Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Five Night's At Freddy's 1 Part 3!

Day Two

(Yawn). I'm so tired! I've had no sleep at all and now I'm gonna fall asleep which is the worst thing to do! Remember what happened to the last guy. He fell asleep and in the morning was found dead, in a pool of blood! SO NEVER FALL ASLEEP!!!  I'm so tired. (Yawn!) It's 2 AM and I'm feeling so sleepy! I- I- I, Zzz Zzz Zzz. I woke up and it was still 2 AM but I'm not tired anymore, it's so weird. Well anyways, um, uh, I'm bored. When can it be 6! Well it's 3 now and I looked at the camera's and this room with this poster with Freddy on it, but he was golden. Then I saw this camera which I've never noticed, the camera wasn't working and it was just- just- just stupid! Hmm, my power percentage must quite low. I checked and it said 502734286%. Wait- WHAT! 502734286%! What is happening. Random things keep happening! I decided to keep looking through the camera's. But then I saw one of the manager getting attacked! Her scream made my hair stand on end... I saw her dead, killed by Foxy and he was brought into the toilets. I looked away and right in front of me, on my chair, was Golden Freddy! I kept seeing the words "It's Me, It's ME! flash over and over again. Then all I saw was Golden Freddy Face. And than I woke up! "What! That was all a dream! Well, I must expect that because those weird things couldn't happen in real life right, right." It was 6 AM and i decided to go home. But on the way back I saw a hand on the floor, outside the toilets. I looked through and there was the manager lying on the floor, in a pool of blood! But holding onto her foot was... Foxy! But he wasn't on. Phew! I walked back home, forgetting about the manager and just wishing tomorrow wouldn't come!

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