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Halloween party

This is an article will show you how to throw a Halloween party for your friends and family!!!
What you will need:
-Lollies/junkfood -Games -Friends games -A costume -Fake spider web-Fake spiders -Halloween statues- Halloween decor

Steps:1.Send out invitations.2.Decorate with decorations eg Fake spiders slime and dolls are good.3.Put lollies in a skeleton bowl, put the drinks on the table as well and orange jelly.4.Think of some Halloween games 5. Before your friends to the house put on your costume.6. Have fun!!!!!7. Most boring part you have to clean up.

By Zahra, Amber and Ellie

How to throw a Halloween Party!

!~~How To Throw A Halloween Party~~!

What You Will Need:
  • Candy, LOTS Of Candy
  • Fizzy Drinks.
  • Costumes
  • Scary Decorations
  • Pumpkins (To Carve)


  1. Put The Candy In A Bowl.
  2. Put Scary Decorations Everywhere, Inside And Outside.
  3. Put On A Costume
  4. Tell Your Friends To Come And To Bring More Candy.
  5. When They Arrive, Give Them A Fright.
  6. When All Here, Do Scary Things.
  8. Get Tons Of Candy!
  9. Eat Tons Of Candy!
  10. At 3:30 AM Tell Your Friends To Leave.
  11. Eat Any Spare Candy.
  12. Drink The Fizzy Drinks.
  13. Have Fun!

How to throw a Halloween party!

 This article will show you how to throw a Halloween party for all your friends and family!!! 

What you will need: 

Halloween decorations
Junk food and lollies

1. Invite your friends
2. Decorate your house with the decorations. Fake spiders, slime and scary dolls are good.
3. Get out your lollies and put them in bowls. Put these on a table. You can put drinks on the table too.
4. Think of some Halloween games. Get the things you need for them and set up the games.
5. Before your friends come over, get into your costume. 
6. Have fun!!!
7. The most boring part: clean up.

How to throw a Halloween party!!!


  • First of all you need to set up decorations e.g pumpkins, fake skeletons and creepy crawlies.
  • Then get all your friends and family to dress up as zombies, mummies (the ancient Egypt kind), vampires ect,ect.
  • Next you buy/make lollies but they have to be creepy for example marshmallow eyeballs, spider cup-cakes and ghosty food.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Hello My name is corny conn conn And today I am talking to you about Hayden the hobo this is his story It all started when Hayden the hobo was on his farm he was playing his favourite instrument Tyler the tambourine Gabriel the gamer walked past and said "jeez get a life all you do is sit on your deck playing stupid tambourine get a life you nerd" just as he called Hayden a nerd he went on his hologram computer and started mashing his keyboard and became the best league of legends player in the world. after that Hayden went back on his deck played Tyler tripped over fell off the deck and died

Meanwhile in another story

Leo found out Connor took his story he got so angry he died the end

mean while in ano.. "no" someone shouted and shot me in the head fine

new story power GOOOOOOOOO  I can't think of anything i'll count 1 2 3 g 6 # w 9 y and z now I know number uh ies please please now shoo oot me THE END

The corny conn conn

The corny conn conn was leaning against the railing playing with his corny conn conn doll I I mean action figure then he dropped his limited edition doll I I mean action figure and the corny conn conn doll I I mean action figure landed in the pool. Suddenly the corny conn conn fell as well and he said while he was falling"I land in my pool like my doll I I mean action figure but the corny conn conn didn't land in his pool and landed on the concrete then he died.

Meanwhile in another story

The corny conn conn is now back alive somehow and he got a girl friend but it didn't turn out very well because Connor poured juice all over her then she pulled out her banana machine gun and shot violently at his face.

Meanwhile in another story

The corny conn conn was back alive again somehow. The corny conn conn was sitting on his couch when the phone rang the corny conn conn answered in a romantic voice "hello," then on the other line they said "Connor this is your mum hear and I'm outside your house can you let me in so I can rob you," the corny conn conn replied 
"Ok," so the corny conn conn opened the door and his mum was waiting outside then his mum ran inside the corny conn conns house and started robbing it.

The end

Magic Palm Tree 12 is BACK! \(•◡•)/

"Georgia, we have another mission for you." Oh no. Not again. I hope this time it doesn't have anything to do with leprechauns or goblins. Sigh. "For your new mission you will be teleported to the Bahamas, where you will solve the crime of the missing turtle." Oh brother. "Palm tree 47 is where you need to go. Goodbye." And suddenly I am being teleported by the teleportation cookie to the magic palm trees. I land on the ground next to palm tree number- Hold on. This isn't the right place. Normally I would be walking down a silver path, but today I landed on brown bricks. There are palm trees, but I don't think any of them are magic. Hmm... It's worth a shot anyway. So I begin to count "1,2,3,4,5,6.." Until I reach 47. Long walk. Finally I run up, make sure nobody is looking, and jump. CLASH! Ouch. That really hurt my head. A little girl walks up to me laughing. "What are you doing?!" Oh no. When I thought nobody was looking, this little girl was.
"I was just... Um... Practising.. jumping.. onto palm trees?"
"Right." Looks like she doesn't believe me. "And why?" 
"Because.. palm trees. They um.. They... You know." This was failing.
"Okay. Can I join you?" This little girl is really getting on my nerves now. 
"No. No. Noooo." That might have been a liiitle harsh. It was. The little girl started crying. I decided the smartest thing to do was run away. So I ran. And ran. And ran. Until she was out of sight. Phew!


Parent Hunters

The waves crashed into the rocks covering people from head to toe. Unfortunately one boy drifted away to sea. All of his brothers and sisters were on the beach but not there parents they were captured by evil Egyptians that threatened them for there money. They gave them there money and know are living in a dungeon all by themselves. Back to the boy who is drifting to sea, his name is Rob he is 12 years old and has a twin sister Rene, there older sister Taylor is the smartest person in the world and has a photographic Memory. That leaves us with Hank is is a muscular guy who has had over 20 girlfriends all of them ending up fainting when he hugs them. These kids are on and adventure to save their parents.

