Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jellyland (it's short)

"Thank you for everything-" Bob said to Gary but it was too late.
The magical flying corn chip only let Bob 5 seconds to talk before it would pick him up and take him to the Jellyland full of jelly in the jelly galaxy where it was paradise.
Bob had been selected to be the 5 people on the Earth to enter Jellyland. He had been selected because he had wrote a letter containing 10 words: I would like to enter jellyland because I like jelly.
The people in Jellyland along with the president thought this was a magnificent piece of writing and took Bob as one of the 5 people to Jellyland. 3 and half billion people wrote letters to the Jellyland president but Mr Jelly (the president of Jellyland) choose the following people: Bob, Fred, Freddy, Bobby and Bob the second.
On the magical flying corn chip, Bob fell off and there were no safety stuff and Bob fell 193 kilometers and he died  

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