Monday, 10 November 2014

The race to the moon part 1 (NASA base)

Me, Snake and Broomy all walked silently into the room followed by blue team and pink team. I am Ash, Snake and Broomy are my teamates. We make the green team. The blue team include Squid Stampy and superchache also known as chache. The pink team are all about love but are very smart. They include Amy Lee, BrindaXD and Salemslady. We all sat down when suddenly the TV turned on. There stood Stampy's crazy old grandfather, he said. "Hello is this thing on good. I have called you here today to start the race and yes thank you for coming on such short notice. Right anyway to make it  eaisier I have signed all of your contracts for you ah ha ha ha ha. So the winning team recieves 500 gold bars so you can become rich beyond your wildest dreams just like me yes what yes. Oh I almost forgot to tell you where you will be racing to. The winning team will be the first team to reach......... THE MOON ah ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa! Then the TV turned off.

The room we were in was in the NASA base on earth, all the other teams noticed that a door had opened so they went in. I didn't realize and I don't think Broomy or Snake noticed either. Suddenly the teams came out with lots of tools and armor and swords. They told us we had stuff in there to. We ran in and grabbed all our stuff then went outside to find the other teams riding on horses into the distance in different directions. We got on our horses which seemed to like us. Then we started galloping in yet another direction. 

End of part 1.

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