Chapter 1
Now there first mission Save Rob. "Hey where is Rob?" Rene asks Taylor. "Looks like he is out at sea. Must have got carried away when that wave came." "Lets go get him then," Hank pronounces. So the 3 kids hopped onto the nearest boat and drove to Rob. "Where here to rescue you." Hank says. "Thanks." Rob says back." He climbed up the ladder and got on. when he reached Rene she gave him a nice warm towel and some clothes that were on the boat. Once Rob is dry and and has new clothes on Hank drives the boat back to shore. The clock on the boat struck twelve, time for lunch. Once they got back to shore the police were there because a man had called and said that kids had stolen his boat. "But we had to save Rob!" Hank complained "He probably would had died if we hadn't have gone  out there and rescued him." 
"Well what happened?" The police officer asked.
"He drifted away when a massive wave came in."
"Well I am going to let you kids go this time, because you saved his life"

So after that incident the ooh I forgot to tell you guys that there called the Parent Hunters. So the Parent Hunters went off to get subway. Hank ordered a meatball sub, Taylor ordered a vegeham sub, Rob ordered a Meat lovers sub and Rene ordered a simple plain ham and cheese. They all skofed it down in less than 1 minute. They were eating like they had't eaten before. Once that episode had finished they went to to there uncle Tom's house to get a map of Egypt.

Chapter 2

Once they got to there Uncle's house everything was different the birds weren't chirping and the gusts of wind had just stopped. Everything was quiet too quiet. When they approached the front door there was a note on it saying "Dear my grandchildren, I knew you were coming so I left this note. I have been captured by the same people that kidnapped your parents. If you want the map got to 101 Eskdale Road." 
"Wow." Hank said "That has just happened."
"Where in the world is Eskdale Road?" Rene replied.
"I think it is in Northcote, on the other side of the bridge." Taylor replied back.
"Well let's go get it then!" Rob pronounced. 
So the Parent Hunters went of to 101 Eskdale Road to get the map.

When they got to 101 Eskdale Road a familiar voice answered the door. It was Michael Xu their next door neighbor (He has 2 heads and on persons name is Michael Peng and the other is Oliver Xu.) They sort of freak Rene out but she hangs in. 
"So I guess you got the note. He left a note on our door to say come over to blah blah blah."
"Yep, sure did." Hank replies. 
"So I guess you want the map to get your parents and uncle back."
"Yes, so give it to us now!" Rob shouted.
"OK, OK."
So Michael Xu gave Hank the map of Egypt.
"Thanks." Hank said
"No problem." Michael Xu replied.
So off they went to the airport to catch a flight to Egypt.

Chapter 3
Once the parent hunters reached the airport they booked a flight for 13:30 (Which is in 3 hours).
They sat down at koru club to have just a little snack before they went to Egypt. When it was 30 minutes till the plane leaves the Parent Hunters boarded the flight. It was a 20 hour flight so they watched like 10 movies on the flight. Suddenly the pilot announced. "Everyone put your oxygen masks on and be prepared for a crash landing!" But Hank had another idea he saw 5 parachutes and then nudged Rob to say "Tell Taylor and Rene that we should grab those parachutes, open the door and jump." So Rob told the others. After Hank put up 5 fingers so that they knew when to go. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. They all jumped out of there seats and raced to the parachutes. They all got one and then opened the plane door and jumped out. It was 300 stories up and they were all jumping out of a plane for the first time. Then they all opened their parachutes but Rob's one opened and then flew off, this was a problem. Luckily he remembered that there is a second one so he pulled that string and it opened. Now they are all safe and heading for Egypt. 

While they were on the way to Egypt they saw their plane crash into the Airport runway. The whole plane went up in a KA-BOOM!!! They were lucky for surviving.

Chapter 4
Once they had reached Egypt they stopped for a minute and just had a minute of silence for the people killed in that awful crash landing. When the minute was up they took off their parachutes and walked to the nearest person. Suddenly while they were walking they realised that their luggage was on the plane; but it got even worse the map of Giza was in Hank's bag. BOOM! Something had just smashed the ground. You wouldn't believe it Hanks bag got sucked out of the door when it opened because of the wind tunnels sucking things out. They opened the bag and pulled out the map of Giza. Then they started walking North to where the Sphinx because that is were they kidnappers were hiding their parents and uncle; but the Sphinx wasn't there, it was like someone had stolen it.

Taylor was suspicious that Michael Xu did it because they didn't give them the map easily and that if they didn't do it they would have handed the map over easily without any worries. Hank thought that the same people who kidnapped their Parents and uncle  did it because they knew that they were coming for them. Rob and Rene both agreed with Hank because it made sense and Taylors didn't because Michael Xu were at the house when their parents and uncle were captured so they couldn't be the ones who were torturing them. Taylor was still suspicious of Michael Xu but she went along with the others.

The Hobo

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a hobo. I also live on a rainbow. I also have this MASSIVE secret which I am NOT gonna say! Well, OK, maybe I will endup doing it, but just like, not now. Aww fine, I'll tell you my story! It all started when... (Bluauauauauauaua) I was auditioning for Room 30's got talent, when this Demented Dolphin came up to me and tried to take a selfie with me. So I took the Demented Dolphin's  IPhone 6+, tore it in half, and threw it away. I forgot to say, I can benchpress 756 grams, world record I think. Anyways, that Demented Dolphin, yeah, I shouldnt of ripped her phone, she killed me. I died. Mea- BANG! Connor shot me in the brain for using his thing. Then Leo shot Connor in the head for taking his thing. Then me anc Connor became zambies and killed Leo. When Leo turned into a zambie, we took over the world. THE END! Ohh yeah, have you guessed my secret yet. Put it in the comments and I will say if you got it right!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Epic Mickey

 Chapter 1: The Beginning

Epic Mickey was sitting with his wife at the most fancy restaurant in the world, It was called THE FANCY, when suddenly the whole restaurant started to fall down and down the restaurant fell. THE FANCY then filled up with water then fish an in no time it was 4000 feet below surface. Epic Mickey knew it was time the, world was ending.

Chapter 2 : The Submarine

Epic Mickey was the world best spy he knew what he had to do. As Epic Mickey exited the sinking restaurant he saw a black and red submarine shoot pass.
"Dr Mayday" Epic Mickey mumbled to himself. That Submarine could easily end the world. Inside had a system that was connected to every volcano in the world. With one push of a button all of them would erupted ending the world. Epic Mickey knew he had to stop him.

Chapter 3 : The Mission

Epic Mickey pulled his spy phone out of his pocket and signaled his spy base the GIB.
"Send the stingray sub" he spoke into the spy phone. The stingray sub was a high tech submarine that looked exactly like a stingray. In a few seconds later I was cruising away heading towards Dr Mayday. Flicking the Autopilot switch, Epic Mickey stuck his feet up on the dashboard, plugged in his spy phone and speakers and turned up the hottest tracks out now.Epic Mickey could sit back and relax as he knew his satellite GPS navigation could handle the directions. Epic Mickey knew his spy company somehow always came out with the coolest technology just before the big companies did.

