Thursday, 13 November 2014

the farmer dies part 2

I glare at the men in the crimson Ferrari in disbelief.
"You foul cold-blooded murderer!" I yell.
"I did it for my own sake," the man replied, taking off his fedora and carefully placing it beside him.
"You killed someone! Why?"
"This property is now my property," exclaimed the man.
"Says who?" I asked.
"Says me. I'll give you 500 million dollars if you give me this property," he coughed.
"Money can't make a man," I told him.
"And nor can killing. I regret for killing you father, but I want this property," he angrily said.
"Well you're not going to get it."
The man slowly picks up his ebony revolver and faces it at me. The sizzling, orange sun boils against the back of my face, making a ray of light in front of me. I'm unable to see properly, until it slowly fades away. I realize that the man is serious. Very, very serious. He wants this property. And now.
"Do you want to die?" he asked.
"I'd love to now that you foul fugitives knocked my father's soul out."
A dead silence breaks out between us as I wait for what seems like forever as the sun rages hotter.
"Fine," the man says, before placing his revolver beside his fedora, "I guess my men will have to beat you up and torcher you instead."
 But then, my chest begins beating. My heart goes so faster, like it's running away from me. And then I chase it. I sprint through the grass fields for ages, running faster than I've ever been before. The sun doesn't bother me any more. What seems like seconds later I hear the man who threatened to kill me shout a command, and the Ferrari speeds at me with a broom. Dark grey smoke spews out at its engine as I see 7 men in the car yelling and arguing. It speeds toward me, clocking a distance of 600 km an hour. I glare back, but I realize the car is in front of me. It takes a massive U-turn, a vivid trail left on the black tarmac, and then it is literally RIGHT in front of me, before spinning to a halt.
"Kid," begins the man, "STAND down."

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