules. Did you know that you are notallowed to build your own Merlion or anything that resembles it in any of these Asian countries withthe mythical belefs? You can get very big fines for this. If you ever go to Singapore, just hop along to the Sentosa Merlion.It's only $9 per child ($8.75 NZD) and $12 per adult ($11.67 NZD).

Anyway, now a bit about Singapore/Singapura. Singapura got its name when the man who discovered it saw a a BIG lion on the island. He named the land Singapura, meaning Land of Lions in the native language (Natives had already inhabited the island like the Māoris did New Zealand). This big lion sort of changed through stories. It eventually became half fish, and then half mermaid.This is how the Merlion was born. I'm not sure how it happened in toher countries but it happened like that there.

Well, now I'm gonna hold a little competition. I'm bringing a few treats back to NZ that you can NOT buy there. Everyone will get one but the winner of this will get 2. I randomly found these random photos on my camera. Who ever can come up with the most creative answer for what this is a photo of wins (I know what it is. I guess this is sorta like a TOM question but here's the photo:

Any way, I'll see you guys in a few weeks and think about what this photo can be. The competition ends on the 10th of September and I will probably get Mrs Storey or Mrs Lanning to Judge.

PS Does anyone have any milk allergies??


Hey guys,
Just letting you guys know what life is like over here. I've just arrived in Germany. Karlsruhe is an amazing place except for the fact that Kaiserstraße is all dug up because they're putting all of the trams under ground to make yummy sandwiches (apparently).

Singapore was great (and no, I'll be over the Indian ocean, not singapore and I don't really care now). I was in the Festive Hotel of Resort World Sentosa Island. Nobody really cares that I'm on Sen-toes-are smelly Island in the celebratory Hotel of Motel Land but you actually should.You see, there's a Group of resorts, all next to each other, together making Resort World. Resort World is basically heaps of hotels with one twist; walk outside of any of them and your in a MASSIVE Shopping place. I loved it. And I know, I'm a boy but any boy would as well as any girl. And plus, my granny and mum basically brought me up in a bunch of shopping centers and malls so most of my life as a baby was sleeping, sitting in a pram, doing stuff in a mall, breathing, talking, screaming, crying, eating, drinking, playing and basically everything else a typical baby does.But the main point is about the mall one. Anyway, back on subject; you've got Candylicious (anyone can guess what that is but just incase, it's a MASSIVE CANDY SHOP), heaps of really cheap and REALLY GREAT resturants,a nitro-ice cream shop, heaps of other stuff and... an Aquarium (like a better Version of Kelly Tarltons) and UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SENTOSA and Sentosa Luge and Sentosa Waterpark.
Incase you're wondering, a nitro-ice cream place is an ice cream shop where they litterally make your ice cream in front of your eyes- out of nirogen. It's pretty awesome plus it is super yummy.
Universal Studios is basically Universal Studios with a theme park. A luge is an epic ride where you go up a big hill and get in these weird little carts and ride down the big hill and then you take the sky line (basically a gondalla) back up the hill so you can repeat the process. A water park is well, a water park. And I'll mention my personal favourite at the end.

The big Boeing 777 300 ER was a very uncomfortable plane. Singapore Airlines' little seats just weren't cutting it. Here's a little bit of what happened the day of my first flight of my 2014 trip.  (Just so we're clear, it isn't my first flight; it's the first of my next four flights to get from New Zealand to Singapore to Germany to Singapore to New Zealand.

RANDOM FACT TIME!!!                            

So I'm Walking around the Airport when we see a whole bunch of asian Exchange students. So they make this MASSIVE queue and this REALLY AGRO lady who was letting them check in randomly comes up to us and starts yelling at us in a language we didn't understand and walks away muttering something like they do in the movies.

So eventually we get to go to the place where we can put our lugguage so it goes on the plane after waiting 20 minutes for these exchange students to hurry up. We put our lugguage on the conveyer belt and go off.

We go up a level to all of the food places. We eat breakfast and go off to get our hand lugguage checked for any weapons or illeagal things et cetera. But we were litterally TEN SECONDS too late! The hundred+ students had litterally got in line FIVE SECONDS before us.
Anyway, we did what we had to do- wait 10 minutes for these guys to do their stuff.

Then we made our way to the passport checking place. We weren't going to let the agro lady and her exchange students win this time. We were prepared for war. We walked towards the tables when alas, the students had beaten us- by about FIVE SECONDS!!!
I would have declared war but, as usual, there were like five cops next to us. We had to wait again, this time for about 20 minutes.