Chapter 4 : The Disconnection

Epic mickey had reached the evil Dr Mayday's headquarters not long after. Epic Mickey parked the stingray sub behind a coral reef and jumped out. He swam towards the entrance blocked by sharks but then realized he didn't need to go through there he needed to get into Big black and red Submarine and disconnect the signals between each volcano. So he swam around the headquarters and entered the black and red submarine which was floating around with no security what so ever. Epic Mickey looked everywhere desperately searching for the system that connected to all the volcanoes. The door of the submarine then shut and it all turned to darkness. Then from above Dr Mayday let out a wicked laugh.
Chapter 5 : Lost

Epic Mickey awoke on an small island in the middle of nowhere with sharks surrounding. Instead of the sunny blue sky's it was dark and cold. On the Island was one lifeless palm tree with two red coconuts. Epic Mickey kicked the tree in frustration. The island then grew bigger he kicked it again and the island grew bigger. So he kept kicking the tree on and on for two whole days until finally he reached land. He could see millions of people standing handcuffed on land crying for help.

Chapter 6 : Backfired

Epic Mickey jumped across to see the black and red submarine on land with the system on the floor. There kneeling down pressing buttons was Dr Mayday.
"5 4 3 2 1" Dr Mayday shouted as he moved his hairy hands to the button. Epic Mickey covered his eyes and waited. Kaboom ! the system had backfired and Dr Mayday and his submarine shot up into the sky and was never seen again.

Chapter 7 : The happy ending

The sky's all turned blue and the sun was shinning. All the family's were reunited. As happiness flowed through the air Epic Mickey exhaustively trudged back down the street then came running at him was his beautiful wife and his two kids. That night Epic Mickey suggested to have dinner at home and that's exactly what they did. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Tragic day at the track

Bang Bang Bang! Three images flashing through my mind continuously. Unable to stop them I remembered the day of the accident.

14th of May 2014

Dad and I headed off towards Hampton Downs unaware that disaster would strike.
Three! Two! One! Lights out! The classic cars roared away from the starting line, convertibles and sedans fought for the top three positions but no one had pulled away yet. It was going to be a tough race.

The race was still tight as the cars sped through Hampton Downs smooth and swift race track. Normally at track days everyone races each other just for their amusement, Normally no one gets injured, Normally everyone survives! But this was no normal track day.

A massive winding bend approached. The crash happened in slow motion. I could hear screeches and bangs as the car skid from the tarmac to the gravel. A huge bang announced he had hit the tire barrier lining the track, then all was still. Flames licked at the edges of his car. All the drivers roared past... bar one who pulled in behind the crashed car took one look at the mangled wreck and yelled and screamed at the medics. The medics already ready to take drastic action raced onto the tarmac. An ambulance, sirens blaring raced across the track the doctors ready to jump out.

He was alive... for now.

The man lay unconscious but the team of medics couldn't do anything until he was out of the car. At this point that looked impossible considering his legs were crushed under a huge pile of crumpled metal. Then a red flash shot across the highway,the fire crew was here.

While the fire crew worked on the metal that kept the man attached to his car the medics struggled to keep him alive. Another batch of medics and firefighters later, they realized if they didn't get him to the hospital quickly it would be another death on the black tarmac.  They had to get him out! The power drill was pulled out of the fire engine.

He was out but the medics couldn't do anything more. They performed CPR while the Westpac  helicopter circled in to land.  The man was strapped in amazingly quick but it wasn't enough, he was gone and no matter what miracle occurred he wasn't coming back.

The commentators voice throughout the day had been cheerful and it seemed like he had a spring in his step but now a miserable and sorrowful voice boomed over the black speakers. "The rest of today's events are cancelled could you all please go home."

Three images flashing through my mind: the car spinning across the tarmac, the fire engine speeding over the highway, and a lifeless body flying away in a red and yellow helicopter.Three images flashing through my mind, continuously, unable to stop them.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


*All speech translated from Egyptian Arabic. 

Three boys and a girl were walking down the sand covered road in Giza, Egypt, laughing and playing in the rays of the bright Sun. They were going to the well to get water for their families.
'Race you!' one of the boys said starting to run towards the outskirts of town. The others laughed and sprinted after him. They got to the well and dipped their buckets into the water then sat down panting, leaning against the brick well.
'Hey, Djau, I dare you to go inside the pyramid,' one of the boys said.
'Which one?' another boy, Djau obviously, asked.
'The Great Pyramid,' the first boy answered.
'No! No way. I am not going in there.'
'I get it, you're scared, another boy stated. 'It's okay to be scared.'
'Look, I'm not scared, Iyibkhentre. But don't you remember the story of the girl that went in there, and never, came, out.'
'That's just a myth,' Iyibkhentre exclaimed. 



Bugs are yellow
So is the sun
Therefore, bugs are made out of sun... Right?

Bwengo the bug was gazing up at the sun when he realised, if the sun was yellow, and so was he, does that mean he is a sun? He pondered this all day, until he decided to ask the old wise snail. He started "Oh old wise snail, i have an inquiry. If the sun is yellow, and I am yellow, am I the sun?"
Snail just chuckled and replied "Of course you aren't! But you are a sun-bug."  
"A sun-bug?" Bwengo was confused. "How can I be the sun and a bug?" 
"You can be whatever you want.Just not a bad guy." So Bwengo the sun-bug strolled home, the whole time singing a little song:
'Oh I am a little sun-bug! Yellow sunny glow! Oh I am a little sun-bug, bugs can be sunny too.'

The woods

It reared it's ugly head and  roared spit flying from it's mouth the rhinoceros beetle had transformed into a hideous beast!

We began an epic battle me with my machete and him with his razor sharp talons I would swipe at him and he would retaliate with a swing. It was exhausting we carried on for a few hours before we both collapsed with exhaustion. It was a long walk home.

The woods were dark and dangerous and after a few minutes I was lost,I couldn't find my way back it looked like I would be spending a night in the woods when dawn breaks I will look for home but now I need some sleep. TBC


The silver bug shone in the bright light of the morning 'crunch' a massive foot stood on the poor innocent bug or was it so innocent this bug was what caused the end of nuclearmarzania 54 they set fire to the massive fuse

Ben The Drama Queen

So I need to use bugs as inspiration There's pictures of of bugs saying use me ok how about I squish all the bugs to death, done that know time for the story. A gunshot went off "HELP" screamed Benjamin "HELP" the gun scraped his finger and he got a tiny cut with a drip of blood "oh the pain the pain on my finger its unbearable". Soon later I walked away of course Ben was still there acting like a drama queen "oh please help me I won't make to tomorrow tell my family I loved them Mr bush blade of grass and my wife James the boot tell them please my house is a cardboard box in the dump". by the time I walked away a whole ton of ninja jumped on me and said "You're under arrest" "why" "for being so weak" they killed me I died.
the end.

