Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Dream (Full Storyish)

Goosebumps appeared on my skin and a shiver ran down my spine
"No" I screamed "Please,NOO! have mercy"
The man stared down at me "I have no mercy" he spat and raised his staff.Than everything went black.

"Max Max,please wake up" I heard someone say. Wearily I rolled to one side and opened my eyes "Oh good it was just a dream I murmured and sat up out of bed. "You okay?" asked my best friend Jake "You wouldn't wake up" 
"I'm fine" I answered and was going to tell him my dream,its only a dream right when for some reason I didn't "Just a bad dream" I said and when he still didn't look reassured a gave a wide smile and told him I would be fine and to go down stairs.
 Even though he didn't look convinced he went downstairs while I got changed.

When I got down stairs I walked over to where Jake,Ivy and Mason were sitting
"Whats up" I asked Jake and Ivy didn't pay any attention though I could make out bits of there conversation like "The curse" "Death" "Saacasa" and stuff like that when they realized I was there they turned sheepishly "What you talking about" I asked 
Lunch" answered Ivy while Jake said "Breakfast" and then coughed "what we mean is brunch" said Jake 
I stared down at them "Ah-ha yeah right whats this about the curse"
At this I Ivy's hand rushed to her mouth "How do you know" she gasped
"Well next time I would be a little quieter when you are having private discussions" I said grumpily "what's going on"
Jake sighed,"we best tell you everything" he said 

"Well there is something that is called the The Cursed Sacana  prophecy which was made 100 years ago" Jake paused "And-and we think you are the child of the prophecy-"
"What do you mean you think" I interrupted "Just cause I had a dream about a guy killing me with a staff it means I am "The boy of the prophecy""
I than stopped I had just told them about the dream there was a stifled silence and Ivy coughed
"No the real reason is that I was born blessed and can tell who people are,but know we know for definite you are the boy of the prophecy"
Mason who had been quiet the whole time spoke up "We should probably hide him" he coughed "I mean encase Saacasa finds out"
"Should I take him to the lair" volunteered Jake
"No" said a cold voice behind me "I'll take him to my lair"
I turned around and standing behind was a man from my dream than everything went black.

I could hear a boy shouting "Leave me" he cried "Save the others don't be stupid!"
I looked down from the building I was standing on,grasping for dear life was Mason,his face was covered in scratches and his grip was loosening "Go" he shouted once more and than let go of the ledge only to fall into inky blackness. 

I woke to the sound of screams like someone was being tortured and found myself strapped to a chair like the ones you would find at a dentist. Out of nowhere the man from my dream turned to me,looked at his watch and gave a evil smile
"What did you dream?" he snapped
"Why would I tell you" I spat
"Good point" he murmured "Maybe this will change your mind"
He walked over to the chair I was strapped to he walked behind it than snapped his gnarled fingers,where the roof had been it suddenly opened up to a room that I could only see bits of we both than rose up into the air once we were in the room because we had floated so high the roof snapped shut and I was in a room filled with machines.
The man grabbed a particular machine and hauled it over me he got a needle and stuck it into me.
Thoughts started to go drowsy and I thought "Why don't I give in,it's just a dream" but than another half of my brain told that thought of, "Must fight serum" I wheezed and suddenly nothing was drowsy and I could see perfectly again
I gave a smug smile "You gotta do better than that"
The man cursed the roof beneath us opened and we found our selves back in the first room.
"Cacanas" shouted the man "Bring in the girl,oh yes and the knife" he cackled evilly and a few moments later a big man came in caring Ivy in one hand and a wicked knife in the other but Ivy didn't have the cheerful rosy cheeks like normal but a pale face and blood trickling down her nose "Don't give in" she wheezed "He is Saacasa"
Saacasa walked over to me "What was the dream" he growled
"Never-tell" I whispered for some reason a sharp ache was in my side
"Cacanas" said Saacasa nodding towards Ivy
"Yes master" croaked Cacanas and swung the knife at Ivy's face a deep cut appeared in her flesh and she cried out in pain.
Saacasa asked me again "Tell me"
I weakly nodded and started to tell him when he cut me off "You don't just tell me" he said as if it were obvious "you think it,all I needed was your agreement than I can read your mind"
"Yeah" I said sarcastically "That is totally obvious!"
but I did as he said and pictured the dream for a few minutes until he told me "That's enough" then he clicked his fingers and another servant came and dragged Ivy and me too a cold grey dungeon.
"You all right?" somebody whispered to me after the servant had left I looked around hunched up in a corner was Jake
"Yeah I'm fine but Ivy's not
"Oh God whats happened' he wailed and ran over to her,her face was dripping in blood and she was trying to say something
"Mason,where Mason"
"Its okay" soothed Jake "he is up on the roof disabling the security"
I started panicking "On the roof,no we got to save him"
What is it" asked Ivy weakly
"Okay I will tell you" I said shakily "It was the weirdest dream ever..." I burst into conversation about my dream "And than I woke up" I finished
'We gotta save him" Ivy gulped through tears and smashed the wall with her foot she repeated this about fifty times until it surprisingly opened
"First time" she said with a smug smile and led us out onto the roof where we saw Mason hanging on for dear life
"This is just like the dream" I thought to myself "There is nothing we can do,another side of my brain took over and I rushed over to Mason but it was exactly like the dream
"Don't be stupid" he yelled "Save the others than he let go I turned around expecting to see Ivy sobbing into Jake's shoulder but all I could see was Jake clinging on for dear life while Ivy tried to pull him up I rushed over to her and helped him up."Wow thanks guys" he panted "I don't know what happened,one minute I was on the roof and the next I was hanging for dear life"
Out of nowhere a man appeared "That is the way of the tower" he cackled

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