Thursday, 13 November 2014

Maz's death

I sit on the comfy, green couch next to Joe, wondering what to write about. I peer over Joe's shoulder.
"Whatcha doing?" I whisper.
"Shhhh!" someone in the classroom echoes.
Then, I hear a deafening scream. Louder than ever. It rattles the TV. The classroom explodes with noise as everyone goes to look outside and begins chatting. The teacher's look dumbfounded, not knowing what to do. I then stand up in the commotion, and slowly pace across the carpet to our The Jetsons door. I clambered it open, and take a look inside the bathroom. It's dark in there, with blue flooring and water everywhere and toilet paper scattered across the floor. I scan the toilet for a moment, looking in the seats and outside of them until my nice new shoe hits something.
"Uugh!" I mutter in disgust.
I pull up my shoe and see what it was. Watery white toilet paper with a red stain on it. Something points out about the toilet paper, and I stand there for a moment, thinking. And then I realize. Blood. A tiny bit of crimson blood. I jog outside the door onto the timber deck. All the teachers in the school are there and so is the principal. All of them waiting outside our classroom on the veranda. Awkward. Our teacher, Mrs. Storey, walks out onto the deck. The field is muddy, full of brown squish. The grass is turning brown and mouldy anyway. A rain starts flooding upon us, but not to big. It rattles against our classroom roof. I can see the principal talking to my teacher about what happened. I go up to the principal. I'm about to tell him about what happened to Maz, I open my mouth with a gasp, but then close it. I slowly walk back inside like nothing happened and slam my head on the couch. No one in the class knows what to do. Then, the principal stomps into our room with his ebony polished shoes. He wears a tie and a white and black suit. A smile comes across his face.
"Continue school," he says, "Or should I tell you a funny story first?"
The class cheers for a funny story, and then everything goes back to normal as we sit on the mat as the principal starts talking about Jimmy the sheep. But I knew things will change from that moment. Number 1, Michael will have no friends, and, well, yeah. So I guess I'll have to finish the story here.

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