Monday, 20 October 2014


Why do people say Lol? What does it mean? Lol stands for laugh out loud, but why don't you just laugh? It doesn't make any sense. What it should be is you just laugh. Whoever ever invented lol is just plain lolling weird. Oh, wait... Lolling means like a dogs lolling tongue, right? So that means they aren't plain lolling weird after all! But..... If you DO say lol (you better not...) you're just being LAZY, (sort of) because, I mean, seriously, you DON'T have to say a three letter abbreviation of a laugh. Amy, stop saying lol. Oh, anyway, so you still want to say lol..... 
Well, then you are ANNOYING. Prepare to be DE-LOLLED. Lol is one of the worlds WORST words. It means basically nothing to do with what it actually means. Because when you laugh, you  (most of the time) laugh out loud, (without having to say that word) or, you laugh quietly to yourself, thinking of secret plans you had in mind. NO NEED to say that word. (again) If you are planning to annoy me till I erupt, (I WONT, OK!!!) (no ideas, please) then your options are obviously clear, and my intentions are not so clear (HAHAHAHAHA not that word) because

  1. I was intending to write an interesting story, hopefully not about THAT word.
  2. I succeeded HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Yay!!! (one to me, none to you)
  3. If you want to learn Pig Latin, just search for your nearest internet Pig Latin (easy edition) Guide For All The Family!!!! (not made by me. I'm still not sure they have one!!!)
  4. Remember to never, not ever, say THAT WORD


Crazy Story 1!

He took a giant leap! That was because, he was a giant! I say was because now, he is a unicorn. Today was the day of flying squirrels. A squirrel fell on the unicorns horn and it died. The unicorn, not the squirrel. Then the chipmunk died! Uhh I mean puppy, uhh I mean alligator! Yeah, yeah. Uhh I don't care, I'm a just call it a squirrel I can't tell what it actually is, I didn't go to school, I grew up on a rainbow. Oh yeah, I'm Jimbo, a hobo which lives on a rainbow that doesn't like selfies. A demented dolphin tried to have a selfie with me, punched it in the face, snapped its iPhone 6+. The demented dolphin was a cop. Sent me to someplace called "FunLand". It was TORTURE! There was this thing called a slide, you sat at the top, and went down! It was SUPER DUPER SCARY!!! And something called a roller coaster! I nearly died, but the worst was the ferris wheel, it was so slow, I died.

The Random Ending!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Dramatic escape

I hooked it up to the power source, not sure what to expect. Suddenly the giant machine started to whiz and whirr, it shook so much i thought it might explode. But it didn't. All that happened was I heard a ding. Then a piece of paper came flying out the top. I caught it. It read: 'Never uSe the ZX6092 EveR agaIn. BAd.' 'That's pretty weird.' I thought to myself.  But I knew I shouldn't have come here in the first place. Now I was locked in a room with this big, dangerous machine. Luckily I had my watch on me, so I could check what time it was. 11:43pm. I should try to get some sleep. I look out the dirty window at the ebony sky. The stars lit up the night like Christmas lights. I curled up in a dusty corner, and closed my eyes. I tried to sleep, but I just couldn't. The night seemed to last forever.

The next day I discovered a crack on the wall. It was about as long as my hand. I decided that if I could use something to enlarge the crack, or even better break the wall, then that would be my most likely way to get out of the place. So I begin to examine the ZX6092 for something I could break off. I find a bit of metal and snap it off. It seems to have no effect on the machine. Taking the metal, I hit the wall as hard as I can. A loud thump. I begin to bang the wall again and again until I see 4 more large cracks. My plan is working just perfectly. After about 7 minutes, the wall has been truly defeated. One more hit and it will be gone for good. I bring my arms above my head, and pound down on the wall. The wall snaps, and creates a gaping hole. It was a success! I leapt out of the hole and into a familiar field of grass. I will never know what that ZX6092 does, or why it was there, but boy am I glad to be out!


I hooked it up to the power source not sure what to expect suddenly a lightning bolt struck making a huge electrical fire I must get out of the house but the machine is still stuck to me preventing me to reach the door the last thing I saw was an orange flicker.

The next day I awoke in a hospital bed my skin stung and my head ached like nothing you could imagine. At around midday the fire department came around to tell me the bad news my house was just a pile of dust on the side of the road, they tried to ask me questions about the fire but I told them to come back in a few hours when my head wasn't hurting so much.

A few hours later the fire crew returned again hauling my badly burnt machine behind them they asked me if this had something to do with the fire I shook my head and said lightning the fire crew nodded and left the room. After a few more surgical treatments I left to go back home only to remember that I had no home and no friends to stay with because I had spent 20 years up in the attic building the machine I was homeless and badly burnt.

I arrived at the bank to find I had won the lottery which means I had the money to buy a new house so by that night I could have a home to live in and then I remembered it takes months to build a house so I bought a car and lived in that and waited for my new mansion to be built.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Horror Night

The clock struck twelve & I still couldn't get to sleep all of those thoughts running through my mind. And then I heard a loud thud, the quickest thing I could think of was run to my parents bedroom but right outside their door I saw a man he had a knife in his hand & was telling me to come closer I screamed & ran but I didn't know where to because it seemed like a million of those were invading my house I tried running somewhere. I could not seem to get anywhere then the voices started getting louder in my head. The only thing I could think of was run away out if my house.
But how.....

The main door was locked, the back door was sealed off & and it was locked.Only the garden door was open but that was to far away so I decided do get the phone & call the police,  the phone was closer than the door anyway. I ran towards it & all of those weird man thing just followed me. I got to the door dialed 111 but I couldn't because the phone service was cut off then all of those men began to cave over me.