Okay, it was this stage that I was saying my self motto to myself over and over again;
'It's okay to loose the battle as long as you win the war.'
Here, we'd lost a few battles but we hadn't lost the war- I mean, there's like a one in a milion chance that they're taking our exact plane to Changi Airport and their gonna clog up the gates. But... Oh no...

We could loose the war now. The random lady whos voice randomly came out of some mics called out like eight flights and for the people on them to go to the gates and the kids started heading towards the direction that we were heading. This meant that it was a one in four chance that they could be on our flight. They took a right, which narrowed it down to a one in two chance. Then we get to our gates and we couldn't quite tell which flight they were on. Two gates were right next to each other and they were in the middle. I suggested to dad that we just  wait closer to our gate than them but he said: "Nah, they will be gointg to Hong Kong as a stop over to China." (The other gate was for a flight to Hong Kong) Oh man, Cooper knows what's gonna happen next...
THEY ENTER OUR GATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we had to wait like another 20 minutes for these people to get in a stupid plane.
Okay guys, I can't write much more cos I've already used my so and so characters so I'll post another post which is basically the other part of what happened. It must be exactly 2:34 in the afternoon; It's 4:34 am in Karlsruhe so bye.
THE SECOND PART: Here or here

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

One small mouse

The sound of bone breaking jerked Mousie awake, and terrified, he hid in a little corner. Suddenly, a wooden plank came crashing down from the roof of Mousie's house, and he squeaked in horror as a bug-eyed and matted cat came rolling down through the hole in his home. The cat let out a kind of meow-croak, and then slumped to the floor, obviously dead. Mousie shut his eyes and slowly stepped away from the scary figure, then ran out the hole in his roof, not once looking back until he was a safe distance away. He slowly turned his head, got one last glimpse of his cosy home, and then crept towards the walls of the "Human House" he had lived in for his whole life. But the tragedy of the day was not over yet as the wall he was headed towards was crumbling! Mousie was terrified all over again! He shook with fear, and ran for another. He desperately clawed his way up the wall, and nibbled his way through the thick cardboard to the outside world beyond. Mousie lifted his small paws onto the tiled roof, and thrust the rest of his thin frame onto the red, sloped area. He looked around him, and stared in horror at the destruction around him. Mousie breathed slowly, and steadied himself, as the ground shook and caused him to wobble. The streets were covered with debris, chunks of buildings, and various bits of street lamps and benches. M-my h-h-home! N-now what do I d-d-do? Mousie thought sadly. He would have to find a new house! B-but i'm just a s-small, harmless m-mouse! I-i'll die out t-there! The thought scared him greatly. But, then he thought about the Place of Grain. That's by the Rat House! Thought Mousie. They'll surely let me in! Besides, they're my friends! Mousie savored the thought, and it heartened him. A trickle of strength was all that was left in his tired paws, so he made a mouse-sized nest from a patch of grass, and curled up for the night.

Fluffy bounced around happily, chasing his favourite toy. He stopped in his tracks, so suddenly his owner picked him up, and stroked him, asking what was the matter, in a soothing voice. He meowed loudly, telling his owner how he had sensed the trembling in the floor. But he knew she couldn't understand him. 
 Then it happened. Fluffy screamed in a wild yowl. The floor trembled violently, and Fluffy dug his claws in to stop himself being shoved around by the dangerously vibrating furniture. Fluffy was eventually ripped from the soft floor, and he smashed into the nearest chair. There was a bone-crunching sound that sent pain searing down his front legs, and he fell through a hole in the ground that was caused by a chair knocking into the wooden floor. He slid down the plank and meowed desperately, (only a small croak) and then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

That was a sad ending, but don't expect a part two please because there may not be one. Anyway if you don't like cats don't say it was an awesome ending, BECAUSE IT'S SAD FOR FLUFFY!! 


The acid dripped rust stained pipe splashing onto Xanthe's shoulder, she shrieks in pain
"Xanthe calm down" I hiss-I knew that was harsh to say to a 8 year old in pain but we would be found if she keeps on shrieking. Xanthe stopped screaming and starts panting like someone who had just ran a marathon
"We need to keep going" I whispered, Xanthe groaned
"Ar-chie" she whines "Why can' we rest!" I sigh sometimes I wish I wasn't the oldest and could be like Xanthe and Max.That reminds me
"Max wake up" I say, Max groans and rolls over and opens his eyes
"Where are we?" he says panicking
"It's okay Maxie" I whispered "We are going to escape and then we can see mummy and daddy ok?" Max nods and looks up at me with his big blue eyes
Max, me and Xanthe walk through the well whatever it was we were walking through. They complained and moaned and whined and whined some more. I sigh at least I only had to put up with it for a year.
When I am  16 I will be free................

