Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I knew without a doubt that he was insane. His eyes shine in the moonlight as he cackled and cackled. There was nothing I could do, his soul was gone. I walked away head down. Another innocent life was lost to Michael Peng, the soul stealer. I, Maz Christopherson had the responsibility to stop him. However I'm pretty sure I'm not doing a good job. How I knew this well Michael had stolen almost half the world's souls in a few days. I coughed. I looked down as a illuminated blue mist floated around me. A cold unearthly scent filled the room as I heard a dark voice. I knew it was him, I knew it was the soul stealer. His dark voice filled the room.
"So you think you can stop me?" He cackled a shrill vibration ran through his voice.
"Well news flash NOONE CAN!!!" He threw his lantern to the ground the floorboards cracking. I immediately felt a pull. It didn't fell like someone was pulling my hand it felt more likely heart was being sucked out of it's place. The realisation hit, he was taking my soul. I tried to get away but it was no use, it was like an invisible chain had hooked me. Finally my body grew weak, my struggling stopped as the lantern's pull became stronger. I closed my eyes, I had failed and now my soul was gone.

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