Everything went black

When I woke up the mans voice was gone instead it was my dads voice asking me again and again are you okay? what happened? why are you here? There were no blood marks on me and the mans voice was like a faded memory. Dad said "whats wrong" and I said "the horror night"  

A deadly description

Her deadly curled fingers tapped dangerously against the dark keys. Her tall figure sat rigidly on the red chair. Her posture was dead strait. A straight back held up by a bony spine was joined to her round head by a thin neck. Her cold brown eyes stared menacingly at the screen, and they seemed to bore two perfectly round holes into it. A small growl of frustration escaped her pinkish-red lips. She tapped the backspace button with lightning speed. Her fingers flew over the different keys as she typed the mysterious letter out on the computer. Her brown hair was draped over her round head. It was slightly pushed behind one pointed ear. The crook of her arm was holding up the deadly hand on which held five dangerous fingers. She pressed the enter key with one of those perilous fingers, and then she lifted her tall frame off the box-chair. Her stride was long, and unbreaking as she covered the short distance with effortless movements. A large grey instrument was sitting on the far desk. It was square, and looked as if it was waiting for the right moment to pounce on someone. A tall figure strode up to it, and buttons were pressed. Then a thin sheet of paper emerged out the front of the dark grey square. The paper had small lines of ink on the rough surface, indicating letters and numbers. What the dots and lines said...? No one knew, except for the typer of the letter, and the ones receiving the fragile ink.      THE END

(by the way this was not about anyone in Rm 30. It was just from looking at Amy!!) (but Amy doesn't actually look like this description)

Handbag hippo

The waves crashed onto the dancing hippo, knocking him over and causing him to lose his handbag. I know, he has a handbag. So what? He's a hippo, for goodness sake. Anyway, he lost his handbag. His handbag was very expensive (Gucci actually) so he pretty much reacted like this: 'goodbye handbag. Oh wait, what? argh, handbag! Don't leave me! Please, please ' his sobbing turned into a temper tantrum, and so he went and got in his car drove to the dairy, where he bought some chocolate to eat. He was hungry after all, as dancing, losing handbags and having temper tantrums were all quite exhausting. So, back to the story, he ate his chocolate went back home and committed suicide and everyone was really happy- he committed suicide? How sad. Poor hippo.
Actually, yeah, um, he didn't actually commit suicide, I was, ah, just joking. Anyways, you ought to know the hippo's name, seeing as- he actually doesn't have a name so yeah.
Ze shoelaces were magic!
Well not really. 
Well they were, like, sparkly and pink.
So, they were magic? 
Okay, they aren't magic. 
But I still like to imagine that they are magic.
You are so childish.
Pihhhhhf…are you calling me childish? 
Meh this is boring.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Purple shoelaces

The shoe laces were magic, just as i had suspected. No wonder he was trying so hard to rip my trainers off my feet! They glowed a light violet, and started to crumble in the palms of my hands. I knew I shouldnt have pulled them out out of my shoes. Now, instead of shoelaces they were a little pile of glowing dust. I wonder what will happen if I pour it over my head? I wondered. So i took a pinch and dropped it on the top of my head. Nothing happened. I took another pinch, and repeated the same thing. Still, nothing. I took another pinch, and another, but still nothing was happening. I decided to contain this substance by putting it in my lunchbox. I emptied out the scraps of food and dumped the dust in. I then continued to walk home, under a canopy of trees and birds. Suddenly, a bird swooped by and landed on my head. It started to sniff the purple dust, which i had forgotten about. I shooed it away with my hand and started walking again. It came back, this time trying to peck at the dust. "GET AWAY!" I yelled, waving my hands frantically and running away. "AM I OUT OF THE WOODS YET AM I OUT OF THE WOODS YET AM I OUT OF THE WOODS YET AM I OUT OF THE WOODS?* Finally, the woods concluded. No more birds.

*taylor swift song.

Can't think of a title but it's funny

The shoelaces were magic. I didn't need to tie them! MAGIC!!
Then they exploded.
"Dang!" I shouted. "Those were $10! I'll never be able to buy anything more expensive!"
3 seconds later after I had said that a $50 note flew right past my face.
"Or maybe not," I added.
I sprinted to grab the note but some stupid clown came and got it before me.
"Not too shabby!" the clown said. "I could buy the DVD of Barbie and the secret door! OOOH! Or Cinderella!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Buy something more worthy! Like... errr... ummmm... urrrr... OOH! Dora the explorer! At least!"
"Right," the clown said. "I will buy Teletubbies."
"Good, that's perfec- WAIT, NOOOO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! WRONG!!!!"
Now I really want to steal that $50 note in his- WAIT! THAT'S IT!! I'M A GENIUS!
All I have to do is steal it! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
The clown then stabbed me in the heart and I died.
The shoe laces were magic whenever I said jimjim the laces turned to wings and I could fly.
It took a very long time to get used to flying with these shoes.
I kept flying into walls, jumping down very deep holes and forgetting to say jimjim.
One time I said jimjim when I was sleeping and I started hovering above my bed. (yes i sleep with my shoes on.)

I got the shoes from a garbage bin there was a note attached to the shoes it said say jimjim
so I said jimjim and the shoes flew out of my hands, I said jimjim really quickly and the shoes fell down.

One day a man knocked on my door and all he did was look at my shoes, that's weird I thought.
The next day the man came back and this time he three other people behind him, "get him!" The man screamed.
I raced up the stairs of my house and jumped out of the window.
"JIMJIM!" I screamed.
The shoes took me way up when I looked down I didn't see my house any more I saw Pugville there were millions of pugs everywhere when I looked down at my legs I saw four shoes instead of two.
Then I realised it I was pug.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I picked up the rock and threw it, it skimmed along the water then hit a rock and stopped but that rock hadn't been there before I blinked and rubbed my eyes then looked up once more but this time all I saw was a grey dorsal fin cutting across the water towards me.

The shark alarm sounded up on the beach but I couldn't get back, I was stuck in a strong rip pulling me closer and closer towards the shark there was nothing I could but wait. A blurry figure grabbed me and started pulling me towards and all I could think of was he's got me I'm not going to see the sand again but as my vision became clearer I saw I had been dragged onto the beach by one of riptide beaches top lifeguards I was alive but only just.

The trip to the hospital was a long one, a lot of medics came over fiddled with my oxygen mask I just kept thinking I will live, I will live and guess what I did!

You Are One Of Us



I scraped off the gooey dog slobber.
'Teddy!' I exclaimed. 'Get off me!'
Ted is our dog. He is a six times cross bred dog. He is a German Shepard cross Border Collie cross Golden Retriever cross Great Dane cross Schnauzer cross Pug. Or as our crabby next door neighbor calls him: A mutt.
I'm Cameron, Cameron Drake. I live with my mum Renee, my big sister Shara and my dog Ted. We live a simple life, just doing our chores on the farm. The closest town with a primary school is like 73 miles away, so I am home schooled. But it's only a ten minute drive to Shara's high school. Every day I go up the farm and ride on my horse Bullet. We named him that because he is the fastest of all our horses.
As you may see, we lead an easy life, but all that is about to change.
Ted got off me and sat down, looking at me expectantly wanting to play.
'Go play with the pigs,' I told him. He thought about that for a while then raced up the farm.
I walked back inside to see a short dark figure.