Cool Guys!

The cool guys are a group of girls that like to eat pizza. In fact they only eat pizza they are allergic to everything else. The pizza happens to have everything on it so they get poisoned when they, well, eat the pizza. They have a pet pig and they called him, well, pig, pig only ate fresh flesh. I know that sounds sick but it's true. I forgot to mention that they lived in a giant sculpture of no dog a dog yeah and the dog is holding a doughnut in its jaws.

 They got money by entering pig competitions and because no one else entered they always won by default. You wouldn't believe how much money they get from it, like heaps. But anyway lets talk about everyone's favorite thing, me, I am awesome just like my two foot beard that I have and the eight penny's I got from begging on the side of the road plus the scraps from an apple in the trash next to James mansion, (he,s a man model.) I've also got a doll with James' face on it wearing a barbie girl dress.

I decided to get a job so I stole a paper from the dairy down the road and looked in it. Apparently James needs a butler so I knocked on the door of his house still holding the paper. Someone opened the door and there standing on the stairs was none other then James the man model. He was taller in person and had a grin on his face. He then said......."Get lost!" I ran away down the street and saw the cops driving in there big flash cop cars. They got me and yelled."Your under arrest for looking at James the man model." I got arrested and prison was nicer than I thought it would be, so I carried on in prison for the rest of my life.


How The Moth Died! Big, Small Story!

The vomit dripped from his mouth as the moth blew up. It was the royal moth and his loyal servant/slave puked on his nuclear power system which was miniature and went KA-BOOM!!! The explosion wasn't actually that big but it was big enough to kill the moth. The moth died mostly 'cause he was 7,878,787,878 years old and he was right next to the nuclear power system and the moth died. 

The Next Day...

The moth had his funeral were all his fellow moths came. Aunty Mothgena, Uncle Boboth, his adopted brother Stuart Pidd (Stu Pid), his sister Sistem and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Killamoth. Random last name for a moth. It sounds like kill a moth! Why would a moth want that as there last name! Well I bet there gonna change it tommorow!

The Next Day...

The moths new last name was...

SmellyPoop! They also had new born triplets. They named one Eliza and one Connor and the last one Un! So they were Eliza Ferguson SmellyPoop, Connor Gotham SmellyPoop and Un devine SmellyPoop! They were also REALLY ugly, especially Eliza! But then the family nuclear power system blew up and the SmellyPoop family died!

The End!

The most confusing story ever

Octopus ink i thot. i fel aslyp.
wen i fel of teh wobly bilding anf landid on a kat evry1 thawt i wuz meen.
wen i got owt uv bed i sed em i ded evry1 sed no so i went bak 2 slyp.
2moro i em goin 2 go 2  slyp @ mi fwends hows.
de nekst da ... i dont akchooly hav any fwends so i slypd owt syd.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

zentangle art

The orb

"Give it to me" snarled the woman. I clutched the orb to my chest
"Never" I whispered, shaking hard.
"Archie" she said calmly trying the 'Miss Nicey nicey" "Pass me the orb no one will get hurt I will leave you be" I hesitated, her calm soft voice washed over me, but I stopped myself
"Are you death?" I hiss "I said no!" She didn't have a snarky reply for me this time, she just stood still staring at me, mouth agape-no-one had ever shown her up or refused her for that matter. I took the chance to grab my black obsidian knife. The woman-Jane-fell to the ground-she wasn't the fighter she was the brain-I walked over to her, the orb in one hand, I could kill her it would be quick, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, I ran the dagger down her arm. I wouldn't kill but I would harm. I than shoved the knife in my pocket and held the orb in two hands.
"Wherever I won't be killed" I muttered.
Than everything went black   

