Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fred the bank robber

Fred did not just do that. Of course he didn't just do that. He was too stupid to do that.
A man with an IQ of 37 couldn't do much.
Why the heck would he rob a bank?
He had no evidence. The only evidence he had was a 271 bags of $100 notes. Plus a few huge sacks of $50 dollar notes.
The police judged him as innocent.
"Let's go break a coffee." the head policeman said. "Another case well solved!"

At midnight, Fred drove his Lamborghini to the Central City Bank. He found a parking spot and looked around; no one was there so he smashed a window open. The siren went off.
"Oh, stuff you security camera."
He pulled out his pistol and shot it. It stopped ringing.
30 minutes later he came strolling through the door with 298 more huge sacks of money.
"La la la la la.." Fred hummed and all of a sudden 44 police cars surrounded him in a circle.
"Give up your money," a policeman said sternly. "OR EAT THIS!!!"
All 123456789 policemen shot their shotguns at the same time, killing Fred.

30000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years later.....................

Everyone died from Yellowstone erupting.


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