Chapter I


The Arrival

The figure wore a ebony trench coat that was way too big for him and a black fedora. I could tell he liked black.
'Who are you?' I asked him.
'My name is James. I am here to tell you that your father is dead.' he replied. I gasp. 'He wanted you to know that he has kept a secret from you. You and your sister Shara are both sorcerers.'

'No. Your wrong, dad is still alive and he tells us everything, he wouldn't keep such a big secret like that from us.'
'Ok then, try it. Try to turn that deer over there into a...' He ponders this for a while'... turn it into a walking mushroom.'
'Ok I'll try but it's not going... to... work...' I slow down because out of the corner of my eye I see a toadstool walking around on four giant legs. 'Whoa.'
'Good, good. But you still need lots of work,' James says to me.
'Ok, we need to find Shara.'

Chapter II


Shara, Shara, Guess What!?

'I'm just saying, if you know that he knows that you know that he knows that you like him, you should just go for it,' my friend Amelia tells me.
'Shut up, Amelia. I think I can figure out my own relationship problems by myself,' I snap back.
'How!? You haven't ever been on one date! Whereas I have had seven boyfriends since I got to this school!'
'Why? Did they all break up with you?'
'No!!!' she looks at me, appalled. 'You know for a fact that I broke up with them!!!'
'Really? I heard you crying in the toilets the day before you said that you broke up with Brad.'
'Don't remind me,' she sobs, her eyes welling up.
All of a sudden, Cameron and another boy came running into the cafeteria in the middle of lunch.
I was surprised at first, then my sensed kicked in.
'What are you doing here!' I hiss at Cameron. 'And who is he?'
'This is James. He told me that... ah... um, dad is dead.'
'What? No, that's not true. He can't be dead.'
'Well, he is. And you need to accept that. Oh, and, like your brother here, you need to accept that you guys are sorcerers,' James tells me.

'What?' I ask again. 'That's not possible. Magic and sorcery aren't real.'
'It's true!' Cameron exclaims, obviously getting frustrated at me for being difficult. 'I changed a deer into a walking toadstool with four legs!'
'If you don't believe him, look into my memory,' James states.
He puts his hands on both sides of temple and makes a face, like he's concentrating really hard. Suddenly, a small bubble starts to blow up out of his ear. In a few seconds it was the size of a small bowling ball. In another four, it was the size of a large soccer ball. 
It stopped growing and floated out in front of us. An image appeared in the ball. The image showed James singing Micheal Jackson songs in the shower.
'Uh, wrong memory,' James mutters looking embarrassed. Another image pops up. This one shows Cameron with James standing next to him. They're arguing about something. Cameron is saying something. But he starts to slow down. The picture changes again and a mushroom, toadstool rather, was walking around on four, long legs.

'You did that?' I ask.
'Yes. I told you I did it. I told you,' Cameron answered.
'I'll take you back to the Palace,' James tells us. 'You can meet the other sorcerers.'
'There are others like us?' I ask.
'Yes of course. Quite a lot actually. We have to live in the Palace for Pete's sake.'
'Oh my god! We get to live in a palace!?' Cameron asks.
'The Palace, to be exact,' James corrects.
'Wow, that is so cool, but what's mum going to think of it?' I ask.
'It's ok. Your mother has already been informed and was completely ok with us training you to reach your full magical potential,' James explains.
'Oh good. Well then, let's go!'

Chapter III


The Bridge

The newbies had no idea that magic even existed, let alone how to do it. They followed me to the Palace, the little one, Cameron he calls himself, complained about how long we had to walk.
When we finally got to the Bridge, a long bridge that you have to walk across to get to the Stone, which will levitate you up to the Palace.
'No, I am not walking across that,' stated Shara.
'Yes, you have to,' I replied. 'Unless you don't want to learn the full extension of your powers.'
'Whatever. I don't care. I'll just go back and live with mum then.'
'You have to come with us, we need you.'
'Oh really,' she says sarcastically.
'Yes. Come on. Please?'
'No, already told you. I'm not walking over that.'

'Fine then. Go back. Live a stupid boring life. Cameron and me here will go to the Palace, fight monsters, be sorcerers, have powers that you could only dream of, while you sit at home crying because you lost your brother, a fun life, magical powers and a chance to be a hero all at once.' 
'Ok, fine I never actually wanted powers anyway. I wanted to live a normal life!' she screamed obviously getting very angry.
'You will never be normal,' I reply more coldly than I intended.
Shara walked away.
'Wait! Come back! I didn't mean it! Please!' I call after Shara. 'Please.'
'Don't bother she's extremely stubborn. Once she makes her mind up you can't change it,' Cameron explains. 'She's not going to come back. At least not for a while.'

'Ok, to cross this bridge, you must do this little dance,' I tell Cameron. 'Watch what I do and copy it exactly.' I start to jump around, waving my arms in the air. Cameron copies me. I snigger at the sight of him doing this fake dance (I do this to all the newbies). He doesn't notice. I stop dancing, he does too.
'Ok, what do we do now?' he asks me.
I couldn't hold it in any more. I start cracking up laughing.
'Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!' I had tears in my eyes. 'Hahaha. We didn't actually have to do that dance.' I explain to him in between laughing fits. 'It was just for me to laugh at. You were concentrating so hard on doing exactly what I was.' Cameron frowned. The laughing died down. 'It's ok, don't be embarrassed, I do it to all the newbies. But usually they would have noticed something was wrong about halfway through the dance.' He frowned even more. 'It's just a normal bridge, come on, just follow me.'

Chapter IV


The Stone

So we walked across the Bridge. I was a bit nervous at first, it look like an extremely old bridge, but after walking over it for about two or three minutes, I figured that if it hadn't broken already it wasn't going to break at all. It was a very long bridge. It must have taken the sorcerers who built it a very long time. After a few more minutes we were finally at the end of the very long Bridge. There was a stone on the floating island that we wer- wait, floating island. That is so cool. As I was saying, there was a stone on the floating island that was connected to the other side of the Bridge.

'What's this stone all about?' I ask James.
'Oh, this. It's not just a stone, it's the Stone. It is a magical sto-' he started to say.
'Oh, no. I'm not falling for that again.'
'No. I'm serious. This is an actual magic stone. If you chant the right incantation it will levitate you up to the Palace.'
'Really?' I say sarcastically, wiggling my eyebrows.
'Yes! It is really a magical stone. The Stone.'
'Ok. I'll play along. So, what's the incantation that we, supposedly, have to chant?'
'Well, it goes like this. Sar'cor carnantum carnantus intres nasaca INFRAM NECTROSOM! See you on the other side.' James states, saluting to me as he floats up through the clouds.

