Tuesday, 2 December 2014


All over the world rubbish is increasing slowly. If we don’t do something about the increasing rubbish soon, then the world will just be a barren wasteland filled with rubbish.

Reasons  Rubbish is Increasing
Rubbish is increasing for many reasons. Reasons include more products are being pre-wrapped in plastic or polystyrene boxes, wrappers or bags. Instead of fresh food, a lot of people buy processed food which is regularly in packages. Another reason is the increased population. More people equals more food bought which means more rubbish thrown out. Nowadays things are cheaper so people can upgrade things and throw out the old ones. Thing like technology is always evolving so people just buy the new ones and throw out the old.

Effects from Increasing Rubbish
The increasing rubbish is effecting the world a huge amount. Thing like this can be very harmful to plants, humans and other animals as well.The thing people are sending to the dump now are more toxic and diverse than before. Some dumps in New Zealand are even leaching into waterways that lead to the ocean. In New Zealand in 1995, 95% of waste went to landfills, or dumps. New Zealand, and lots of other countries too, ship a lot of their waste to Asian countries, and every three months, the Victorian economy produces enough rubbish to fill the Melbourne Cricket Stadium from the playing field up to the top of the stands.

There are lots of people can help to stop the increasing rubbish. Using reusable bags at supermarkets, instead of the plastic bags they have there. Recycling things like glass, aluminium and paper. Another good way decrease the amounts of rubbish you’re throwing out is composting. Composting is where you put your scrap food and rubbish into a bin. The scrap food and rubbish decompose slowly, turning into manure. But quality products so that they last longer and put your food into reusable containers instead of plastic wraps. Now, the best way to decrease the amount of rubbish you throw out is… Buy Less Stuff.

Rubbish is slowly increasing so much, that one day humans and other life will not be able to live here because of how much rubbish there is. If people  reuse reduce and recycle then we can stop that from happening. Save the world by reducing
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