Monday, 23 March 2015

Sugar Coated

As I fell through the clouds I noticed these weren't no ordinary clouds, these were..
Yummy cotton candy clouds! They were all different colours!
 I fell to the ground with a thud
"Ow" I moaned
"That really hurt" I slowly tried to get up. I opened my eyes first I thought I was just seeing things, because all the buildings looked like they were coated in sugar and all bright colours. And the weirdest thing was that the grass that I had landed on was made out of silky smooth green icing. I saw little things running towards me, first I couldn't make out what they were, finally my eyes focused and I saw that they were rainbow coloured gummy bears.
"Awe you okay?" they asked in a worried tone
" Um I think s-"

I don't think I got to finish my sentence or hear what the gummy bears had to say, Because the next thing I knew I was in a brightly lit up room with sugary coating on top of everything. i heard the door squeak open,I was expecting it to be a gummy bear but instead something else walked in. it was a pegasus
"Hello, outsider." She said in a arrogant voice held up something, I caught a glimpse of something red spraying then everything went black. I never woke up.