'Whoa!' I exclaim. 'Ok, now, how did it go? Hmm. I think I remember now. Um, Sar'cor carnantus carnantum sacana, uh, IFARM NECTROSOM!' I chant. Suddenly, I turn into a duck. 'Quack,' I quack. 'Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!' I quack in surprise. I look at my hands. Wait! I don't have hands! Where my arms and hands were supposed to be, there were feathered wings. I look at my butt, but all I see is some ruffled tail feathers. Suddenly I realize that I am completely and totally naked. I cover up my butt, or where it would usually be. Then remembered that I was a duck. 
Wait, I think. How am I going to get up to the palace. I'm a duck so I can't chant the incantation because I'd just quack so it wouldn't work. But wait, I was a duck. I have wings. I can just fly up.

'Quack Quack,' I quack trying to say "Well great". So I start to flap my wings in a few minutes I was above the clouds. A few minutes after that the air was getting very thin. I was about to go down when I saw a humongous shape just a few hundred metres away from me. I flew as fast as I could (which wasn't very fast because I hadn't been a duck for very long) and got there in about an hour.

I landed at the Palace. James was waiting just outside.
'It took you long enough. Why are you a duck?' James asked.
'It's a long story,' I answered. 'I'll tell you later.'

Chapter V


The Palace

So, James turned me back into a human (phew) and took me for a tour around the Palace. It was amazing, there was a living room where kids with powers like me did whatever they wanted. Most of them looked like they were studying for school, but others were reading, playing games, playing X-Box (a LEGO Marvels Avengers game) and some were even practicing magic.

Later he showed me where all the bathrooms were (there were like twenty) and after that the training room! It was really cool there was an obstacle course with traps and... traps and... obstacles! A special, ever-changing battle simulator with different terrains and textures arena used for training, games, sorcery practice and... other things stood in the middle of the room.
'So,' James said, 'that was the grand tour of the Palace. I'll show you to your room.'

So James showed me to my room. It was a very nice room. Much larger than the one I had at the farm. I looked around, there was a mini snack bar that was packed with all of the food I could think of. I opened a chest of drawers and inside was clothes that perfectly fitted me. I placed the clothes back in the drawers and walked over to the window. I parted the curtains and gasped in amazement. The view was astonishing.
'Wow,' I exclaim. 'I think I'm going to like it here. But I will get lonely without Shara. She and Amelia were my only friends.' He sighed. Then he looked up again, staring into the vast, cloudless sky, feeling determined. 'Well then. I guess its time to make some new ones.'
I opened the door and strolled out of the room and went down to the living room where seven girls were playing some sort of hand game, clapping each others hands and giggling when they got it wrong. There was another girl with a dark expression on her face reading a  book in the corner. A few boys playing the Xbox and a boy and a girl practicing spells and comparing what they did then jotting down notes in their book. I walked over to the boy and girl and asked: 'What are you doing?' And then, 'I mean of course I know what you're doing. You're practicing spells. But what ones?' They looked at me with a quizzical look. 'Okay fine, I have no idea what you're doing. I've never made a friend before that wasn't my sister or one of her fiends. Alright take a hint. Will you be my friend?'
'Um. Okay. You talk a lot. I like that. And yes, we are practicing spells. We're doing our homework for Creature Creation class. We're trying to do the Tiger Creation spell,' the boy said. 
'Are you sure that it's a good idea to create a tiger in here?' I asked nervously.
'Yeah. You'd be surprised how many times its actually happened. Anyway. My name is Kyle.'
'Hi, Kyle. I'm Cameron. Let's see if you can do that tiger spell.'
'Actually it's the Tiger Creation spell. And yes. Lets see if we can do the Tiger Creation spell. Ay, Georgie.'
'Uh, yeah,' said the girl, Georgie, sounding frustrated. 'And stop calling me that. My name's Georgina. Call me by my name.'
'Okay, Gina.'
Georgina sighed. 'He can be really annoying.' She sighed again. 'Get used to it.'

'Okay. Ready. We are attempting to do the Tiger Creation spell,' exclaimed Kyle enthusiastically. 'Remember the incantation. Three, two, one, GO!' shouted Kyle.
'Panthera Tigris CREHORTATE!' they both chanted, pointing their hands at two different spots on the floor.

Suddenly, two green swirls of light appeared where they had pointed their hands. The swirl grew and grew until there were two large swirling green balls of light floating a metre off the ground.
'It's beautiful,' Kyle whispered. All of a sudden, the balls of light turned into the shape of a tiger.
'Yes!' Kyle and Georgina exclaimed, high fiving each other. But then, the tiger shaped forms of light started swirling around the room randomly, scaring the wits out of the sorcerers in the living room. Then the tiger shaped forms of light returned to their original position and morphed into the shapes of a goat. There was a big flash of green light that blinded the room for a second then when all of the black spots had cleared out of my vision I saw, standing in the place where the tigers were supposed to appear, stood two ugly, overgrown billygoats. About the size of a tiger.
'You guys really need to practice more,' Cameron said fighting back a grin.

Chapter VI


The Confession

I was walking home angrily, furious at James for even thinking for a second that I'd be caught crossing that bridge dead. Let alone alive. After a few hours of walking I got too tired to continue. It was getting dark too. So I lay down feeling cold and sorry for myself. I went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pile of leaves I was using as a pillow.

The beginning

Chapter 1
The waves crashed into the thick hot sand. I walked down the coastline and entered the tomb. It was dark and creepy and I didn't like it that much but I had to do this for Steve he was stuck down here and I was going to find him even if it meant dying. I walked down a narrow path that lead to a small hatch. I was going to go down there even if it meant falling to my death I walked up to the hatch and climbed down it, I was shivering like mad.  Steve was down here and I wasn't going to leave without a fight.

There was a small chair with a key on it I picked up the key, then I was falling to my death really? I screamed as I fell and then there I was at the front of the tomb again. I still had the key in my hand so that was good, now I have to find Steve. I walked up the beach the beach thinking where was Steve?

Chapter 2

He picked up a rock an threw it, it hit me and I dropped the key the key that would help me find Steve.As I thought the man took the key. Really? I needed that key to find... Steve.Wait!!! That man probably kidnapped him o need to find him as soon as possible, I must follow that mysterious man and find out where he is taking my key...

I followed the man into another Tomb, was this a trick or was I going to find Steve??? The man stopped and turned to face me. I hid behind a gravestone, he had spotted me I could tell by the look on his face. "I am your worst nightmare," the man explained "If you continue following me you will face the consequences." I stumbled back, did he mean me or someone else? He started walking again and I slowly followed him trying not to make a single noise.