The K Lord -1

We sail along in a rusty ship of watery timber. The dark, deep blue water laps against our ship calmly. The sky is bright blue. It is a wonderful day, but the captain likes sleeping inside his shadowy cabin downstairs for about 12 hours. So us pirates get to work at 6: 30. I'm the first to wake up. Right now, it's still sun rise. I can see puffy pink sky reaching up. The workers start getting up between 6: 35 and 7: 40. And then, by midday, it would be very sunny, as I said. But the captain still wasn't awake. Our ship was heading off the west coast of the Isle Of Man, heading toward Ireland. Our target was New York, though, which would take a couple of months. I'm the wheel driver, so I steer the boat. Sometimes I be sneaky and steer it the wrong direction all of a sudden on purpose so the crew will fall off the boat. I have a laugh and so do they. I do that about everyday, then about half an hour later at 5: 00 I'd go get a bunch of beers from downstairs. And when I come up the captain'll be awake, now having a laugh. I'd go down to get a much bigger beer than ours, 'bout double the size, and I'd give it to the captain. He'd drink it down in one gulp, and then vomit so big he'd fall overboard. He'd come back up seconds later with a grin on his face. This happened everyday, over an over again, like a repeat. The captain was a nice guy. He's a guy in his mid-50s. He's not like one of those grumpy crooks, but he's cheerful. He doesn't seem like a captain. He seems like a friend.
And now we'd get to the point.
Why are we at sea? What are we doing here? Who is the captain working for? Why do we have TNT in the bottom of the boat - I mean, um, er, why do we have wine in the bottle of the boat? Oh, you got me. I hid TNT in the bottom of the boat to blow up the ship. Yeah, wow? Why would I kill my own captain? Guys, you really fell for it. I'm no friend to the captain. In fact, not even the crew. I'm a double agent working for The K Lord, a notorious emperor who wants to take over the high seas, wants to kill the captain. Okay, okay, it's a bit gory. But I'm gonna do it. I've been on this boat about 6 to 8 months. I wait until night. The night gets spooky, darkened air. No lights on. The waves start to get horrendous, getting bigger and bigger and making bulging noises that nearly burst your ears out. I slowly creek downstairs. It's complete blankness. I clutch the rail and slowly pace towards where the TNT is. I memorized where it was. After a few moments, I feel my leg kick something hard.
"Ow," I mutter.
I pick up a small piece of wood and light it up by smacking it against the TNT. The small orange flame whispers to me. It feels like a spirit. I curse, knowing it's nothing. I drop it onto the TNT. I walk upstairs slowly. I sigh, and then jump overboard.

Monday, 18 August 2014

My Art Homework

Hello my name is Joseph Pettigrew (as you should know)

And this is my homework on calendar art.

Here is my picture of an awesome piece of zentangle artwork.

I liked this drawing of a lion because it looks realistic but also artistic.

Thank you for reading (or looking) at this homework, don't forget to comment!

Zenatngle patterns

Here are some ideas of Zentangle patterns..

Friday, 15 August 2014

Whales of death get extinct.

Whales of death are giant land animals that eat regular whales just for enjoyment. One day thier were no regular whales to eat so they ate peacocks instead. Thier was a boy called Jamie on the rocks one day, but the whales of death ate him and his parents saw it hey called animal control but the whales of death ate them too. So the police came along and shot all the whales of death except for one which ate the whole world.

The End

The Burger Fight

I stood at the cafe munching on my hamburger. I guy came to sit next to me, and after a few moments, starting cocking an eyebrow. I cocked one back.
What was so bad about stuffing a hamburger into a face and then smashing the tomatoes on the table? I mean, I didn't even like the tomatoes.
"Uh, Sir," he said in an American accent.
I started mimicking his voice.
"Uh, Sir, can you please use your manners - blah blah blah! Who cares you Texan farmer!" 
"Actually, I'm not Texan-"
"Actually I'm not Tex-"
"Will you-"
"Will you-"
"SHUT UP!!!" we screamed simultaneously. 
I picked up my hamburger as he picked up his slobbery beef. It looked like the biggest, brownest booger I've ever seen.
"HWA!" we both screamed.
I through my hamburger at his face as all the stuffing squished around his face. Because he was blind, he ended up throwing his beef at the waitress. I stood up, triumphant. Once again BURGER BOY! defended himself. 

Da Infinity PART 1: Da Guy in Dat Van

So the guy in Dat Van just came down the windy road in the sun, as it was along a hill in the freezing Austria. My car was just by the cliff, except I was trying to push it down the road but it wasn't working. The guy was still smiling creepily at me when he saw my car, waving his face around to the Brazilian music in his car. He danced toward my car and started pushing my car with me. He then angled it, looking like he was being smart with it, but then he pushed it off the edge.
"Hey, that's still got petrol-"

A B C D E F G H - Wait, what's the rest?

