Friday, 14 November 2014

Maz was pointing at sophie. Sophie was bobbing her head up and down while listening to music. Zahra was making faces. Joseph was typing. Adam wasn't moving. David was laughing. Dom was wearing headphones. James shorts were being burnt by a hot glue gun. Amy was leaning back in her chair. Tyler was telling sophie about how he went to his cousins house. Oliver was talking to maz. Connor was looking at me. Mrs storey was marking reports. So was miss fuller. Romy and Ellie were talking. Sarah was blinking. Ben was scribbling words. Alex and dalton were looking at pictures of pugs. Yvette was leaning on her elbow. Jenna was colouring in with a blue pen. Hayden was reading. Eliza was doing her passion project. Cooper was biting miss fullers shoe. Leo was sitting on two chairs. Rhys was playing with mrs storeys leg. Gabriel was listening to Eliza. Mikaela was sitting on a blue chair with a blue iPad. Michael was opening a chrome book lid. I was typing. This. Sopho is reading my work. I am Sopho. Now I'm giving it back to amberghtjfhgfhfhgvghvhgvghvghvhg

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