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Mrs Storey is going to be away...

This notice was sent home however if you need to refer back to it here it is

23rd June 2014

Speech Competition

Time to start working on your speech for our competition next term. 

Learning Intention: To write and present a speech that is informative and entertaining. 

Success Criteria: 
1. Speak clearly on a topic to an audience using eye contact, a projected voice, and tone for emphasis
2. Write a speech that is well-sequenced and organised (intro, three main points, conclusion)
3. Add interest and appeal to your speech (e.g. use a hook to gain the audiences attention, props, humour, questions, facts, finishing in an interesting way- e.g. question or joke).

Time limit: 3 minutes

The class competition will be in week 3 of next term. 

The year 5/6 competition will be in week 4

The North Shore finals are in week 5 or 6

The Auckland finals are in week 9

9th May 2014


1. Camp- a notice will be coming home either today on Monday with another camp list (in case you can't find the first one that was sent) and a final few reminders. 

Camp booklets will also be sent home for full time parent helpers on Tuesday. If you are a day helper and would like to know what activities you are doing please feel free to pop into the classroom on Wednesday or Thursday morning. 

2. Swimming: Tuesday and Thursday- remember your togs and towel! 

3. NSW Computer Skills competition is next Friday

4. Class Auction: This is scheduled for Thursday. This actually involves a lot of work to set up and run so please bring your contributions in by Monday.

Enjoy your weekend! 

7th April 2014

Next Step Interviews

Dear Parents,

As you know Room 30 will have parent-teacher interviews on April 8th and 10th. The purpose of these is for you to understand where your child is at in their learning journey and to discuss their next steps. As the interview is focused on your child's learning, it would be good for your child to attend the interview with you if you so desire.

I look forward to seeing you

Serena Storey

4th of April 2014

We're nearly at the end of the term! 
It's been a fantastic term and everyone has worked so hard and learnt so much! 

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us- On Monday and Wednesday we are doing a practice walk (just in the Community Forest) for Okura which is coming up on Friday. 

Our poetry competition starts on Tuesday. Two year six students and one year five student will be chosen from our room to enter the Year 5/6 competition. Make sure your poem is ready to go! 

On Tuesday and Thursday of this coming week there are parent teacher interviews (so be nice to Mrs Storey because not only will she be tired, she'll also be talking to your parents ;) 

On Wednesday we have an Asttle pre-test for Statistics (which is our new strand topic for next term)

On Friday the year 5's and Mrs Storey will be on the Okura walk! 
Cross your fingers for nice weather!


March 20th
Get in quick if you want to practice for the NSW exams- The first 7 maths questions will be deleted on Monday. 






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