"ABCDEFGH123. Up in the stars I stare so high. 456 like an ugly butterfly, now I'm 14 and I know it but I'm still thwee," the little boy muttered.
"Oh, you are so good at the Alphabet! but you forgot IJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY and Z!" smiled his happy Dad.
"Wokay Daddy. I'll twy again," the little boy took a deep breath and . . . ."ABCDEGH123. Up in the stars I stare so high. 456 like an ugly butterfl-"
"NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!" his Dad growled.
The boy continued, "-ly, now I'm 14 and I know it but I'm still thw-"

I stepped into the spotlight as the crowd went quiet. Whispers burst around them as they started chattering about who the grim adult was. Then, he pulled up the microphone, stood there for a few moments, and then shouted like a lion roaring, "I AM THWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"  
Then, the shadows from the back of him lit up, and drums and pianos and all sorts of instruments were seen with people holding them. 
Then, the Rock came.
No, seriously. A rock just dropped from the sky and hit Thwee (his literal name). Thwee groaned, and then hit the ground unconscious.
And then the actor the rock actually came out! The rest of the band thwee started punching him. 
Wait-- I forgot about the the baby!? Uh oh. I think he just turned twelve!

You have to be confused. So I'll give you a boring, boring story line of what happened. It goes like this - "ABCDEFGH123. . . ."
The End

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


"I hope you understand the consequences of this Mr Ray" said the fluffy pink unicorn-I mean Mr Lance I sighed
"Dude" I said "It's not like I killed 10 people, I only killed 4 um 5 um okay so what! I  sorta killed everyone in the whole school but Flu-I mean Mr Lance-why aren't you happy I mean Alex and Rhys go to that school aint ya happy" The fl-Mr lance frowned
"Yes I must admit that was rather nice of you but cut to the chase. Why did you kill them all?" 
"Well I was bored isn't it obvious?
"Good point" said the i mean mr lance "Your free to go" I walked out of the room and went off to eat a pie. 

The Cage #2

*No reference, completely original.
"In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night. No evil shall escape my site. Let those who worship Evil's might, beware my power - Green Lanter-," Rick was interrupted.
"Oh, get over the Green Lantern stuff will 'ya Ricky?" scowled his brother Mykal*.
"Fine then. Let's start over again with Wolverine's mott--"
"NO! NO! NO! Why don't we end this with my motto? It goes like this --- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Mykal.
"Your such a girly," Rick muttered, then went back to reading his Green Lantern: Chronicles comic book. Then, the door eerily creaked open.
"Dad??" shivered Mykal.
"Oh, don't be a wussy pussy," mumbled Rick.
"Hey, I love CAATTS! I am a pussy!" shouted Mykal in joy.
"Oh, wow, like I never noticed," Rick rolled his eyes.
But they completely forgot about the door. It started creaking open a millimeter a second. Suddenly, Rick noticed it again, with all the darkness and spooky air in the hallway. It was midnight. The children were allowed to stay up late. 
"Uh . . . Mykal?" shivered Rick.
"Mmm?" replied Mykal, reading away on the latest Dennis The Menace comic book.
"Look -- at ---"
"Oh, hurry up with it, you fool. I've gotten up to the part where Peter Parker fights Dennis The Menace!" growled Mykal.
"Wait -- isn't Peter Parker in Marv-"
"Oh, get over it! I was joking!" laughed Mykal.
"But, l-look at th-the door," whispered Rick.
Then, simultaneously, they both looked at the door. The light then flickered off. The bulb crashed to the ground. It was pitch black. Rick heard a scream. He saw a shadow flicker across the room.
"Mike? MIKE! Where are you?" Rick was deciding either to scream in vengeance or sob in the scariness.
So he chose both.
Tears flooded down his face as Rick screamed and charged toward the phantom. He jumped into him and shoved him to the ground smashing his face and punching him. After several moments, the 2nd light of the room flickered on. Rick realized what it was. A dummy.
"Rick? Rick? What happened in here?" his dad's mature voice made Rick calm down.
"D-dad," I choked, "I have t-to say something: "In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night. No evil shall escape my site. Let those who worship Evil's might, beware my power - Green Lantern's Light."
"Huh?" asked Dad, "What now? Is that Batman's motto or somethin'? Sounds new," his Dad said, completely calm.
"No, Dad. Mykal's gone. And gone for good."
To Be Continued.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I banged on the wall, hoping that someone, anyone would hear me. The mouldy walls had a stench unique because well it was just so smelly. My back sank into the walls the mould brushed my torn clothes I didn't want to come here without a fight. The hours went pass no food nor water came. I could only hear the sweat dripping from my forehead and my heart pounding. It was when I was on the verge of sleep when I heard the rusty metal door creak open. I knew what was coming and I knew that I wasn't going to come out alive.

