Thursday, 13 November 2014

Five Nights At Freddys 2 part 1

No way it did not just happen at Freddy Fazbears pizza shop, a man in a costume led 5 kids to their
death. Rumor says he stuck the body's in the animatronics also at night parents claim foul odors come
out of the animatronics the manager claims that blood and mucus comes out of the animatronics eyes. 
4 years later, Finally they reopened Freddy Fazbears pizza shop that story before can finally be left 
behind. Everything is new I need some more money I wander if I can get a Job there?

Oh I guess I can be the Security Guard that's ok. When I Applied for the job they gave me a sheet asking me questions. What the year 1993, what's your first name Kyle last name Brooje, how old are you 18, do you have a criminal record no. After I filled in the rest of the paper work I gave it to the man at the counter. he said "you got the
job" as day became night I wandered if the robots hadn't changed what if they want to kill me. I Began
to wonder if my choice of career was a mistake. the clock struck 11. I want to get there early to listen to the voice message someone left me. In the sheet they said there will be a voice recorded with steps on what to do. I got there and they led me to my room it was small broken down and had a computer that allowed me to see the 
security cameras and another computer showing how much power I had. The person who showed me 
the room left the room in a hurry and said "got to go by" I listened to the message it said "if you chose
this job the chances are you've maid a very poor career choice if any damage or injuries occur we are not responsible for it, the animals here probably think you're a naked endo-skeleton now to the important business if 
Chicka or Bonnie come in put on the Freddy hat they will not attack you what ever you do don't let foxy
in he will take the Freddy hat of you and attack you also-" I muted the call everything went silent until
I heard a rustle what was that noise coming all I know is it getting closer and closer and closer huh the 
vent its coming from the vent I kneed to lock it I ran up to the vent and locked it only to find Chicka 
staring into my eyes how much power 98% and it's still 12 wait I hear something some screaming 
"HELP HELP HELP ME"then everything went silent I checked the camera all I saw was was Freddy, 
blood dripping from his eyes and mouth he had just killed a man. The clock clicked to 1 am So for So 
Good lets check the camera Freddy and Bonnie haven't moved yet foxy peeking his head out. I'll go 
off the camera lets check the vent Chicka still there determined to get in. "Huh it's Bonnie shes in the 
room put the Freddy hat on. phew I did it just in time a few minutes later, wow I'm astonished Bonnie 
just left the room And it's 2 am maybe I will survive the day. wait a second the cameras oh no few foxy still in the same place Freddy's hiding in the toilet but Bonnie is still where he started. and I I ZZZ ZZZ ZZZZ I Fell 
asleep I awoke my self after a terrible nightmare I was doing the job and Freddy kept randomly 
appearing saying It's me It"s me. Oh good it's 5 and I still have some power oh no oh god it's foxy he's 
in. The clock struck 6 he fell to the floor and became limp and and lifeless huh that's weird at least I 
made it past day 1. The next day, oh why didn't I quit I'm so stupid who in there right mind wouldn't 
quit oh well time for the voice message "Hello Hello if your hearing this you've done better then most 
people" that's satisfying I thought now back to the voice message "also you may want to check the cameras well listening to this also check th- I muted the call lets look at a camera wait a second the poster it... it changed now
it's this weird golden Freddy lets go off the camera there's a limp and lifeless dead gold Freddy figure 
staring into my eyes and I keep hallucinating and seeing Freddy saying it's me i'ts me and the figure its 
attacking me help I screamed then everything went dark.

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