Wednesday, 26 November 2014

World war three

There was smoke coming out of the volcano and I knew it was something bad. Suddenly out of nowhere mummy's started flowing out of the mountain. Everybody ran as fast as they could but me Maz and Oliver. We grabbed our epic blue flame swords and started what the people call world war three which meant bye bye. The Mummy's were hard to fight but I could hold them back from the towns secrets because I'm pretty sure that was what they were after. Maz wasn't really fight he just rammed them over with his spikes helmet, Oliver was the mad scientist that he was creating spells and killing all the mummy's and I was just normally fighting. Suddenly an explosion happened and there was more mummy's we could not fight them off so Maz me and Oliver performed a circle and started saying trijerijghrksjnvfdefijgrhgerfnojebukomdwfoijfegjinerojfnwdjfodiamonfegjinfeiugnreiundouwnoiwmejfnerigjneriugnreuifreijfndeijnfjwodnfjsodnvkjndejivnfeijnvjekfnvkjdenivjnwdijvndjkvndwkjcnjwkdnckdjwmcskwncojsw  and that blew heaps of blue lightning which killed all the mummy's and the battle was over we had won. The end

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