Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Mysterious fruits

A shiver crept up my spine.
there was something very strange about this pineapple,
something i couldnt quite put my finger on.
Maybe it had magical powers,
or maybe it was a bomb planted by some evil psychopath who would very much like to rule the world. Or maybe it was just a normal pineapple.
Maybe it wasnt.
Maybe it was a.... Rhino.
Actually probably not a rhino, but still, you never know.
It could even be a special memorial pineapple dedicated to the-
what if the pineapple had diamonds inside it?
What if it wasnt a pineapple, but a pinepple?
What even is a pinepple anyway?
I looked around. People were staring at me. I wonder what for?
Okay, maybe i looked kinda wierd.
You see, i was walking around a mysterious pineapple, and pulling faces.
that isn't exactly what you'd call normal.
Where I live, people generally like to walk around tomatoes and pull faces, but not pineapples.

The demon

                                       Chapter 1                            

A shiver crept up my spine, this was it I was going to be killed after this it was real. I woke up and gasped for air but then i saw a dark shadow at the end of my bed and there was something pressing me down, i was trying to breathe but all the air around me was taken away from me. I was trying to scream for help but my mouth opened but nothing came.My lungs were starting to burn I heard my Mum screaming my name but since I didn't reply my Mum did not come to see what was wrong.I started kicking wildly but that was only in my mind. This time my mum actually felt something wrong.

                                         Chapter 2

I heard her opening the door and coming down the hallway she was trying to open the door but it wasn't opening
"Zahra open the door!"
"I can't I thought in my mind" now I heard my dad coming towards my room
"Zahra open the door" repeated mum. How was I supposed to tell her what was happening.I heard my dad trying to bust open the door but it wouldn't work. Finally my Dad kicked the door and it burst open.
"What was happening in here"
"Nothing, I was just having a bad dream" they seemed convinced

                                                                  THE END

                                I think I had a 90% effort because i wrote a decent amount.


A shiver crept up my spine...nope. That's just my cat, Milesoup. He demanded attention, like a newspaper with an exciting heading. He clawed at my back until I turned around to pat him. Milesoup randomly began to meow and meow at me, as if he was trying to tell me something. Then I realised, he was. Two shadows enlarged on the wall and before I knew it, I had been whisked away with Milesoup.

We sat in the back of a dark, dusty truck as we listened to two men's conversation.
"Should we keep the girl or the cat?'
"Keep both, they 'ight come in some sort of use."
"Like what?"
"I don't know.  For cooking?"
"Yeah, we can cook the cat." They both chuckle. I'm not letting them anywhere near Milesoup.
The truck pulls up into a driveway, and as we get shoved out out of the old vehicle, a see a small crumbling cottage with paint peeling off. It looked like it hadn't been taken care of for years.

70% i could have written more