Thursday, 27 November 2014

the man

The bell chimed through the streets of montid as a small man dressed in a suit and tie rushed to the government building. He ran through the door and came to a halt at the front desk.
"You're late." Came the voice of the receptionist.
"I'm sorry, I just had to-"
"Never mind. Your conference is down the hall, two rights, and the third left." The receptionist pointed in the general direction of a long looking passage. The man said thank you and headed off. When he arrived at the door, he knocked cautiously and let himself in. He sat down, looked around and wondered if anyone noticed that he had come in. They hadn't. The rest of the meeting was quite boring and the man wished he was back home, in the warm of his living room cuddled up with his cat and reading his latest book. The man was still daydreaming when the meeting ended, therefore, he did not notice when he accidentally got himself locked in by the janitor, a man of very little brain. 

the clock struck twelve.
the man woke with a start. he looked around, and saw that he was in the conference room where he had fallen asleep quite a while earlier. he got up, and tried the door. it was locked. now what was he to do? he had no food or water, and if he remembered correctly, the next booking was in two weeks! and what was he going to do for a toilet? who would feed his cat? oh no.
he could either try and escape, or wait until someone found him.
he decided to try and escape. hmm... there was an air vent in one corner, but it was probably too small to get through. he looked in the janitors cupboard... there were a couple of brooms, a bucket, three mops and a bottle of ajax. he couldn't necessarily do anything with them, but it gave him an idea...

About half an hour later, our protagonist had managed to fancy himself a ladder made of mops and brooms. It reached up to the window at the top of the main door. The man started to climb. Once he reached the top, he looked down. It was a vertical drop. The man climbed back down the ladder. Once he was back down. He took a seat at the conference table. And started thinking. How could he get to the ground on the other side, without hurting himself? oh well, he would just have to wait...

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