Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Why Oliver And I Are Rivals Part 1

Her scream made my hair stand up on end but it was what I wanted. She had killed my brother, now it was time to kill her. The scream could be heard miles away. Oliver woke up. He ran through the pitch black darkness towards the source of the sound. He appeared at the house. a small dimly lit cabin it the middle of wheretheheckistan. I hid. He examined the room. He found a gun with a silencer sitting on a beanbag in the corner of the room. Slumped on the couch, a body's with blood gushing out of her neck. Oliver sat next to the body and tears appeared in his eyes. I had no idea that I had murdered the sister of someone I had gone to primary school with. But why had she murdered my brother. A diary hidden under a broken floorboard had the answer. Oliver left the cabin. I knew I didn't have much time to read it- the cops would arrive soon. I grabbed the book and dashed out the back door. In front of me, the silhouette of a person under a porch light.  It was Oliver. What happened next isn't anything you need to know but cut and injured, I limped away. I arrived at home where I read through the diary. I didn't care about my broken toe or my bleeding eye. I read about someone who had threatened her life. "He threatened me. I had to kill him. A little boy. It was me or him. I snuck into the room and returned to the witchdoctor with the body. I hope by now the police has found him. I don't know much about where he is hiding but somewhere where there is a big mountain." That could be anywhere I thought to myself. I read on. "Why he wanted the boy, I'm not sure. All I remember is being grabbed and dragged approximately 200 metres down R~~~~ Road." A drop of blood from my chin had fallen onto the name of the road. This was vital information for the police. I thought hard. Heaps of questions flowed through my head. I looked everywhere. The police were doing random forensic things but I knew no fingerprints or DNA would be left at the scene. The unknown soul was clever.

I explored everywhere from A to Z. Well, actually only letters between Q and S. I soon located an abandoned street. The street sign was gone but I soon found one little shed in the middle of the street. The wind blew and leafs flew everywhere. The planet howled. I arrived at the shed. "Ridge Road Cottage" That was it! Ridge Road. I was on the right path. I didn't know where 200 meters started so I made my way back to the entrance to the road. I counted 200 steps. I couldn't see anything. I walked over to the other side of the street and took 200 steps towards where I had come from. I soon saw a few very faint footprints on a dirt path. I ran up it and to my disbelief... Oh no.

Part 2 out soon.

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