He walked into a room and stopped I got ready to run again but he didn't stop and look all he did was press a red button on the wall and start falling rapidly into a secret room. I looked down into the room I couldn't see him so I decided to fall to, what I didn't know was that he was right beside the hole. BANG!!! I landed on the cold wet floor. The man turned around "Who are you?" he asked...
" I am Bob, my brother Steve has been kidnapped do you know where he is?" I yelled
"I can help you  Bob my name is, Frank." he said calmly

Chapter 3

The clock struck twelve o'clock it was time to go and find Steve, Frank walked along the beach towards a small shack on a tall cliff. "Why do we need to go there?" Bob asked " It is just a shack, nothing to worry about." Bob was really confused, he had played in their hundreds of times when he was a boy" Oh really, you think that that place is safe for you to play in. Well you're wrong there is a secret hatch that leads to a chamber and I am guessing Steve has found the chamber and fell down it. He has been captured by the almighty beast Galadon."

 Bob was scared like really scared so scared that sweat was dripping off his poor body. Frank started walking towards the old shack. The shack smelt like blood actually, it had blood all over the floor the floor was stained red from the blood. Was Steve dead? Frank found the lever and pulled it and at that moment we were falling down the deepest hole I had ever seen. Frank wasn't scared it looked like he had done it before well he has because if he hasn't  that wouldn't make sense because then he would have guessed there was a lever so he most likely has been down here. "Hey, Frank how long until we get to the bottom?" There was no answer I asked again but no answer again I looked around no Frank. I looked up Frank was still up by the hole "Ha ha ha I have tricked you again I am no Frank, I am the amazing... Galadon!!! WA WA WA WA!" I was tricked again I am a fool and it looks like the bottom in right THUD there...

Chapter 4

I hooked my phone up to a power source not sure what to expect when a loud bang came from the ground and then the most unexpected thing happened a person was falling. It wasn't Steve but it looked a lot like... Galadon!! He must have fell down the hole but he new where the hole was so that doesn't make sense THUD. Galadon was lying on the cold wet pavement moaning helplessly I stared at him for a while not sure what he was doing, he was breathing and he looked ok but for some weird reason he wasn't trying to attack. Then it hit me like a bullet this wasn't Galadon it was the real Frank his twin brother but why was Frank here? "Frank?" I asked  quietly "Frank are you alive?"  Frank looked up at me with a stern look he was injured badly, probably fighting with his brother again, usual. " You must run my boy run and run until you get to a door then go out of the door and warn the town that Galadon has escaped from prison."
"You come to, Frank. Or you will die." 
" I have done my duties I will fight him off and slow him down even if it means getting killed by my only brother." ... 

The next story called the end will come out on the 20th of October ...

" You must warn the town my boy." Bob has to find his loyal friend but the person that kidnapped him has got an evil plan up his lab coat... Bob must fight if it means survival. 

The end coming soon...

Monday, 13 October 2014

Mr slushy vs David part 1

The waves crashed into the mountains of David's secret underground lair as David was preparing for his ultimate revenge meanwhile Mr slushy was hating his life as a gigantic slushy. He was rich but nobody liked him because his best friend killed all of their family members by squashing them with stuffed teddy bears. Mr slushies best friend was the meanest fire throwing baby in the whole universe David ... something.

Mr slushy was training to try and destroy him because he was the nice and he turned evil by him so he wanted to defeat him so he trained and trained until he came invincible so he tried to defeat the master of karate which was meeeeeeeeee, so we lined up and went in circles to see who would make the first move I leaped towards him and i drank him "mmmmmm delicious," now he was dead and there was nobody who could defeat the evil David but most people wanted Mr slushy dead except for his family oh wait his dead family.


The Waves Crashed into the rock smooth beach then I woke up huh well today I want a puppy I don't know why I just do So I begged my dad for like 3 hours straight can I have a puppy I have a puppy finally my dad said "we can have a puppy but were adopting it" "OK" once I chose the dog I wanted they said "great I'll get the papers" "woh he can read too" when we went home I decided to play fetch I threw the ball and said "fetch" the ball hit his face and bounced on the ground suddenly my dad walked in and said "hows the dog going" straight after he said that I got a machine and pulverised him to death "great" I said sarcastically "really cause I just saw you let a machine pulverise your dog to death" "oh well" I said. after that I went to bed The Waves Crashed into the rock smooth beach then I woke up today I want a cat I don't know why but I do "hey dad can I have a cat" "NO"

The Random Story 1!

The waves crashed into Dalton, he was a very lonely pug. But one day, a Squirrel Throwing Super Schnauzer named Tyler came bobbing along the waves and he jumped onto the sand.
'Why gooday mate,' Said Tyler in a australian accent. 'what are you doin' here!'
'I'm uhhh, nothing.' Dalton said quickly and quietly. Tyler wasn't quite sure. The n Dalton randomly turned into a pony! Tyler was shocked! He thought  he murdered all of the pony's with his squirrels! Well Tyler was WRONG! He summon a squirrel with his super squirrely powers and threw it at Dalton. Dalton died a few nanoseconds later from squirrel disease. Tyler summoned another one, and he threw it up. He had now murdered all the ponys, so they could never bite his butt again! Uhh, I mean, umm, so they could never, uhhh, eat his food again! Yeah! That's what I meant! Yeah, yeah. Anyways, that squirrel that he threw in the air, came down and landed on his head, a few nanoseconds later he died of squirrel disease. Meanwhile, on the planet of kittens, Connor was just elected King of all kitty's! But his servant, Dominic, was now president and next in line for the throne. When Connor died, he would be given 7,000 kgs of catnip!

The Sudden Ending!


The waves crashed onto the large jagged rocks if I don't get the boat started soon I'm going to be rock kill. At the start of the day it had been a sunny calm peaceful day so I decided to head out on the water not bothering to check the weather before I went out, but as I went out further and further I realised something was wrong the boat engine had stopped and to make matters worse it started to rain.

Five minutes later the rain started pelleting down and a strong wind had picked up too in minutes a massive swell was tossing my boat around like a rag doll suddenly I regretted not checking the weather. I quickly tossed on a life jacket  and tried to contact the coastguard but the wind had broken the antennae I tried to use a flare to signal for help but it just disappeared into the mist soon there was nothing left do but wait. 

Just when I thought I was a goner a silver figure across the water a dolphin and  he was pushing my boat out of the swell and towards home who would've thought my saviour would be a dolphin. Soon I could see the sand and it knew everything would be alright. The dolphin pushed my boat onto the sand I clambered out my legs feeling like jelly then everything went black and I hit the beach. A couple of minutes later I was being nudged awake by my friend storm the dolphin.