Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Five Night's At Freddy's 1! Part 4!

Day 3 

I'm back at work today and I've got a plan! I told my friend about my job and how scary it was and he said just to look at one of the doors, turn the light on, turn it off, look at the other door, put the light on, turn it off. If there's any of the animatronics, close the door, look at the shadow, when he's gone open the door, turn of the light and look at the other door. Then look at the camera where Foxy hides because rumors say, he's the scariest and if he gets out and you close the door on he will tap the door and absorb tons of your power. He also only comes from the left door. That freaked me out SOO much! Well, it's 10 PM so I better head off.  When I got there the manager was waiting for m-. Wait! Didn't Foxy murder the manager. Well it looks like Foxy didn't kill the manager. Then I asked her what I shouldn't of. "I thought you died."
"What!" She yelled. "Of course I didn't! If I did die I wouldn't be here!"
"Um, I need to show you something." I led her to Pirates Cove where the body was, but there wasn't a body. "Whaa-" 
"WHAT IS THIS!" She screamed. "WHY IS THERE BLOOD ALL OVER FOXY!!! YOUR FIR-" Just then it turned 12 AM and Foxy came alive and it happened... again! Foxy murdered the manager and turned it's head at me. I ran back to the security room because that's the only place I would be getting paid and luckily, Foxy stayed at Pirates Cove. Ok, it's 1 AM so I better do what my friend said. I looked at one of the rooms, turned on the light. Nothing there, I looked at the other door and turned on the light. Nothing there. I looked at Foxy's camera and his head was sticking out of the curtain's. So creepy.  looked at the door, put the light on. Nothing there. Looked at the other door, put the light on. And there was Chicka. "AHHHH!" I screamed as I shut the door. "STOP IT! GO AWAY!" I looked at it's shadow through the door and he was gone. I opened the door and he wasn't there. I quickly looked at Foxy and his head was still sticking out off the curtain. There was a sign saying "OUT OF ORDER" outside his curtain. Why does Foxy just happen to be the scariest!?!? Oh well. I looked at the foxy camera and he was out even more! He was nearly out.
Ughh, that gives me the creeps. I look back at the doors and Bonnie is there looking right at me. "Yo." I say as I close the door. I wait till he's gone then I look at the other door. Nothing there. It's 4 AM and I'm soo happy that my jobs nearly done. I looked at Foxy's camera and he wasn't there! Ohh god! I'm gonna die a horrible death! No!  Why did I want this job! I saw him running down the hallway and when I got out of the camera I instantly closed the door and it was silent. Then I heard a "Tap". I had no power. It was all gone because, OF STEVE! I decided to name him Steve. But holy crud, he's annoying! Uhh, I'm so scared. It's Five and there's this bear outside my door. It must be Freddy Fazbear. His face kept lighting up randomly. I heard this song which is Freddy Fazbear's own song he used to preform every single day. That must be annoying. Anyway. The song is still going and it's so stupid. Then everything went black. It was 5:59 and I just knew Freddy Fazbear was in my room. Then I heard a ding and I knew my shift was over. Freddy Fazbear was right in front of me. So I kicked him in the gut. It didn't hurt him but I did rip his suit. I walked away. I jumped in my car and left. When I got home it was already 7:30 AM and I just never wanted it be 12 AM ever again. It actually came quite quickly and before I knew it, I was there. And I walked into Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria!

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