Zach ran out the school gates, excitement bursting through his veins. HIs dad was coming home from his latest mission and he wanted all the juicy details. But even as his flat loomed in close his gut had a weird feeling. He ignored it as he sprinted up the rust stained stairs. As he came through the door he was approached with faces of despair and eyes dried from crying. His dad wasn't there and it wasn't hard to put 2 and 2 together. The happiness faded from his soul as the tears flowed into his eyes.


The Cage #1

*Don't ask why, because you probably don't wanna know.

I banged on the wall, hoping someone, anyone would hear me. I sat there, hungry, thirsty, practically paralyzed. I was in a treacherous place. The walls carved out of pure Human and then rusted with metal. The spooky air around me, making it darkened. I couldn't see  a centimetre in front of me. This place was evil and unimaginable. The worst thing that could possibly happen to you - happened here. As I groaned, I began to mutter the words of what this place is called - this terrible thing. I began to mutter, my mouth only opening slowly, and then I said it.
"The Cage."

30 years later in New York, the top of the Empire State Building, a man, grey hair, wrinkled face, dark sunglasses and a tuxedo stood waiting for the incoming chopper to land. He stood there for a few moments, starting to get angry. He glanced back at his two assistants, standing stiffly behind each other in World War 2 uniforms*. The man started laughing.
"You don't have to look so grim, you bunch of chickens. Instead, act like a bunch of eggs," smiled their boss, who seemed quite charming at the moment.
The men started cracking up just as the helicopter's loud chopping was heard, their ears beginning to go berzerk. A man jumped out of the helicopter, which was hovering about 20 metres above the ground, who had (well, as we guessed) super protective shoes, ran towards us and then, slowly pushed us back a little for the helicopter to land. After a minute, the chopper stopped swirling, and out came the man.
"Hello, sir," he greeted the other man who had just come out of the chopper.
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Calberm," smirked the, well, helicopter guy.
Mr. Calberm, the so called "boss" then pulled out a cigarette and started smoking out a big whisper of dark grey smoke.
"Excuse me, Mr. Calberm," started the helicopter guy, "I don't smoke."
Mr. Calberm laughed and then said, "Let's take a seat inside this tower away from all the drama, Mr. Keen*."
*Mr. Keen, aka the helicopter guy.

Ten minutes later, the men were seated in a quiet cafe with coffee and a brownie. Mr. Calberm then got to the point, "So, I know you're here for business, Mr. Keen, but I'd just like to say The Cage is an illegal prison made by some man who made his own law."
Mr. Keen laughed.
"What? This is no prison, my friend. And soon I will be calling the police about "The Cage"."
Mr. Keen laughed again.
Calberm then got angry, so he decided to settle this as an argument.
"NO, MR. KEEN, BY LAW, THIS IS ILLEGAL!!" shouted Mr. Calberm.
"Okay, Okay, let's stop the Daddy Talk, cause my son's just com-"
Then, a little boy, only 4 years old, jumped into Mr. Keen's arms and a smile spread across his face.
And that's when Mr. Calberm got angry.
To Be Continued.


I banged on the wall hoping someone, anyone would hear me. A sturdy rope kept me locked  into this old dust ridden chair it had a few markings on it, some big some small, some swirly some straight. The only light in this room was an ancient porcelain lamp that had been lit in the corner by the mysterious old man who had put me here. I had never seen him around the neighbourhood but I recognised his house the old boarded up house at the end of the street twelve kids had gone missing from there houses in the last month so one day I snuck up to the house and heard a young boys cry "Tom!" I muttered. A misty spray escaped from one of the vents and last thing I know is I'm sitting in this dark damp room.

My dad died a few years ago from now on it's just me and my mum well that's what I thought until he walked into the room I've been kept in. "Hello son I can't have you telling the police about me so I have to do this!" He laughed then pulled a chainsaw out from behind the door a wickedness grin appeared on his face and... I woke up phew just a nightmare back to just me and mum again

Soccer Physics

I banged on the wall hoping someone, anyone would here me Someone did and they let me go. The first thing I did was rush to the nearest Computer and start playing, Ok guys I think I may have just found the most complex game with the most complex controls IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Soccer Physics here are the controls to the game ... press space bar wait is that it, really thats it man it's harder than I thought. heres a picture of the game

hard enough probably the hardest game in the world, Ok maybe i'm exaggerating a little bit It's the hardest game in the universe!!!!! If you complete it tell me it's so hard 

wait wrong link click here