Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bloodhound 1: The Rise of the Wolf

My father, the original Bloodhound, is evil. He likes to call himself the Dark Lord, I always tease him about being a Harry Potter fan. He can turn into a wolf on command and has enhanced strength, agility and smelling. It's because we're descended from the ancient werewolves that lived over two million years ago. He tells me I'm a great disappointment and that he had already uncovered his abilities when he was two years younger than I am right now. He has made many enemies over the years, some of the them the greatest superheroes of all. My name is Lisa Hanston. I am the Bloodhound.

'Lisa!' my father shouted at me.
'What?' I shouted back from the other side of the house.
'Get down! Catman's back!'
As soon as he said it a man dressed in complete black burst into the house. 'I'm here for my revenge Bloodhound! Come out, come out, wherever you are!' shouted Catman crazily. 'Are you under here?' he wondered looking under the bed. He had obviously lost his mind. But I guess that happens to a person when someone kills your wife. He opened the cupboard where I was hiding.
'Ooh. What's this. Killing teenagers now are you, Bloodhound?'
'No,' I say. 'I'm his daughter.'
'Ooh. Bloody has a daughter. I wanted wanted to kill you, Bloodhound. But, I can settle for someone special that you care about.'
My father emerged from his hiding place. 'I don't care about her. Kill her if you want. It'll provide me with a getaway distraction.'
Catman pounced. 'You don't care about any living being in the universe. I WILL KILL YOU!!!' Catman screamed ferociously. Shing went his claws as he landed on top of my father. He was swiping crazily at my fathers face. Trying to injure him enough for him to bleed to death. Catman drew back for the finishing blow but at the last second, my father rolled out of the way leaving Catman's claws stuck in the floor. My father ran over to me and said; 'One more step towards me and this girl dies.'
I gasp. 'Father?' I whimper.
'Huh,' he scoffs. 'You actually think I care about you? I don't care what happens to you, as long as I survive. The only reason I looked after you was because it was your mothers final words. She was the only thing that I ever cared about. Now, you. Catman. Back off. Get out of my house and go die in a hole.'
I was shocked. I knew my father didn't like me but I didn't know that he didn't care about me at all. Suddenly, my sadness was replaced with rage. I felt anger bubbling up inside me. And then felt myself grow bigger. I felt my senses sharpening. I felt myself getting stronger and stronger. I looked down at my father, his mouth wide in disbelief. Then, heard a howl. And then, realised it was me howling.
'That's one heck of a daughter you've got there, eh Bloody,' Catman joked over the gloomy howl. My howl. Then with one swift movement, I turned around and knocked my father to the other side of the room with my giant paw. Paw! I had just done my first wolf transformation. I growled in a very low voice which was not my own: 'You are not my father. And I swear, someday. I. Will. Kill you.' Then, I walked out of our old abandoned mansion and into the night. 'He's all yours.'

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