Thursday, 20 November 2014

The strange encounter

The moon was bright that night, too bright. I ran outside silently so that I wouldn't wake my parents. I stared at the moon and it seemed like it was coming closer to the earth. I walked quickly back inside to warn my parents and they jumped out of bed. They followed me outside and saw the moon, we all stared at it when suddenly it felt like it was right on top of us and we all became unconscious because of the moons brightness. After a while all three of us woke up to see that the moon was now in their backyard! There was a strange girl coming out of it as it seemed to be her spaceship even though my family and I thought it was the moon. The girl was aqua and her hair was as long as rapunzel and as blue as her body. We all stared at her in amazement as she walked towards us."who are you" I asked bravely,"and what are you doing here?" She said something in a different language that sounded a bit like this:"[]{}||<>~~__++" "um okaaay," I said "I see that you don't speak my language." "Yes I do actually, I'm sorry I just forgot to change my settings for my languages." So we all went inside and introduced ourselves. We had a little chat and some tea. Finally it was daytime and she had to go so we said goodbye and she left to go back to her family. 


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