Wednesday, 12 November 2014

don't play with fire!!

She did not just do that, she did not just blow up the twin tower building with her bare hands... cool!!
I ran up in front of the building and yelled "Potatoes are cool!" I died, The End. 

woke up and looked around the house it was ebony black and it smelt like my Mum's burnt cookies coming out of the oven. I was hot and sweaty, why? Then I turned my back, right behind me was a fire it got me I died, The End.

I woke up ,in the middle of the sea and I was in my bed that was soaking wet and it was falling apart. I saw sharks under me and I tried to hang on. It was to late, I set fire to by bed and thought it would be a good signal, what I didn't no was that my bed was flammable, I died. the End.

I woke up in a volcano, well not any volcano it was the volcano that was going to erupt like now and I forgot my bed was not fire proof so it set on fire. The volcano erupted I burnt miserably to a crisp, I died. the End.

I woke up in a tornado, well not any tornado this tornado was going to destroy my home town and kill everyone. I decided to fly down it I fell and well. I Died. The End

I woke up, my Mum was there and she said " you were asleep when the twin tower building got bombed when a volcano erupted when there was a flood happening there was a tornado and when killer Mums took over the earth, Mum ate me, The End.

I woke up, I stared at the phone with disbelief the power had run out. A killer frog came into my house and decided it was time to eat me. I fell into the stomach acid and kinda burnt to death, I died. The End.

I woke up, there was a spark then there was smoke then my clothes set on fire so I tried to stand on the flame but I forgot that I had bare feet so my foot set on fire and I bleed to death, I died. The End.

I woke up and there was a storm so I decided it would be a good time to go outside. What I forgot was that I was blind so I walked straight into a pool of lava and died and I also got struck by lightning, I died. The End.

I woke up, I am in a room of cheese and I eat all of the cheese but I forgot that I was allergic to cheese so I died because I ate to much cheese, I died. The End.

I woke up and found minions eating jelly, I was starving so I ate it, it was horrible because it tasted like puke, gross. I died of starvation, The End.

Her scream made my hair stand on the end, I ran down the narrow corridor and found her she was in the middle of a screaming contest and she was losing so she was screaming louder and louder but I really don't understand the concept of it. I died of the screaming. The End.

I woke up, I was in a pot of boiling water and there were cakes around me reading a book 'How to bake cakes crossed  out with humans instead.' I was tied up so I couldn't get out so I ate the rope and ran out I survived then a cake came and saw me he ate me before I could eat him I died, The End.

I woke up wait why did I wake up I died like 13 times I should be dead already.Am I magic I used my magic to take over the world I died , The End.

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