Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Death to me

"Thank you for everything" I said, but it was to late the man-Greg-had already thrown the rope around my neck
"You won't be thanking us when your dead" he cackled. The crowd screeched with laughter
"Kill the witch, kill the witch" they chanted, all except Marty and Mum, I think Marty would be if he could but he was only 2 and couldn't speak and mum well lets just say someone cut out her tongue. I was only 14 but someone had killed Henry Gillock and since I owned a cat, they blamed it on me. As I hung there thrashing about trying to peel the rope off my neck. But that just made it worse. And than suddenly I knew I was dead, the entire world grew hazy and than became clear again but everything was going in slow motion I found a pocket knife and cut the rope. Than I screamed-I had, had a knife the whole time. Mum and Marty were walking away, grinning from ear to ear. I growled to myself as the world went back to normal speed as I looked down a my self, I was a ghost.
"Well  I thought to myself, you just got a personnel poltergeist.
Since that day Marty And Mary Owen never had a peaceful day, or Marty' Children and grandchildren and so on for generations it is the year 3018 and I am torturing Thomas Owen by ruining his Currier, oh what a mistake they made hanging me.

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